Ferguson, MO, Prepares for More Protests

More clashes with police feared despite authorities' attempts to ease tensions.
3:14 | 08/17/14

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Transcript for Ferguson, MO, Prepares for More Protests
Good afternoon I'm Lindsay -- -- ABC news headquarters in New York with a special report on the unrest in the town of Ferguson Missouri. Over the shooting of Michael Brown. After another night of chaos scenes like this clouds of smoke from the tear gas as police fire on demonstrators. Who they say ignored the first night of the curfew there and these armed officers on alert. The ongoing tensions don't fix since the shooting the unarmed eighteen year old more than a week ago ABC's Alex Perez watching out for -- Alex so much going on that -- what's the very latest. Hey good afternoon Lindsay you know it's been a relatively quiet peaceful morning bright and David a stark contrast from what it was like in the overnight hours -- want to show -- some -- -- stunning images. Police and protesters coming head to head. Now all this starting pretty much at around midnight when authorities are trying to enforce that midnight curfew a lot of those protesters just did not want to go home. And things got worse when authorities found out some of those protesters. Were actually arm and it turns out police believe one protestor may have shot another protestor. And so to get help into that person police say they had to use tear gas to break up the group and get that person medical attention at last word that person. What's in critical condition now when it was all said and done that seven people were arrested for refusing to leave the area. All of this coming to surface after we see some of the first images first pictures of the officer at the center of office that's. 28 year old officer Darren Wilson now officer Wilson has been basically in hiding since his investigation began. Because of the number of death threats he has received and Lindsay I can tell you just from talking to people here over the last couple -- days. All of them tell -- -- we'll continue to protest and demonstrate until they see some sort of criminal charges brought against this officer. They have demonstrations Alex there -- -- rallies scheduled for this afternoon Michael Brown's parents expected to be there. How big of a crowd of police expecting in what security got -- look like. -- that's expected to be a big crowd exact numbers we don't know just yet and police have been relatively tight lipped about the kind of security they're going to have their -- can tell you is what happened yesterday there was another huge demonstration yesterday marking the one week since. Michael Brown was killed and hundreds of people showed up for mystery inside memorial. And police were keeping -- close ally a close watch on everything there. To make sure things -- did not get out of hand and they actually did not get out of hand thinks they peaceful and so that's exactly what we expect police are going to do today to make sure that this rally where Michael Brown's parents are expected to be remains peaceful and nothing happens. But of course we won't know what exactly the outcome will be into it all unfolds Lindsay. Carson it's peaceful thinks you're much Alex -- their forests and Ferguson Missouri and you be watching that protest -- to begin shortly thank you for that report. ABC news is monitoring these developments around the clock to get updates on these top stories star that on the ABC news that phone -- and we'll have a complete wrap up later on world news on Good Morning America court -- against -- New York. Have a great day.

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{"id":25014855,"title":"Ferguson, MO, Prepares for More Protests","duration":"3:14","description":"More clashes with police feared despite authorities' attempts to ease tensions.","url":"/US/video/ferguson-mo-prepares-protests-25014855","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}