Female homeowner a 'hero' after killing prison escapee, sheriff says

Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said the victim "saved her life and stopped the bad guy."
2:35 | 12/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Female homeowner a 'hero' after killing prison escapee, sheriff says
A figure homeowner on national road. Calls non one more council. And of course Iran also has kicked in our back door. To residents and vest she had shot him. The female resident's home alone when this occurs. Around three or four victories throughout the powers home located himself pigments homeowner residents with a single currency. The burglars shooting part of injures during the homeowners residence by force. They have Johnson to sink forms of tobacco was kicked him. And escaping as you homeowners bedroom door when this escaping with shocked I was out there last night walking back. And rooms are very small amount there's not a lot of room. The evidence that you suggested the state we've had on this for the medal not start and so corporate lords. Those shortened to problem over footer. That on the homeowners who've risen located in the kitchen area just feet away from where issues would. The one thing own stress and this is especially females is get your season that he be trying. And do your weapon suited often had to local ranger where you can. This is the shining example. Of what this lady did so at the time you perceive that in the and set herself the protect herself and not be harmed killed or write whatever she. Came out only on this and known and the other got the bad guys. If there's no other signs we pull out of this today. Own hammer that home. This lady say through the coast she took it half a day out of her. And we've got time. And when that trying came through she was calm state is somebody can be in that situation. And she's saying her. And stop the ball again. Number really stressed that I'm distance me and also of stress and I think miles that's with a big this yet have a weapon. Not what would happen. But she stopped that. She solve that problem for us and she came out of would not tell whether western. Are proud I was. Because she excited who. And I think should be an inspiration to a lot of other ladies who. The fans what these. CWV and don't classes. Females. Believe in strongly.

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{"id":59632510,"title":"Female homeowner a 'hero' after killing prison escapee, sheriff says","duration":"2:35","description":"Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said the victim \"saved her life and stopped the bad guy.\"","url":"/US/video/female-homeowner-hero-killing-prison-escapee-sheriff-59632510","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}