Flooding emergency in Texas

Torrential rain causes flash flooding and water rescues in Houston.
3:51 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for Flooding emergency in Texas
Guy is the weather is not letting up at all especially down south there's torrential rain and flooding that's just beating up Texas. And Louisiana so wanna go to Maggie release who's in Houston with more of the. It Kimberly we are still dealing with it severe weather outbreak fearing southern Texas early across all of the southern plains. One of the major things result last night where lightning strikes Hubert out driving around overnight all over Houston. Kimberly this sign was absolutely lighting up what's the reeks of lightning. Non stop think even during some of our shot in return early this morning there were lightning strike behind me lightening up this guy. I decided is how. Extremely dangerous this can be if you look down. Well those flashing lights behind me there was a huge mansion that there is actually over two million dollar mansion. You're just outside Houston it is completely gone now it burned down overnight. Investigators believe one of those lightning strikes hit that house causing it to burn down they were not able to save it overnight. So this is something that of people are very concerned about again that happened throughout the night into the early morning hours so on toppled all of that lightning and you're whether the other thing obviously. Given what they're Kimberly is this rain it is coming down non stop it started. Last night maybe around 10 PM local time they don't really expect that to let up anytime soon. It is there's been raining and raining and raining now remember Kimberly travel all that rain we already had earlier this week so many areas seeing around. Ten inches of rain just about Tuesday night into Wednesday morning that we first got here hasn't. No let up a little bit in the middle between the bands of storms that continue becoming ever since then last night some areas saw again heavy rainfall about that. The read inches of rain per hour. That is causing a lot of stress here on the drainage system and so flooding and flash flooding and other major concern. The local patients are kept saying remind people cannot go out and is not driving it's whether not half to. Although we still saw some cards out on the roadways some odd that I got stuck overnight from people with abandoning their cars drive down the street cars. And it is littering the side of the road people but decided to get out of their cars have to leave them behind. Other people had to be rescued in nearby areas when they decided. To drive into that heavy rain water so so a very serious situation authorities reminding people that take this seriously can not go out in the the flood waters it is not. Worth the risk many people are taking a series of sibling it's hard to have a range from a does here in Houston and not be reminded of hurricane hardened its a couple of years ago and that's something that. All the locals and talked to here is constantly on their minds and that up with one man and his family a town nearby. That's what they've added that that flooded during hardy they did not let it that's it and exit. Rented a U haul and were packing up their entire home in southern Pacific or washer and dryer her night cap entry into that you laden that it really is behind. And what again like we did are being. Everything is going to be gone. The show me where that floodwaters up to his house that is about four feet high. Did not wanna take that risk again it was not only one a lot of people we read into were evacuating ahead of the storm. We're still living in fear from what they remembered. I should think. Hopefully this is not going to be as dramatic as hardened some of those Rainwater are. Already receding. The rain is lightning lightening up but they are really concerned about reverse plastic that can happen in the next couple days. We're still watching fat. People are still on guarding Kimberly an army closed out most of the school. Businesses for years so people are taking this seriously hopefully if he's going in this election with the rain and lightening up but we'll be here about the. All right Maggie thank you for all of the updates and we hope people do take it seriously and continue. To be safe.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Torrential rain causes flash flooding and water rescues in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62963214","title":"Flooding emergency in Texas","url":"/US/video/flooding-emergency-texas-62963214"}