Family of handcuffed man in photo demand video

Donald Neely, 43, was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing on Aug. 3 by Galveston police officers P. Brosch and A. Smith.
3:41 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for Family of handcuffed man in photo demand video
Donald was Mike he is my oldest brother he's always been my protector me and my Brothers he took home alone. A big role as our brother what we were key. He was like. He did he care for us he he took on a wealth so young he hit mills illnesses but he knew how to take. He's not a bad person he's very loving. He just the sweetest thing on his our beaches council he does miles to his waist and Lynch's. Where an optimal. It is not that we could do about it. We reached out lenient time think it'd come back home police say he was doing a mission and we respect him we don't we didn't understand how dip it was. In how bad he's illness was split he's not a bad person a lot of things happened with him because of his no illness. And I just want air bag Milledge that we love our brother we're not out yet for money we just want justice for him. The way they drug my book the down streets just really it's what my heart company listens in this shop and I'm stealing shop. I can't believe that they would do this to my book the sweetest person ohm is are looking at you know led you don't got shot for protecting some back. Stop and another man would be an apple one thing he stopped and he shot about the outbreak what my first child not ever think it. So willing if they felt like that no. We're not here for no money we want justice for my uncle my book himself was thinking with infinite. He was born this way. In his net that we could do about godly him just like. But now we know that we have to take cavium and we don't take care of him but before we go makes it justice is served for him because he don't deserve it. And I hear from Andy. More air by my name is Andy McDonald number. I must is to say it. The very and time pars. When harm a flat. And away dolls has treated him. Suits. Just came right it's just not right and it's peace and justice. They dehumanize marbled on the streets. Not that city very little campers weren't wouldn't hurt nobody. While they're doing at this ever come as little. I think it was just him me. And we come to make the stand and make a statement today that is not tolerated in any human being on is hired him in. No man no one. Black brown. Purples. Should be impairs. The way my brother was. It's not toddlers. We're not gonna have it. Who want justice. Not just for dominant player who want. We don't want never want this to happen to anybody and as we're looking. And asked Stan we've taken today. And it go who vows saying. Well there. His suspicions that they were out doing admit they have brother. Go all we ask that simply. Are releasing the video so it's either cocktail. Of those officers character what did they say to own and how do they actually his brother. You don't need to say no Mo just released a video.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Donald Neely, 43, was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing on Aug. 3 by Galveston police officers P. Brosch and A. Smith.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64930460","title":"Family of handcuffed man in photo demand video","url":"/US/video/family-handcuffed-man-photo-demand-video-64930460"}