Ferguson Braces for a Grand Jury Decision

Impending decision on whether to indict officer Darren Wilson could spark violent protests.
4:25 | 11/22/14

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Transcript for Ferguson Braces for a Grand Jury Decision
Hey good morning I'm Dan Harris at ABC news headquarters in New York City this is an ABC news. Did you report developing right now and Ferguson Missouri there were more arrests overnight. That city braces for a grand jury to decide whether to charge this man officer Darren Wilson. In the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown the shooting back in August touched up nearly two weeks of demonstrations would more than 200 protesters arrested. This morning President Obama is calling for calm in an exclusive interview but ABC news chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. What is your message to the people who Ferguson and others who didn't protest. Well I think first and foremost he protests peaceful. This is a country that. Allows everybody to express their views. Allows them to peacefully assemble. To. Protest actions that they think are unjust. But. Using. Any event as an excuse for violence. Is contrary to rule of law country that we are. And I both the president and Michael Brown's own father have come out and publicly called for calm the question is will those calls be heated let's get the latest now from ABC's. Alex Perez who's right outside the Ferguson police station. Alex vacancy behind you that it's calm right now but that was not the case overnight. Tell us about what you saw there. Yeah that's right then you know they've been groomed some protesters who gathered here almost every night since this began in August and last night was no different there was a group of protesters police say. That made their way to the middle of the street behind me here and because they were blocking the roadway there. Authorities say they had to remove those people authorities say they did not want to move on their own so. Three people were arrested here last night that we've also learned that federal authorities have arrested at two men who. They say were allegedly trying to purchase illegally purchase guns to disrupt demonstrations here so. You know authorities forthcoming with this information was saying that they have been following demonstrators here almost every night keeping an eye on things and making arrests when they house. A lot to worry about right now we know the grand jury could be close to a vote in this case. It it could come at any moment really what are we know about how officials there are getting ready for this announced what kind of preparations are they making. Was sure that that is the talk of the town here everyone is out waiting on pins and needles waiting to see what the grand jury decision will be. And prosecutors at this point have only said that when that decision is again. They will make a televised announcement they look. How the news conference to tell everyone what exactly that grand jury decision is. But at this point we're waiting to hear when exactly that will happen as you said it could come out at any moment. How are people in the community getting ready. Well you know everyone here of course has been talking about this for the last couple of months and is concerned that these protests came. Get violent again as they were before so. Many business owners here have already started boarding up their windows because they do not want to take any chances are many in the community have said they want to leave for the next couple days until they find out what that grand jury decision as. Now the mayor of Ferguson here has. Made many a point to go around and tell people that this town is safe the police department is prepared and they should not. Be worried. The police department here you should know they have they say about a thousand additional officers. On the ground they have been stocking up on pepper gas are stocking up on plastic handcuffs and the police department says here says they are ready to deal with whatever may hopping here but they're hoping that those demonstrations and protests won't remain peaceful. We are all hoping that but there's obviously a lot of there are obviously a lot of research is being. Put against this problem right now on a local level we know the FBI had moved in as well and as we said the president calling for calm out breads and Ferguson. Our thanks to you. Be sure to keep here and abcnews.com. Throughout the day for the latest on this and other top stories developing around the country and the world and tomorrow on ABC's this week. We'll be able to see the rest of George Stephanopoulos is exclusive interview with President Obama thanks for watching this ABC news digital report. I'm Dan Harris Saturday.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Impending decision on whether to indict officer Darren Wilson could spark violent protests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27102603","title":"Ferguson Braces for a Grand Jury Decision","url":"/US/video/ferguson-braces-grand-jury-decision-27102603"}