Florida Officials Ask for Public's Help Locating Escaped Inmates' Accomplice

Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker, now captured, may have had help evading police during escape.
20:24 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for Florida Officials Ask for Public's Help Locating Escaped Inmates' Accomplice
This is a special room. I'm dance company or -- -- ABC news digital special report big questions to answer in Florida where two men both serving life sentences for murder. Were released using fake documents Charles walker -- -- used doctored paperwork filed through Orange County -- that included judges photocopied signature. They were released September 27 and October 8 they were caught in Panama City, Florida. -- at a news conference with state chief law enforcement officer Gerald -- We know that on Saturday night. They were awaiting a vehicle from Atlanta to pick them up and transport them somewhere out of state. We're working -- JB Georgia Bureau of Investigation -- that aspect of our case. We know that the forged document came to the clerk's office via the US mail. Our DNA scientist. Documents examiners. And latent print experts believe are examining these documents for evidence. We have seized computers and -- from the inmate library. And our digital forensic experts are examining those as we speak. From the room at the coconut grove motoring -- we have an iPad. And a mobile phone. These are also in the hands of -- the only digital expert. Tips and leads continue to command. And our analysts are calling through reams of documents and information. To isolate any thing of evidentiary value. Again we have pinpointed suspects and -- -- in the case. One development. Early -- in the case we have noted that the -- attorney. Nicole Benjamin was subsided and represented in both of the escape these raising. The only suspicions. However we are now satisfied that ms. Benjamin. Was in fact not involved in the fraud but yet another victim of identity theft -- our investigation is moving forward on two fronts. The first is to -- by the create or create horse but the fraudulent documents. The second is to track the documents through the system and determine who. If anyone helped guide the documents -- the Orange County office with a -- report. On this front the operation of the clerk's office there's a significant focus our investigation. Yesterday. I directed our office -- executive investigation. To work with our agents -- -- -- The clerk -- courts -- the department corrections upon answers questions. Executive investigations. It is away. -- unit that has deep and wide experience. In working cases involving public officials. And with the inner workings of jails. And correctional institutions. Deacons and walker are already serving life sentences they have very little to lose but those who helped them. Have very much to lose and I urge those of you who may have helped them to come forward. Talk to -- before we find you. Several media represented the -- -- question has this ever happened before the simple answer is yes -- hands. I am aware of three. Of those that have originated from frequency. One from -- CI. And one from the pinellas county jail. In 2011. Jeffords Forbes tried to escape from frequency -- with forged documents filed with the Orange County -- In his attempt to freedom -- thwarted by lead detective who saw the disparity in the Senate's. Joseph Jenkins. Tried once before to escape the 2011. But was unsuccessful. Since this investigation started we have confirmed that two other frequency -- inmates. Were in the process of -- planning fraudulent released documents. Not -- not she -- Was released from the pinellas county jail. In October 2009. After a -- motion was filed with the Pinellas County clerk's office. He was free for about sixteen hours before being apprehended. He was tried force gate and sentenced to twenty years. And was remanded to Franklin CI. This case is a top priority for -- only today I am announcing a reward for up to 101000 dollars for information provided -- -- the only. That leads to the arrest and conviction of the party or parties that constructed the forged documents or harbored. And assisted Jenkins and walker. In any way in addition attorney general Pam -- -- -- with -- and crime stoppers is also. Offering up to -- 101000 dollar reward for the same information. Again. We do not have all the answers and there are some things which I'm not at liberty to discuss -- -- today but that. Keep in that in mind we will answer and -- your question. Yes or out are here. -- It. But look at that is a possibility that is say a lead that we're running down I am not prepared to answer that question today yes -- I -- don't know where the where the when the Pope with a male. Started from what was in the -- your question. We are we're talking about -- -- a do not want to release their -- -- Yes. -- before -- who is one of the gentleman right here was -- Apparently told -- -- news months ago that he was off. Fire crews and you mentioned. Now. And remanded for him. -- This is gone honorary Oscars in years and it passes not -- -- permit me into the. -- the answer that question when we finished with a case. I do not know that in the case but would we will find that answer. -- -- That. Those documents the original documents -- today in the hands of our document examines Examiner's section in Pensacola. And they won't have that answer. A gamble -- this case is closed. Shoes that hotel. How they Wear what there any more details on where they traveled from Orange County. -- -- No and that's one of the reasons that I'm all for -- 101000 dollar reward today I would like to know how they get to that. There was no you -- I don't put that -- -- agreed that I don't know I don't know the mode of transportation. Our. -- all that. We have no indication as -- talk to you today. That DSC employees or Franklin employees -- -- again where look -- India's the DOC institution. And Franklin and we're looking at the clerk's office. But. There's there's no hard evidence that that's happened if if there were there would have been Reyes. Or this one. Out. -- Plus it lasted that we are investigating that and we will determine if in fact it was an inside -- -- they had any kind of inside assistance. Anger and -- We we have over a variety. A number of suspects some of -- million bearish very strong some -- -- not as strong. Again leads are coming and this morning. So -- to define a number of -- suspected. There's just not possible I know this is a legal question. Somewhat of a legal question but for all these people who are sort of activity into the story. Trying to understand how this document got these guys -- can you explain what. How that that how this works how this scheme -- what all of these guys have been doing. Again you're underlining what we're going to be doing in conjunction with the Orange County clerk's office we need to better understand that and in conjunction. With the clerk and would DOC we will have finite answers to that you -- the people were mailing documents that. That's document was in fact mailed -- but he where as I understand it there were more than one document that in some cases there were two documents -- -- -- bailed them. So we're people -- where these guys or whoever they hired or whatever. Where today that whoever mailed in two different documents and try to understand how that process worked you know. Again. We are going to be camp and out with the clerk's office that is something that that we need to determine we have not determined that -- Out. Again that was a jail that was not pay you Florida correctional facility. Let me answer your question and not against fraudulent documents came ended into the jail. It was gone for less than a day when authorities there -- that and an era of fraud had been made. He was. Arrested he was charged he was sentenced to twenty years -- reported frequency. That is. Had a I don't have -- Other frequency. Cases. -- could only speculate on that again that's that's. Part of what we're continuing to unfold. -- is I think there was followed probably. It. No no -- that we we can't confirm that but again. We have our document section located in Pensacola and that is one of the key questions that -- -- answer is that the methodology that. Not only his savior -- but mismanagement how they got -- documents. Places -- you know about it. It's carelessness and -- not carelessness. They they've known about it and as we talk about later we actually talked with the with the -- -- state attorneys. In the summer about the situation. At that time it did not run news to the level that obviously this case has risen to. Following up on this question in this -- Some of the questions a lot of people are asking. How any other. Inmates had done this that could possibly be out there. Running around you guys don't know. You're asking me to comment on a negative. I -- I -- I went over to you the seven that we know about the five plus the two. -- -- you guys worried that there might be is there an investigation looking to see whether there are war. Yes and we are worried about that and we will do everything we can confirm whether there is or is not more out there. -- And water -- -- they're not cooperating. That is itself. I she's so editors are cooperating marriage you know stated. No. We are. In the process now of confirming or denying. Suspects some of the family members have have been very corporate -- but again before it's over we we will know. Whether they told us everything they they know or not -- -- In imprisoned. He's okay. I would only have to speculate there I will tell you that we are looking very closely. That any help they may have had. From the outside I'm not prepared to say that the yes did in fact have help from outside. I would have to refer that question department questions I personally don't don't know of any. Question for mr. Kaufman perhaps. How long before you get the DNA tests back. Before you get the results of that -- that would just depends on the complexity of the case. Week week and next we are obviously expediting it and it can take anywhere from. Three to five days when we're expediting -- case but it depends on the map a volume of evidence and the the quality of that -- It's much. That. Those. I but I don't have any I can't comment on ongoing case that. How a little -- one comment to the ongoing case in the case of the documents Examiner's in the case so that the DNA in the case of -- in the case of the digital. Every one of those cases has been moved to the front of the line. -- -- -- The ones are solved -- -- officials. Yes. Her prayers -- -- for a record. It has -- the in my library at Franklin -- -- which which which the the -- there would have had. -- -- won't say unfettered access but they had regular access to those computers and production. In any any. Worse fashionable. Businesses hurt at all and I can't speak to their talents and abilities not because I'm withholding information because I don't know what their talents work but somewhere along the line and -- mob. Good documents were parties -- documents that looked good -- produced. -- -- Those one. That gulf that gulf. There was no there was only one case that we are aware that emanate from gulf correctional. If -- -- to on this book. What -- that you get involved. I'm I'm -- understand the question is involved here. All. Well the settlement the settlement notices the two that -- were working with now. -- -- -- Yes it instances. That the one the one -- -- Is displaying 22 instances. -- -- -- -- He says. Okay. We have reams of files it is we -- we are slicing and nice and those are are. Crime intelligence analysts -- working with them. As as we speak. I don't know how many pages are there but I can just this voluminous we're looking and that criminal history records we're looking at DOC records. We're looking at phone polls we're looking at -- counts. It it goes on and on that as -- what what we're looking at that involve these these two people we're we're looking at the records the the end. Enough. And in -- -- Panama City Beach. Regretfully they did not have a a system. That recorded. Number going in and out of the hotel but we have other means there -- We're we're we're we have an excellent electronic surveillance team that can take these mobile devices and there they're picking them apart today. You. -- -- -- -- I don't know how many inmates oh or outside. The DOC system that would that we've eliminated today I don't know how many that we that we screened -- When -- it were yesterday. And less often breaks that I'm not aware and it could but right now they're no arrests are anticipated to -- today. Yes there definitely will be in the future. Yeah -- there with the here. Connected. It. Again to tell you what's going -- -- -- -- CI. A what at this point out have to speculate but -- will promise you that information as this case -- thank. -- That's -- that's when -- yes. In general. When someone deposits money and no one's -- account it is a friend family member or associate. We are betting -- -- friends family members & Associates to see if there was say a connection that we canoes in this investigation. Thank you very much. So -- listen to a news conference by the commission of the Florida law enforcement there Gerald Bailey. On those two escaped convicts -- that were captured a short time ago. After they had provided forged documents on the 27 of September. That allow them to walk out of orange county jail they were later recovered. At a Panama City motel. These of the documents you're seeing right there in a photo -- signature. Of the judge that was involved in -- case and as we just heard there there are some developments in the investigation that is the motel which they were recovered. At this point law enforcement have put out a 101000 dollar reward for any information. That might lead to a -- and rest of those that might have helped with this. At the same time Florida law enforcement say that there are a number of suspects that they are looking acts and that they are still gathering DNA evidence from those documents. That were provided. To the orange county jail that allowed those two convicts to walk free. They have a complete report on abcnews.com. For now on -- -- -- their New York. With -- ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20646542,"title":"Florida Officials Ask for Public's Help Locating Escaped Inmates' Accomplice","duration":"20:24","description":"Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker, now captured, may have had help evading police during escape.","url":"/US/video/florida-escaped-inmates-captured-officials-publics-locating-accomplice-20646542","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}