Family Vows to Fight for Deported Arizona Mom

People were arrested at a protest over the woman's detention in Phoenix.
1:42 | 02/09/17

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Transcript for Family Vows to Fight for Deported Arizona Mom
Yeah. Illegal immigrant what do you think I see it do rise to back to Mexico. But not without a fight. Dozens of protesters rallied in Phoenix Wednesday night several rested as they tried to block the van transporting the mother of two minimum back Benson. And people. Her children both US citizens Blaine president trump for her deportation. It's unjust suspension of classes Hendry sadly he says because he stereotypes. As Mexicans went as Mexicans haven't done anything not all of us thank criminals. But according to court records the 36 year old who came to the US when she was fourteen is a convicted criminals. Procedure right dose was charged with felony impersonation. Rested in the 2009 workplace race for attorney says was later deemed unconstitutional. I tells ABC news who. Ordered to leave the US and 2013. C appealed and lost and in the country. Her attorney says the court mandated that she checking in at this immigration and customs enforcement office once a year. She did that would no problems under the Obama administration check in at least three times. And when she went and checked in yesterday gets normal check in the centuries taken into custody. This is one of the first actions following president trumps executive order instructing authorities to increase deportations. Including the undocumented immigrants considered nonviolent criminals like Garcia deride him. And no comment on her case yet from the White House but I says in a statement that Garcia a riot that didn't have a legal basis to stay in the US and that they'll continue to remove other felons who've been ordered to leave. RC Gonzales ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":45386418,"title":"Family Vows to Fight for Deported Arizona Mom","duration":"1:42","description":"People were arrested at a protest over the woman's detention in Phoenix. ","url":"/US/video/family-vows-fight-deported-arizona-mom-45386418","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}