The fight for college football

ESPN’s Rece Davis discusses the ramifications of canceling or postponing the college football season and talks about the players and coaches fighting to keep the season alive.
6:16 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for The fight for college football
Recently Davis my long lost cousin and host of college game day on ESPN to dig and more on this at. Saturdays in the fall as we know are hallowed ground for so many and it looks like. The season is on the verge of being turned upside down series give us a sense first of all. To talk about those potential decisions by the Big Ten and the pac twelve will it be. A domino affect could we see the other Big Five conferences making similar decisions this week. I don't know that they would make in this week but I think the most likely scenario is that they would follow suit and it's not because that there would be holding necessarily do what the Big Ten or pac twelve. What designed. But the the optics the potentially. Untenable situation for the other three conferences to you have to have their two years. Decide to make a a decision to postpone or cancel the season based on medical advice. And then just say no we believe we cannot report safely if they do so then I think it's really commented on. Both the Big Ten and pac twelve to share with the public exactly what medical advice was to let them to postpone cancel and those who might choose to play yet they were to do so to share what medical advice get in the competence to do better think that would be. Instructive for all of us and really there be an obligation in my judgment. On the part of the conference is to do that I. It's probably. Very high percentage debt ultimately the conferences will arrive at the same place not definite but I think. This most likely. And we just saw you know some big name players like clemson's Trevor warrants in Ohio State's Justin field saying that they want to play in the fall so. What is a delayed or canceled season mean for these athletes. Going to be disappointing heartbreaking for those two particular guys it won't necessarily impact their draft stock triple Lawrence. Is going to be the number one overall pick in the draft and I believe that really case whether you. Place again or not it might have been the case had it been able to come out last year just in fields is also highly regarded I think he'll probably be a top five. Cryptic regardless. The winds it will impact a couple different ones. Those who might have been thinking about coming out to go pro those who perhaps are close to the end of their college careers so certainly up there eligibility to match will be protected for a subsequent season. But it it would just really changed the dynamic of this year for those who are perhaps on the cusp of deciding whether to explore the NFL and needing a season to prove that they were ready for that it would be a lost opportunity for them that god. Strictly speaking up the on the field ramifications. Are for those quakers. Of course there is big big money college football according to an NCAA eighteen billion dollars among a 110 schools. A factor is money when it comes to these tough to decisions for conference's athletic directors and coaches. I think you're being naive if you think it's not a factor to I do not believe. That these administrators. Are acting with callous disregard for the welfare of their players but it is certainly a huge factor football is the money that drives the entire engine. And if they lose that. Because these are not designed to be for profit organizations they're for the mighty day May Day largely Staten so it's not sit you know they're not answering to share borders at a number of regulations is stipulations that they keep them from being eight mural for profit tied for the Eagles certainly many people within the frame work of that profit. Gratefully I'm not denying that but he's eight speaks to how they would be able to continue their programs so what type of us. You don't what what. Type of facilities they would be able to provide for their athletes at services we provide salaries all policy everything. Would take a gargantuan hit but the data along with the NCAA basketball tournament are the two primary revenue generators for virtually. Every athletic program at the highest level college sports in the country. Football isn't the only sport in jeopardy for collegiate athletes know what else is at stake here and do you think that they should be blanket decisions for all sports rather than looking at each sport individually. I think that is probably more. Dix situation if they're not going to play one they're they're probably not going to play the others but. You know I would not be opposed to allowing others it to it is deemed safe for a different sport because of the nature of that sport being different that football to continue to compete enclave to can be done so safely. I think the most likely thinking isn't did you keep here is. Fall sports. But you know I would not. And all be opposed to that. Death might be where we come down finances but their number of sports would be dead. Don't generate revenue but are still just as important to the athletes to participate in the that they might be able to continue to compete safely and do so would now. You know creating. Any type of increased risk for a community spread outside of bear. Quads I bubble that many of the sports programs at the tower five level anyway are are in right now those athlete who returned to campus. If college football goes away this fall. You think there's any chance of the NFL would add another day of gains and we see the pros actually play on Saturday as well. But I don't think there's any question about added that's beyond my purview I don't get to duty. The marketing side of the programming side. But I would be stunned if the yen up though didn't step into that void it's valuable it's valuable property. People given this situation with a pandemic in the country are hungry for sports and at the NFL. Is able to place safely and if it comes to passage that college football is not able to or not. They board not willing. Supersede then I would be out be shocked if the NFL didn't step into that void and in some way shape form or fashion you already see it. Late in the season after the colleges have entered bowl season the NFL eagerly steps in and placed something on Saturday games. Reese Davis thank you so much but we are watching on ESPN appreciate your time thank you very much stock into.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"ESPN’s Rece Davis discusses the ramifications of canceling or postponing the college football season and talks about the players and coaches fighting to keep the season alive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72296613","title":"The fight for college football","url":"/US/video/fight-college-football-72296613"}