Federal hate crime charges filed in Ahmaud Arbery case

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd breaks down the recent federal hate crime charges filed in the Ahmaud Arbery case and what it could mean for the defendants.
5:36 | 04/30/21

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Transcript for Federal hate crime charges filed in Ahmaud Arbery case
Three men in Georgia have now been indicted on federal hate crime charges in the death of a Mott Barbary. The young black men who is out jogging last year when he was shot and killed. The Justice Department announcing these charges as it also looks into other high profile cases surrounding race relations in this country. ABC's Rina Roy has the latest. More thing here after his shooting death the family of 25 year old Ahmad Marbury now closer to justice. Three Georgia men indicted on federal hate crime then attempted kidnapping charges. A grand jury finding they used force to intimidate and interfere with Marbury is right to use a public street. Because of his race. Federal officials saying Travis Mick Michael his father Gregory and William Bryan south Marbury jogging last February. Began to chase say yell at him then blocked timid with their truck before the younger make Michael fired his gun killing him. Attorneys for the man calling the decision disappointing. Denying any wrong doing. They've pleaded not guilty of biting administration's Justice Department actively investigating several high profile race related cases across the country. Including the fatal police shooting of Andrew Brown junior killed last week during the X situation of a warrant for felony drug charges. My day got executed. Just about trying to save his own life. In my bed. Brooding roles from quality policies and Julio Calhoun. Following the guilty verdict in a Derek showed a murder trial the -- hiring Minneapolis police department as a whole under scrutiny. The DOJ looking to see if there's a pattern or practice of unconstitutional. Or unlawful policing. Those investigations. And the recommendations and actions that ensue. Do not only protect individual civil rights. They also assist police departments. In developed developing measures to increase transparency. And accountability. Now to help us unpacked the legal issues here we bring in Sean a Lloyd as civil rights attorney with the Cochran firm. Shot a good to see you of these three men charged in Ahmad robberies death were already facing state charges that include. Felony murder so walk us through what's different about these new federal hate crimes that their charge way. Federal hate crimes are allowed when you are statistically committing a crime against someone based on certain protected class race would be one or. Citi deal it appear it chase sightseeing the only reason that this act or crime was perpetrated was based on his race La Georgia did not happen when it restates its not. Federal state. A crime so they're able to bring etc. So. Prosecutors need to approve a very specific kind of intent to convict someone for a hate car a hate crime right so. Let's talk about how difficult that can actually be. Correct you have to show that these. Act perpetrated because of the person's race or other class when they're gonna look at our actions their outlook what was said. It is sad that there were racial slurs that were uttered about or heard on the video that it be something a look at. A look at group affiliation there's an ease sorted disparaging mark's comments or other affiliations with groups that half this hateful acts more exports is this race and this. Do you think we'll see federal civil rights or hate crime charges and against Derek show band and the other three former officers in connection would George Floyd's murder. Yeah. An interesting want to see I think that now that you were able to its conviction you're seeing additional charge it you're seeing these things being looked at aren't the police department acts are recognizing that there were things about this there are probably racially Murray search. You're gonna see a lot more shark is coming forth under this administration. So you know we talk about the fact the Justice Department has announced investigations. Buy into the Minneapolis police department also the little bill police department police in those cities were involved. As we all know in the deaths of George Floyd and Rihanna Taylor so what kind of potential civil rights issues do you think. The DOJ would look for. The DOJ is gone it look very happy in the pattern and practice of these police departments they wanna find out if it was us under way of doing business and not particular police department it was on where it was racially motivated. Disparagingly. Impact certain races or certain ethnic groups are going to be looking very happily into training and shoot the culture but these are. There are people in the community deceit whether or not there was this apparent. This allowed criticized her behavior half were accidentally specifically targeted people up certain racial or. So shot as a civil rights attorney and curious have you seen a shift in the way this Justice Department handles race related cases compared. To how they were handled by the last administration. Absolutely we're seeing a lot more charges come out of the DOJ even and a short time of regarding these particular exit visas they are becoming more -- states that are now Georgia specifically. In hate crime people are becoming more and it just as partners and more ball in these cases to become more prevalent under his administration. Shuttle Lloyd always appreciate the conversation thanks so much. Ain't seen.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd breaks down the recent federal hate crime charges filed in the Ahmaud Arbery case and what it could mean for the defendants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77408174","title":"Federal hate crime charges filed in Ahmaud Arbery case","url":"/US/video/federal-hate-crime-charges-filed-ahmaud-arbery-case-77408174"}