Father of Man Shot During FBI Questioning: 'My Son Was a Very Good Boy'

Ibragim Todashev's father discusses son's death during an FBI investigation.
43:01 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for Father of Man Shot During FBI Questioning: 'My Son Was a Very Good Boy'
Planning is the -- Shipley and the executive director of care Florida and an attorney representing the for the -- family. I want to welcome you all today -- this important conference we have joining us today -- Victoria Johnson. Whose a lawsuit and an interpreter for. Victim's father father mr. Upton Buffy for this. Then we have attorney Eric -- -- -- law firm of -- and wouldn't. Which is one of the firms that is joining us -- co counsel on this case. We have. He met a cost them McMillan from the ACLU we're very thankful to have her support today and -- to get them from the attorney from the law firm of Tucker. -- -- Yet -- Photos names. Victoria is the IK. TO. RYIA. Johnson. Myself -- sun HB. That's -- -- and less than she believes that's H you. The fell why. Mr. Eric -- ER IC. OUD. -- and yes as well -- -- I'm sorry is why he he he threw the a cost a few people 38. MacMillan and BC capital and I felt OK and I've got them. They -- and they -- Yes Y eight KZAM. And it's up and -- put us -- BD. You -- -- -- -- Let us TO DBS. BH TV. So kick Florida's a premier civil rights organization for all people in our office -- we have over full four full time attorneys. A working to defend victims of discrimination and government harassment. Regardless of their -- The race or their religion and the reason we are involved in this case because of the very strong civil rights implications it potentially has. We we're gathered here today for this press conference. 43 purposes one -- -- introduce our client. -- confuse the hear from -- all the wonderful son that he has lost and the suffering he has gone through as a result. And you'll also hear about his dedication to seek justice for his son who was shot seven times while he was -- and suffering from a knee injury as he was being interrogated by FBI agents. In his own home. After four hours of interrogation. We also here to welcome and thank. The department of justice and the state attorney mr. Jeff cash and for a criminal investigation into the shooting of Ibrahim told us. And to really express our full confidence that we have that they will do a thorough and that their job and ensure. That if there is any abuse it will not be tolerated and that any wrong doing -- via the officers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We also like to announce. That two high profile attorneys are too high profile law firms have joined this case and we believe that the involvement. All of these attorneys will show the seriousness of this case to the public and to the federal officials. And I said we would like to thank the Department of Justice. And the orange county sheriff's attorney mr. Jeff -- for conducting their own independent criminal investigation. Into -- and an armed Florida resident was shot. Seven to -- seven times at least by federal agents after hours of interrogation. In his own home. We find comfort knowing how serious. -- office is taking this matter. Our primary concern is to ensure the integrity of this investigation. And that justice prevails. Let me be clear this is not just about the Muslim community but about the civil rights for all Americans. We have a very strong -- -- diverse legal team of Jewish Muslim Christian even Buddhist attorneys working together to ensure that justice prevails. In this case. What makes America so great is that no legal authority is above the law. My cousin was shot and killed in Syria few months ago and if I were to go to that country and -- why my cousin was killed by myself will be persecuted that's the greatness of this country is that -- An unarmed citizens taken by his own government and killed by federal officers we have the right. In -- the duty to question the government why it happened and make sure that any wrong doing is brought to justice. This case is about police a cup accountability. And justice we cannot tolerate a system without police accountability. No I don't think people want to live in a country where they fear that they may get killed by federal agents in their own home. We are seeking a fair and thorough investigation. The bottom line and I think something that we can all agree on is that mr. torn itself about an implicit should never have been killed and we need to understand why that happened. And what could be done to ensure this never happens again and also to bring justice to his family. So. In the next far -- we would like to introduce that attorney Barry Coleman. Is joining this congress this case as lead counsel you will be joining our legal team as lead counsel along with the law firm of Tucker and wouldn't. Attorney Gary Coleman who is recognized as one of the top attorneys. In the states. Is that attorney who judges and lawyers go to when they need legal help and we're very honored to have him join our legal team that's -- counsel we believe this will show the seriousness of this case. To you via federal agents and the public. Also we -- very thankful to have the American Civil Liberties Union. We're very thankful to have the ACLU support with us today. And I want to introduce it that quote -- -- McMillan tooth for a few -- about their involvement in this case and we really want to thank them for their support and ensuring that civil rights of all people are protected. Yeah. Getting -- -- -- Good morning everybody. Eight possibly the ACLU. And -- -- who has been very involved in this case even those kind of -- on the margins. As you may all be aware we requested independent investigations. Both Massachusetts and in Florida. And Florida requested that those that vote for department of law enforcement. Conduct an independent investigation. What happens when you got him on a ship was. -- Unfortunately. We have received responses saying that. They are deferring to the FBI. Which. Was when -- when he arguments that we. But and for an independent investigation ones that the FBI should not be investigating itself. There was a New York Times report after much. Research that indicated that the last 150. Shootings involving. FBI agents. After the FBI conducted investigations. They were all determined to be justified. So. Needless to say we would like somebody else to have what would have liked somebody else to conduct an investigation therefore we're very. Supportive of the Orange County state attorney's office for there. Proposed investigation. After we requested. The investigations. We have proceeded to -- public records requests. -- both the orange county police department. And the Orange County -- -- county police department I'm sorry Orlando police department and be Orange County medical examiner. From the police department we request that all documents that were prepared prior to and after. The shooting and from the medical examiner we requested the autopsy report and all. Video and video recordings and photographs. Beach police department has not responded yet. But the medical examiner did respond with what we expected. Saying that the FBI had indicating that indicated. That there is an ongoing investigation. And that -- -- for. These records are exempt from before the public records law. Yesterday we submitted to the medical examiner request for clarification. Which we can do pursuant to Florida's public records law. Asking her to. Clearly specify exactly. Why. These particular records are exempt. If there is a criminal investigation by the FBI. And further details in order to justify any exemption. We'll see what they answered we'll proceed with that whatever we need to do after that. Finally. He -- would like to credit mr. Possession of for not giving up. Were being parent that he is. Fighting for answers in the death of his father. And focus on another. And we will continue to support him yes thank you. Thanks so much that we're really glad to have your support and thankful for that. I would now like to introduce introduced mr. -- including from the locker room and talk about their involvement in the case. As well as -- -- councilman. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you mr. Sibley. My name's Eric -- I'm an attorney. Practicing in Clearwater Saint Petersburg for 31 years now. And Whitney is one of our attorney's office which Jacobsen who's also going to be very actively involved with this case. Together we represented Phil -- family along with the attorneys -- care and with attorney Barry Cohen and his law firm. We're going to be representing him during the criminal investigation and during any civil action that may follow. Mr. Cohen could not be here today because. We were all -- rather soon part of this press conference but if you would like any comments from -- you can feel free to contact his office. And I'm sure and be happy to speak with you. Mr. -- and I agreed to representatives of -- family because we believe the people in this country. Regardless of the religion. Or race or ethnicity. And their immigrant status deserve to be treated fairly by our government and law enforcement. We believe that mr. -- -- ship as any father would. Deserves a thorough explanation about what happened to his son. When he was alone in this house with state and federal law enforcement officers and then killed. I reached out to Barry -- and asked him to join me is co counsel on this. Case as part of our legal team. Because of his long history of standing up to governmental officials who do not share our belief in fundamental fairness. Justice and basic human rights. And I know that he is not afraid to battle anyone on behalf of the -- family and neither market. Mr. Cohen and myself and the attorney -- care. Are absolutely thrilled to know that state attorney Ashton is leading a criminal investigation. Into the events that led to our clients son's -- We have every reason to feel confident that it won't be aggressive. Thorough. And a complete investigation. And will uncover the truth of what happens. We believe that -- the facts show improper conduct. Mr. Ashton will hold the law enforcement officers. Accountable. Our legal team will cooperate with the state attorney. And we look forward to an opportunity for our client to meet with mr. Ashton and tell him about this young man who was killed in this room. We intend to demonstrate to minister -- Russia and his family. That in this great country. There can be justice. Now I'd like dinner -- this is mr. sadat's trip. Sitting next to me and we have some photographs we'd like to share with you that I'd like to. Explained. And if you'd like to. Get pictures of the photographs after the press conference you're welcome to do that. After that mr. deduction it's going to give a statement. He has. He is very difficult time expressing his opinions because. He is in mourning and he's he's just. Very distraught about the loss of his -- And he is asking me. If he could refrain from answering questions after his statements so he's gonna make a statement and then he's not going to answer any questions. After that. I have a the -- photographs. University. -- From both from his youth. And also. For more recent. Years. Mr. -- won't tell you that -- his son was a loving young man and caring young men and peaceful young man. And but -- It was totally shocked about the circumstances. Surrounding his. And here are more recent photographs and I don't care what you. Just prior to. This incident. Abraham seduction that's serious knee surgery. I have some photographs which I can share with you later the -- -- his knee. We also have some photographs. That were taken -- the funeral. And all share those with -- -- at the conclusion of the press conference. -- -- -- They probably -- disabled -- about my son. More important thing -- -- And we. -- look at what people were shipped equipment to boo boo. And so few innings and anything adverse penalties and to go and talk about my -- from his childhood off. You can -- -- from my son was very energetic and he was talented and very kind person. Implement he looked good friends and try to help everybody. We'll definitely won't -- He was always the heart and soul of the company's expense. What it's been reluctant and respect him -- But it -- the it was irresponsible and can't change. Didn't -- or can both. But capitalism much from my son was a very good point -- -- local media. -- -- -- was he was a good grandson and his grandparents. Some. It was a good brother. I was with a few of them it was a good neighbor. But -- -- -- and it was a good family man. Lewis -- didn't below normal very much. Got your net and he loved us back. On the fortune but she didn't -- -- killing -- social. I don't know what you do for your loved sports everywhere else that's and here respect the elderly from the blue -- it's still love his Brothers and sisters. Not Philadelphia -- the more vulnerable to getting. So he decided to go home up to he had received a green card. Do but that if you lose him -- -- the -- -- -- he had Bob friends all of his family members. If you didn't let go through my. Had bought a ticket for the 24 -- me -- who would. 2013. Won't let you know who works for -- my what -- wasn't a little. But on that night of the 21 to -- trying to -- his left factual. -- -- vocal in his view he did he didn't do anything wrong. On this book who moved here -- simply not capable didn't. People who -- -- -- -- it was a very good point. Found -- the only and he wanted to live. Vehicle -- vehicle book. But it was will be. I came to America to rely on maple American legal system that -- -- newest. There will be able to pursue -- Chief Justice it's. Clubs that are motion and be thankful to the Council On American Islamic Relations. Sudden -- he warned that he didn't think we should -- that they found had helped me to find one of the best wolf. For the fifth minute -- nobody could live in the -- from Sophia Cohen as well as include. And -- and if you looked -- -- and I am certain that will be able to achieve justice. Yet when there's so we have not my thing I think at this. Beautiful that he didn't post who will you. -- -- -- -- I hope untreated no mother and father will I have to even fewer and build -- -- right now. From what good fortune for those who. I was so much of them will only -- you'll look but he's my son was a very good boy he is innocent and he was simply killed. So much. Thank you so much the Buffy for -- relief bravery. And standing up for the justice for her son but not just for your -- for all Americans and all people who believe in the rule of law. As I mentioned we're very excited to have district Luton and very cold and join us as co counsel in this case mr. Coleman. Really as a high -- of justice and is not scared to take on the system hold the highest authorities to the rule of law. We are thrilled that -- that US attorney for state attorney Ashton. I was doing a criminal investigation we have full confidence it will be the -- and that law enforcement will be held accountable if appropriate. We that would like to open up for any questions and answers relevant will be discussed today I want to invite who has joined me on the podium to address their questions and it. And mr. -- has not gotten medical center report we it would immediately requested a copy of the medical center report because a lot of our findings the Pentagon what was found. Women and reform however that FBI are the mountains and the report medal Examiner's office from releasing that report. Even to the family and that was very upsetting now I think we tend to understand the reason it was -- its potential because of a criminal investigation. And in fact it was -- political ramifications potentially into the officers involved as we stand. -- And yet to cement these. That's. Quite yet normally that is true but in this case because. There's a criminal investigation. And that the subjects of the criminal investigation could possibly be law enforcement officers. We cannot get -- -- -- relations begin and we've not yet seen them. We're once -- -- -- lipstick on from the conference call you -- something. Yes I'm heightened -- it isn't often both. We've heard report this recently -- yes. -- Yes the FBI did attempt to. Question mr. -- -- but he did not speak to them. Because he didn't have any attorneys present at the time. If any if anything what happened unfortunately with the sun. That's -- -- very important reminder for all of us that should never meet the law enforcement without an attorney present. That is our constitutional rights Americans that -- that's what makes America so great and it's our duty to protect those freedoms and liberties that are enshrined in the bill of rights for all people. You there's talk that immediate wrongful death. At this point and that. That's exactly right. We're gonna let the criminal investigation play itself out we want to find out what the results of the criminal investigation -- The civil action may be appropriate at that time. You mentioned. You'll. That's to be determined we we've left all options open we want to wait and see -- the criminal investigation -- reflects. -- -- -- well yeah we will do that and so are you pressing question. What we have the U his friends and family lost his body be prepared for burial and we have photographs of his body where there's. About all over a dozen. Bulletins and and injuries on the body but against. We can't confirm the exact nature of all those entries into the mountains and report that's what we're not releasing preliminary completion as of yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- I was sources -- -- that he was unarmed. Incident. But our preference is not to comment on what happened in that house. Let's allow the criminal investigation to be completed but based on everything that we've learned we have absolutely no reason to think there was any kind of a deadly weapon. In the possession of our clients are our clients -- in -- Or that's right that it. I've heard that from news from the media but I have no reason in fact to believe that that's true -- didn't. -- So we yet. Right and we've hired private investigators to go through the scene you know at best what was available in in his home at that time was -- that creative non sharp. So that they actually hold with the only -- to open -- car that was the door that stuff that's the most that was distant in the room and -- -- -- -- At. -- it. Right right. Well I think what's clear is that our sources within the the department -- -- -- -- -- that it appears he was unarmed when this whole thing -- remember the onus is on the FBI. If they're questioning somebody who they believe is dangerous which we have -- reasonably he was dangerous. If they're questioning someone in his own I think it's their -- on not to mention area secure and if they didn't and into professional job and policies -- didn't -- people who reprimand. Our -- investigation. By the way just a follow up we say. Our investigation. Seems to indicate that there was no deadly weapon. That was in my client's possessions my -- -- possession. There's a reason why mr. Ashton is doing a criminal investigation. And we have theories of what happened but it would be inappropriate -- two. Theorized about what happened. And at that could interfere in some -- -- -- -- investigation. We -- to be as cooperative with him as possible. And does so. We are going to comment on what we think happened in that room except that we think it was not a justified killed. And I'd rather not friends that -- -- we're not talking about friends. We're talking about sources involved in the investigation where do you one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it's important to to mention because it's reflected in the photographs that. One of the individuals involved in the Boston bombing was involved -- -- he's fighting Germans did that -- you know some kind of competitive fighting. There's a gym where people praying for that and -- my client's -- Are also -- to thank you for your target so they were acquaintance. I think that -- the FBI in his effort to do a complete investigation of what happened in Boston. Made it a point to speak to anybody who was an acquaintance of the bombing suspects but other than being an acquaintance. We know -- no other reason why they were speaking with our partners and. Yeah we've heard that rumor is well. That had never been mentioned to him of his friends who wouldn't -- question before salute -- first that came out was after -- you have to use both we have no threatened. That as far as Ibrahim told him -- -- the -- never mentioned anything besides his knowledge of the Boston so you but you should. No I wanna make this point clear as well the FBI reached out to. Mr. deduction Sargent. And spoke to him. And asked to speak to him again. But mr. to -- -- already had a plane ticket to -- the United States and go back to Russia to visit with his family. He was -- -- by the FBI that this would be the last time that they wanted to speak to him and he delayed his trip prone to meet with the FBI because of apparently in efforts -- to be cooperative. And he didn't survive that second question. -- News. Progress by. Awkward. -- There's a great -- pressure by the FBI. Two collect information. And -- I prefer not to comment on the type of harassment that. May have gone wrong. Because I don't want to detract from. The reason why we're here today which is to supporter mr. Ashton in his criminal investigation. So that we. Hope that criminal investigation will be thorough and aggressive incomplete and that law enforcement officers will be held accountable if it's appropriate. And to announce that we have a legal team today. That set -- to assist with the criminal investigation pursue all civil avenues that they are appropriately how many times you -- -- just what. Whose multiple times. -- this time I get a lot of the fact that we want to confirm we don't want to be going on speculation can not confirm until. The FBI's investigation of criminal decisions complete because they have a lot of records to be that frankly -- public records request we have not had actors studio on speculators. Respect. Fascination -- powerful that he. Well I think we've got an overwhelming amount of support especially from the Boston community and the public at large saying hey we don't want to live in a country where federal offices can just feel saluting their own home without coming up on the record and explain why that happened. It's been months and some individuals killed. And is the first time only every single time when somebody's killed -- Guy the 24 hours this guy comes on the record. And explains -- justification for taking the life of another human being here it's been months that we don't know why this individual was shot and killed so it's not not just about the family and individual about the possible law and that our there's transparency. In our government and that the rule of law is protected and -- so I think as Americans we all cherish and value the rule of law. And it's something people very. -- -- -- -- -- Early on that he. Half an agent -- her on life threatening injuries he noted the great fire -- Yeah we're in an interview here's something -- would that he would -- Why aren't good good added that he attack if -- what you get your response. I'd like to Harmon noticed as Florida's. Sympathy is concerned. -- price on. May have been an acquaintance. Was. The person involved with -- evil in the blast but merely being an acquaintance merely being. A Muslim. Merely being from a Russian. Province does not mean that he isn't deserving. Proper treatment by law enforcement officers. Now weeks prior to this is my client to do. So there's -- trained fighter in the room with several law enforcement officers without a weapon. Had knee surgery and I'd like to show you a photograph of the knee. That. Made him to be -- -- -- fighters. Fifty with the fighter at all. I also want to hear what you photographs here the funeral. Back in his home town. And father came and collected his belongings in these programs father. Isn't. -- anyway. In this week. Winning photograph. -- -- -- -- It was -- out of the end. But -- you know win over the surgery related. -- And we'll have to get -- if that information for you later I don't have precise date but it's my understanding. It's my understanding he would it's important he was recovering from his knee surgery at the time -- I believe that the cardinals became popular -- for the conference this -- but it was relatively recent he was still limping. He's still having a difficult time walking at the time he was -- interviewed by. Agents -- But we've we've firmly believe that this is that type of information that mr. rational investigation. The I believe five -- want to speak to mr. adoption will make him available for has. And speaking within a context of the Department of Justice -- -- what they made very clear is that there was no reason. These -- that should have been killed so something you know at best case that he had a terrible job and incompetent job in how they handle that evening. And it's. Those kinds. We're Patton arrived -- context wouldn't from the justice and the the -- Whistleblower. People there I think a lot of people involved in this case from the federal side operators -- about what happened because it's never good. When somebody who's being questioned by law enforcement officers ends -- -- in his own home. And a lot of people are very frustrated so that there's a lot of I think sympathy even within. The bureau even within the our justice and citron's office. What happened that's why the department is conducting its own criminal defendant investigation and that's why he's -- attorneys -- is also conducting a criminal. -- and we we have we we we really believe. That. In most cases. Where there's shootings such as this. The reserve perfunctory. Investigation. And 9999. Out of a thousand times law enforcement officers are clear we really have reason to believe that in this instance. The results of the investigation will not be swept under the -- and law enforcement officers will be held accountable. I think it's I know -- you would like us to. Tried to explain what we believe happened in the house but we're not gonna do that movement can tell me -- action is when they made the decision to investigate and one thing that they've made the decision that the -- Mr. Preston is the state attorney for. Oh orange and Osceola counties. He's the head prosecutor. And since -- killing occurred in his district. He's made a decision to investigate. It's my understanding that. That. He's intending to do a very aggressive and thorough investigation and -- people. It's. He just announced last week I think I didn't -- looking into for quite some time you know the public -- who had questioned. Earlier. -- -- Yet we have absolutely no reason to believe that we saw something like have we read something like that in the media. And I have absolutely no reason to think that he. Was involved in any kind of homicide. And almost never judicial system -- the -- there's no reason -- that. Reports there. -- What -- right thing and it's hard to. Let me get an accurate ashes. They thought that being ahead of several officers and he has been that bad actors being cute or question about it. More than one. Yet. He answers yes. And and what when we -- a homicide detective to examine the scene and one of the things that we've confirmed. Is that only one officer. One -- -- was the FBI agent who shot all the bullets. And what the homicide detectives that he wants because you work for a law enforcement for twenty years he said if there's a justifiable shooting typically all the officers will draw their weapons and -- well. Please let me just comment on what mistress at least. The state attorney's investigation -- something different we're and are gonna comment on what happened in that house. We don't know and we'd like mr. Ashton to make that decision we. -- no no we hired early -- 2000. Unions and will they don't know all -- they cannot be confirmed. The movies again. You'll you'll see when it comes up in the and -- and -- investigation and the point -- we -- thinking -- the doctor's office -- -- the investigation we support the investigation we will cooperate with the investigation. But we believe it's not healthy to speculate as much. Yes what. I just wanted to say I think we told you all everything we can tell you I -- Just curious if this bet that -- and not way I'm hoping. We'll use bill. Or that -- you know what I'm hoping for is that we find out the truth. Because mr. adoption of need and deserve to know what happened to his son and that's -- we're hoping for we'll let the chips fall where they may and then we'll make a decision about civil action. Once we get the results of the investigation. Have you been in contact with the eyewitness -- while I'm else. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The case is. Not as. Yet you. -- and his investment mind. What -- reasonable amount of time for this desk duty free and let people doing their jobs and let them false Gary. I would please ask you to contact mr. -- don't know because we would like to know the answer to that is well. -- -- -- can't stay in the United States forever. We would like to just to move along rapidly so -- please feel free to direct that to distract. -- I think a lot of a lot of questions are going -- and Ronald speculation really don't want speculating and we want to thank the state attorney's office for the investigation what's clear that he is what this investigation will reveal how such an apprentice could be avoided in the future says it's very clear that -- stores -- should not have ended -- -- what could FBI do. -- -- things being repeated and if there was any violations at those -- be prosecuted thank you so much as anybody. In fact -- does not present -- last me differently you green line yeah spell the names. Television. Well it might mispronounced the -- of my own -- I yet. Television -- And he was ready to lead this week we've asked him to extend his it is wrong. -- until at least we have meetings with -- I think this is listed as after the movie we need to -- -- name's Aaron but -- It. Out of -- recently. You know we were -- we can't speculate. Again I think we accept patients and needs set patients I think we're trying to defeat into the -- that you remember since they want there's been contradictory statements and yet that we're trying to make sure that callers everything is as the school district -- -- and weeks of investigation. It's clear from the citron's office dispel the names again I know there was some requests that -- -- -- -- especially for those joining us. On the conference call guess we'll do that so again my -- myself has -- H hey that's us be. And -- Shipley. SHI. BLY. I'm an attorney and executive director. Of care Florida CP IR care for the council on American Islam relations in Florida the Tampa office. We thus we have again Victoria Johnson. That's DUI. Case. TO. RY. I a lasting Johnson JOH. And SO and she's. Interpreting before mr. Abu Buffy put us. ABD. You -- Being eight K I. Lasting TO GA. SH. TV. We attorney. Eric Luton. ER IC less -- OUD. And we he met a -- McMillen Y. The team. He came in. Cost these people that's -- a McMillan and AC. Capital. 08 and we have attorney and she's -- -- -- solution both an attorney. It's that determined they sell you and we have attorney but yes on eight -- and AD left the game Y eight K. -- and and also not with us today is oh lead counsel in the case attorney Gary -- and B a RRY. -- CEO HE and thank you so much we appreciate all coming out today the it. Thank you.

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