Fitness companies adapting to age of COVID

ABC News' Will Carr explores how the fitness industry is evolving its workouts and business models to adapt to exercise in the pandemic age.
4:36 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for Fitness companies adapting to age of COVID
Of course January as the months known for resolutions especially when it comes to working out but like many industries gyms across the country have suffered from cove in nineteen closures. Forcing many in the fitness world to adapt in order to keep business in tip top shape our will Carr reports. Date Jacobs guys it's one to pick of the war get. We did hear 5 AM and we start to move out and set up for the workout for today. Much of Southern California shut down you decoded guys who has moved his indoor gym. Outside as a result the standards body his training in Santa Monica has the whole 6000. Pounds of weight outside every day. I God's organize. We've got a wide variety of equipment but we really enjoy that fifty plus more active. Result outdoor classes that focus on high intensity training any physically safe environments. We keep everyone in eight feet apart so we have master required in the work out sanitizing everything all the time. To really keep people safe jail do you think of ourselves as the solution proactive health care business. Fans of part of that is going to be good fitness. Okay. But not everyone is as lucky in Southern California when it comes to whether. Some genes and new Yorker braving the elements crane pulled even snow to keep classes going colder. Period when New Year's resolutions normally did gyms across the country a 12% bump in new members but this new year is far from normal mini gyms have closed their doors some for good. Others have filed for bankruptcy investors are estimating that the pandemic could cost of fitness industry upwards of ten billion dollars in lost sales. All I'm you know in ish qualities that candidate rent expenses eighteen when you. End up cutting gardens you know it's a huge shot beat me. To survive many fitness companies had prohibited on lawn. I'm the co-founder sky change which is stating York city phased. What that brick and mortar yoga studio and now we are online and yoga. Or. Christine Jones is making the adjustment shaking her yoga classes ended virtual studio. The biggest challenge is letting go car or at least sins and the idea that we're not going to see teeth change in. Community in real life and titans earned. First it was a real shock and it's huge change in my life I didn't Zion should be noted that takes into their songs camera. Now is the reality relenting and she certainly not alone many Americans including Tina dander right had been forced out of their gyms at some point during the pandemic. I don't know I would go back is he doing something that I was doing prior. We're even going to public hint if there's something about Jess feeling state from the comfort of your own home. Radio and there around three don't know who's working out next seat if they're mastered not. For the Jimmy Floyd expanded rights portion appellate Tom spike in membership. Tell the sun news. Thirty minute Paul funny yeah. It's something that I law and how do you not only the comfort of my own home but I can work my work outs around my schedule. At the beginning of the pandemic guy found Matty live murder better known as mad that on you to sleep pandemic she had a million followers. Now I've won a more than five million people who subscribe to her free workouts. Years ago I and I knew home workouts in future in the senate seat people's gonna save people money. And I think a lot of people are now they're forced into and they realized hey I can do this and I Pena had a Palm Beach work out as fast and doesn't require any equipment or experience. I've seen people from the ages of five digit in my dance your teens just jumping mastermind. Suit. Did the sixty year olds getting our so it's. Really cool to see that he hopes breached. So why he changed so left for seven left for backing California dice is focused on helping people reach their New Year's goals in person. He just launched a kettle bell class in the Santa Monica Pier and believes his shift outside it's here for the long haul. The biggest key and my experience just in knots. Get down and quit. If you have a will and your willing to work hard there's going to be a solution out there. That allows you to continue to grow and help people that in Los Angeles will Clark. ABC news yeah a little.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"ABC News' Will Carr explores how the fitness industry is evolving its workouts and business models to adapt to exercise in the pandemic age.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75501915","title":"Fitness companies adapting to age of COVID","url":"/US/video/fitness-companies-adapting-age-covid-75501915"}