Many family members keeping away from elderly loved ones

Gayle and Lester Taylor join us to discuss how Gayle’s mother celebrated her 89th birthday in her assisted living center, then today found out she has COVID-19.
5:55 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for Many family members keeping away from elderly loved ones
Now the ripple effects of this virus are far reaching as we were saying many family members. Are being kept away from their elderly loved ones in nursing homes and assisted living centers for weeks now to protect them from covic nineteen. That's the case for Gail and her husband pastor Lester Taylor want to thank you both for joining us. Cute things usually happen is Lindsay so yelling your mom Charlotte who's in a New Jersey assisted living center she just celebrated her 89 birthday over the weekend and then today a line that she tested positive for corona virus walk us through. How she ended up being tested what were symptoms. And and how are you handling this revelation just from a few hours ago that she now has the virus. Yes so on Saturday. I and spoke to my mother. And I noticed that she too sounded a little withdrawn. Ultimately tired I didn't hold a wonderful long. But I knew something was different on Sunday I heard in the nursing home they told me that she had seen her about a hundred. An and I say okay that's simply not easy going lines it's only later on the temperature went down to 99. On Monday they told me heard it is spiked. To a hundred in tune. So how and I'd call the doctor. And I said listen three things she's 89. She is in a nursing home and she has the Steve where I want her to be tests it's so you hear grit. Andy called today to tell me that she tested. Positives. So I'm still in shock guns and thumb. I think it was a part of need to act. Did not think the test would come back positive because the nursing homes they have stopped hesitations for a couple of weeks now. I didn't have the chance to see her husband an eye on her birthday but we were separated by Angela ass. So there was no physical. Context. So I'm just you know what is surprised. I'm said. But we are Christians and people estate so we believe that a power prayer but certainly. And very concerned. And your mom does have underlying conditions so is the guidance for now that she should stay put. Or seek treatment in a hospital. Still because this just started she whirls state plucked. Come right now rescind jams are jest this fever and you start feeling. And tired. My mom is a two time lung cancer survivors she's also in a diabetic. I'm so of course there a.'s you know great concern in that area. And down we have consulted winds. And infectious disease specialist settle. He has some things in mind and and bull you know talk about out war on tomorrow can. But for now she will stage. Put it she is quarantined she does have a roommate is being removed. From her room. And this to be difficult news obviously under any circumstance but how much more did a poll does this become now that your. Not able to actually see and visit with her. Or dad is. This is the most difficult part of not being able to lump to begin with there. My mom Lisa good couple of months ago. I was there every single today. All day on she actually had to be transported to the hospital it my husband and I. We stand every day with Harrison who are really hands on got to. Talk to the nurses the doctors. You know was released Tara months certain things are really got to be her boy's mother also has dementia yet. So iron it is really eat really typical. Not to be able to go there and down few. Dis to support parents also. Be her voice. What are the next step so what kind of control do you have. An eighteen albeit from a distance. So. Not too much actually. You know right now she began she's stable. And they aren't treating her 710s senior I would Tylenol and things like that. And they didn't tell me that she also has UT and so they're working with that is as well let. And it's just constant calling me calling bit the nurse is my mother has the wonderful doctor. Done. He isn't new to her yes and did with her is long is her previous doctor but this guy will be light. He when you call his number he answers the phone so you how rare daddy is but. It's real 12 at a time one day at a time. That's how we act to kind of go right down. And in Chester Taylor as a man of the cloth what kinds of words of comfort are you giving your wife in this moment. Well Wu again she said where people say so while we believe in the top prayer and and we have been no training for her she's a strong woman to head see I believe she asks pain in her but. You know. We're just an answer them lord right now there's nothing now we really can't do because we each and that be there. We can see are we have to rely on the communication and I'm racing go to Sochi has been excellent and sounds of the communication with. With us particular Riggio. We can't ask for anything better but it's nothing like being able to cease I run. We thank you both so much for speaking with us during this difficulty. With a wishing a speedy recovery and good health for the entire family. Are. You.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"Gayle and Lester Taylor join us to discuss how Gayle’s mother celebrated her 89th birthday in her assisted living center, then today found out she has COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69803829","title":"Many family members keeping away from elderly loved ones","url":"/US/video/family-members-keeping-elderly-loved-69803829"}