‘Finding Freedom’: New book details Harry and Meghan’s royal exit

Co-author and ABC News royals contributor Omid Scobie discusses the book’s look at the stories behind the headlines surrounding Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.
5:52 | 08/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Finding Freedom’: New book details Harry and Meghan’s royal exit
Revealing new book about Megan Harry and the royal family that's out today and claims to I have a never before heard perspective on the life of the duke and duchess from the mayor's side of the story. Finding freedom has insights from palace insiders and friends of the couple on some of the most explosive headlines surrounding the couple. Include your departure from royal life in the rift between Harry and William and their wives and for formerly dubbed. The fab four. The book's co author and ABC news royal contributor all of its Kobe joins us now from London who is more. Cell phone and Harry in May and smile event is working royals that was march 31 less than two years after their fairy tale wedding. For many of their departure seemed rather sudden but you've plays out that that this is brewing for quite some time the wind. It's is it your understanding that things started to go south. But it's interesting because of course a lot of the narrative does sound the Harry and Megan decided it will. Get a box products the the signs that area the only it was around summer last year it took a couple of really starts school bounce a ball. At them amongst us that they made it very nine households. And pat grievances and issues to pursue press the space belts that are on content and protect its horns once they have. Talents aloud in voice since. Difficulties and Shannon just themselves. But of course a Nissan on desk duty is site this situation O'Brien's. Very straight couple. Stock is he ready. Pull it out very public manifest study isn't pretty T how they won't let needing code of course this issue models one the recalled often opt outs and it was rejected our audience station and you recent now have the couple living in products when he thinks he quit. And western night TV documentary Harry in Megan an African journey digit aired on ABC. Paris to acknowledge it a bit of a rift between him and his brother William is there risk would you say and if so what caused it and it can Megan really have this tension between them as well. Well I would say wrist is a very strong web address sesame is a distance that screen William curry the malls four courses in the UT tell summons that well what I and early on in Harry's relationship with Megan Williams wellness that are issued cautions this slowdown rules about speed at which relations progressing wished on sight and sounds like us all parts of brotherly advice. Look at the backgrounds that are it was a rare chance it means she shouldn't. And means being married I thank him behind a and it's even months and friends sent a disparaging comments raised. About Megan's I think moment where millions and it's always cool robbed and anyone asking any doubts and towns that relationship with a win and it's a shame that. Answer being. These problems be collecting. Sleet days. Are extreme women carry it never really be a repeat it. Pre close bonds that are Ettinger we will expect. Infancy. The hassles are being a disappointment on many insiders. Say is this who is she really wants is someone like chasers warn you come out to be yes ahead of the more so cool and she faced with a crass it's teacher. Seeks to see that. And and its slot receiver. Relationship. You would start. An element you've repeatedly stated that Harry and Megan did not cool operator interview for the book in anyway so what then makes this different from. Any other tell all book about the royals and why should anyone believe the claims in this biography. What makes this difference is an it's sourcing reading was born out some great unique situation that people around Harry in Macon and now arts center east seeing them regularly by sections of the media tell us. Aaron it shows that were being portrayed in the media sites are from the ends. We're the only people. Who were actually law and I think we were a street and increase their relationship but many of these people seeks to set the record straight many stories. Are really being assets in order Beatles. Ridiculous. Details about here is over Bryant's makes its England's. The trial had trauma to her tiara. And these things that we know nothing more from buy tabloids are the second or two and we really want it speaks people redeem. The route during niece and. The new course have been following Megan and Harry for quite some time in have seen them evolves through their time in the palace would you say they've actually found freedom. And and also what's next for them. It will only think about what freedom is as true freedom to express yourselves and use your voice and anyway he wants and it's very insisting secede a couple now it's looking very. Moments go be reporting in from London for us thanks so much for joining us and good luck with the book. In that book out today.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Co-author and ABC News royals contributor Omid Scobie discusses the book’s look at the stories behind the headlines surrounding Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72316405","title":"‘Finding Freedom’: New book details Harry and Meghan’s royal exit","url":"/US/video/finding-freedom-book-details-harry-meghans-royal-exit-72316405"}