Father of 5-year-old shot by neighbor: ‘All I could do is pray to God’

Austin Hinnant, whose 5-year-old son was allegedly shot and killed by a neighbor in front of his siblings, speaks about his family’s loss.
5:58 | 08/15/20

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Transcript for Father of 5-year-old shot by neighbor: ‘All I could do is pray to God’
Heartbreaking and disturbing tragedy out of North Carolina five year old boy shot dead while riding his bicycle by his family's home on Sunday. Candy in hand it was playing with his two young sisters when police say and neighbor Gary assess sums. Walked up to the boy and shot him in the head at close range. His siblings witnessing this horrific act SaaS and has been charged with first degree murder a motive has not been determined but police say it was not random. Today the community just held a memorial in the boys honor and joining us now is Canon's father Austin tenants. First of all Austin please allow me to express our deepest condolences to you and your family we are so sorry. For your tragic loss thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us tonight. Austin I can only imagine how difficult this is for you for your entire family especially. Cannons young siblings. Nick Graham then there except Massoud ought to. This is such a horrific loss and the suspect is someone that you know. Yes ma'am we've been snipers. For eight years. It's right here relationship. What's that sums head to have you had any contact with him in the past. Waited in court on neighbors like anybody else but speaking we saw one another and female block diagrams Albany or be moment by Bert. Did our friend to dinner with me this Saturday. The day before you can. And yet again a written I'm not sure what they didn't then. C saying the two of you did have dinner prior to that shooting. Midday before. It was an extra are in his car. And he's a little like he had allowed on his opponent mind then I was cooking chicken on Andrea and I invited him into my home sympathetic to the this move weir who ordered broaden. I just Odom there yards of us to love our neighbors. Can you describe his personality his demeanor that night that you saw him. I'm the night that we had dinner together and the men were found. Please please share a beer together on the front porches. Ticking cook then. Once it was done. Coming up both winning animated clay all of my fiance and my face showed him my beyonce that much space suit and the kids and a lot norm him. But red table. And what was your conversation like with ten. Com. Facing an eight pair annoyed any star a lot of people are trying to sell them. I think he may have had some dealings Indiana at a record so. In bet that whatever the bat we're so lucky was there and what about mice that memo. Setting him up for what. I just trying to get in I'll look at markets steady we have the record I'm not sure what they were but but he told me. He felt about the people that he has yet Friday night they're not prior to us and dinner. Take us back to those terrifying moments so many are just shocked that someone would kill an innocent little boy. Oh man. It was unreal and we started our day out by going the way church in Wilson where we didn't want but the end. And we followed and bonds at a local. And restaurant that we love. Went home and whom we relays it her right to our my sit here and and day at camp mug. And they've played in its that it might be there's a nap and I and that doesn't know on the caps were a bit myself. Around quarter but I have Bob hello and that marked the day. Even the way. Europe out of and we need a long into the living room and that we're bombarded with the children often go. You know one underwriter buys ignored her Sunday afternoon's us the other Sunday. And it wasn't twenty to thirty minutes later. I heard the not so hot lava and sodomized. And I blew out of my front door. And personally seat. It maasai man on the ground. In. Across Amman mitigated dispel office but. Perez I got closer sitting in her majesty that mob are real. What. I'm Neal revealed that look Arab or it could get work. Majesty my son. And coordinated though in my dog there. Blew it ran them off. You know up to date pricing with Freddie. And his sisters were there to witness this whole thing I can't even imagine police sir of course investigating this and sit and what are they telling you now. I haven't heard anything from the day's news yeah and Monday or city. Miracle rumor going around but. About what peace is by Aidan. I know the truth and whether any good to admit it or not will buy out. No parent. Should ever have to bury a child Austin can you tell us a little bit about can and in how your family will remember him. Can look the lemons out in the that he loves the wandered sturtze. He lit up beanie rounding ball incident meaning. Dini stored that we were and they would talk to us kinder didn't matter or matters of race mirror where they'll mail or email low water you don't think broke every one. And it would that we all come together and his name and not this country. A little one another. Austin thank you so much for sharing some of your time and again our hearts are with you and your family right now. Thank you now.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Austin Hinnant, whose 5-year-old son was allegedly shot and killed by a neighbor in front of his siblings, speaks about his family’s loss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72386109","title":"Father of 5-year-old shot by neighbor: ‘All I could do is pray to God’","url":"/US/video/father-year-shot-neighbor-pray-god-72386109"}