Family of slain Anaheim teen seeking more answers

Hannah Williams, 17, was shot to death by a police officer on a Southern California freeway.
1:49 | 07/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family of slain Anaheim teen seeking more answers
I'll save from the beginning bid Anna Stanley what chose not to see the video today I know many you'll have at this point. But as you can imagine. Without it ever being described to them. They did that no desire to watch the tragic last moments. The daughter this Easter below one. I don't call from and as bother this morning. And he's what we've learned that did the district attorney asked to meet with us that he was on it shows the video ahead of the release. And he says mr. mayor you know writers write him roams Rome. We're not trying to. Explain what we see it yesterday we just want to know what happens logged on and every day this week I've got a call. And his father asked him is there would be no. Every day this week his mother's mother and the mother's built to be to get any sleep wondering what happened between their daughter leaving the house. And are being settled for now I would 91. That experience that process has been torturers. With Anna's dead Randy said Wright is right this wrong way to spend he has been treated in this process. Has been a role. We spoke to district attorney spitz and he acknowledged. That there has to be a better procedure. We're letting families know what happens that a loved ones win information is no. Law enforcement once known true. County officials base it not be left in the dark. Wonder. They cost me from the beginning we don't want to casting black we don't want you fight. Making things up. We simply don't know what happened towards big deserved that.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"Hannah Williams, 17, was shot to death by a police officer on a Southern California freeway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64313343","title":"Family of slain Anaheim teen seeking more answers","url":"/US/video/family-slain-anaheim-teen-seeking-answers-64313343"}