Financial records of Trump's inaugural committee get subpoenaed

Chris Christie, former head of Trump's transition team, says the investigation "presents a much more serious threat to the administration" than Mueller.
3:14 | 02/05/19

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Transcript for Financial records of Trump's inaugural committee get subpoenaed
Now we're going to go to another. A big headline coming out of Washington. New set of subpoenas coming to present company team this one about the inauguration. And there is a particularly blistering quote from Chris Christie I want to read that for you now he said that the investigation print presents a much more serious threats the administration potentially. Then what Bob Mueller is doing. John C and Tucci you've got your finger on the pulse what can you tell us about. Halon good morning to you so right now we're following this rapidly developing story what we're learning is that as Bob Mueller and the special counsel's office is winding down their investigation. Prosecutors in the southern district of New York served a subpoena yesterday. Two members of president comes inaugural committee member a lot of this is the massive 107. Million dollars raised. By the trump inaugural is the most remote most money raised. In any presidential inauguration in modern history double that. Of a Barack Obama's team raised at his first inauguration in 2009. And this subpoena alana is winds sweeping they want documents records emails text messages. We wanna know what they have in those encrypted apps that they may or may not have been using. And they're looking specifically. But that other people that Joni is in the investigation there are individuals named. That have foreign ties there's also the credit card processing company called strike. Has a connection to the Kosher family. One of the investors in that organization he's Josh Kushner his brother Jared as we know is the husband of a bunker trump. Currently serving as a senior advisor in the truck administration. Now John let's let's make sure because there's so many of these subpoena as an investigation. Clarify this for our audience this is separate and independent and it's like a less even after the Mahler probe has ended can you explain. Sure so what we're seeing here is that as Bob Mueller has been investigating. For the last eighteen months give or take since he was appointed. In late may early June 2017. There are cases that don't fit into the purview of Russian collusion. During the 2016 election Michael Collins is a great example of that his case was referred. Up to the southern district of New York. This case in particular we had been tracking for quite some time. The special counsel had been asking individuals about the inauguration. Did not take action on that instead. It appears that all the information be gathered. They put in a box put it in the Acela and since it up to New York. Where prosecutors up they are now gonna look into it. And what this means from the subpoena alana is that this is the beginning of this investigation you have heard all the reporting we've certainly been tracking it. As well that the special counsel is nearing an end of their investigation. So as Bob Mueller is closing up shop we are seeing the birth of a new investigation in New York. That is going to require many people close to the president. To its hand over information but also many people close to the president there will probably have to appear before a grand jury in New York. And I know you'll be watching every second of it thank you John.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Chris Christie, former head of Trump's transition team, says the investigation \"presents a much more serious threat to the administration\" than Mueller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60859850","title":"Financial records of Trump's inaugural committee get subpoenaed","url":"/US/video/financial-records-trumps-inaugural-committee-subpoenaed-60859850"}