Fast-moving wildfires destroy Southern California homes

Fires in San Bernardino and Pacific Palisades, California, lead to mass evacuations as dangerous weather conditions continue.
3:08 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Fast-moving wildfires destroy Southern California homes
But we start in California where there are seven wild fires burning including two erupting overnight that led to a chaotic scene. In some neighborhoods near Los Angeles are Matt Gutman is in San Bernardino where another fire fight broke out overnight and has the latest from there he meant. I DeVon this is the result of that seventeen acre brushfire to sound. Like a lot but it came roaring up this gulch with incredible speed torching that house a number of homes in this neighborhood. And the speed with which it moved up this hillside was astonishing firefighters were right here. So quickly but the couldn't put out that house it was gone in minutes or devious sense of what it looks like down here this whole area has been doused with. Thousands of gallons of water you can see the fire hoses still here. In some cases. Firefighters managed to save homes that you see that. The fire sort of nipped in to dispense over here but. House was saved. And not take our camera up the hill Clinton and Lenny was still. And a come up behind me say the fire trucks here there are a number of units out here from San Bernardino. Other firefighters as well this is one of two locations were loose up pretty significant fires here. In Southern California it's -- that they were so enormous but they moved very quickly and they weren't populated areas the other one. It Pacific Palisades for wealthy suburb of Los Angeles and that fire moved very quickly as well incredible to see people trying to hose down the flyers with garden hoses and then. The fire leapt up so close to them. Risen much they could do they drop this hoses and Randy conceit. This car trying to get out of the flames is backing up as they were nipping at the car. But everybody in not fire got out safely. Now this fire same thing there were four people. Who were in this house for children and apparently their parent managed to get them out of the house quickly enough. But it was so close that the car they drove out of here. Was on fire according to firefighters actually had to put it out as they made their escape obviously not much left of this house now. Firefighters are wrapping up here but. When they race to the scene yesterday evening. This house is engulf in flames can see it that wing of it was pretty much gone there's a ninety year old woman inside firefighters raced in. They pulled the route to safety five people were hospitalized. From smoke inhalation everybody's probably going to be okay but this is going to be a very bad week for California still many fires expecting here. With the temperatures rising. And the wind speed except expected to rise into the thirties forties in gusting at sixteen miles per hour in the mountains in the Regis that's. Very bad news for already. Exhausted firefighters. You can see similar conditions that we saw about eight days ago that fire and Porter rents a suburb of Los Angeles that. Really suffered some pretty extensive damage up dozens of homes are damaged or destroyed there so it's no look a lot like that in India. Very busy week for firefighters here. Thanks to map for them.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Fires in San Bernardino and Pacific Palisades, California, lead to mass evacuations as dangerous weather conditions continue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66444584","title":"Fast-moving wildfires destroy Southern California homes","url":"/US/video/fast-moving-wildfires-destroy-southern-california-homes-66444584"}