Florida governor says his state leads COVID-19 testing

In a press conference on Saturday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state had more tests in one day than the country as a whole did in March.
3:35 | 07/11/20

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Transcript for Florida governor says his state leads COVID-19 testing
Yesterday we reported 95000. Test today were over 80000 test. Put that in perspective Taiwan. As I'm 70000. Past the entire pandemic. 123 million people so we're definitely. Doing a lot of testing. Practicing social distancing and supporting hospital and health care workers. The couple updates on some of the things that we've been working on today. Hospitals throughout Florida will be getting additional shipments of the therapeutic rim did severe. That had been something that a lot of the positions have been using. We got positive responses or of course that's a new therapeutic that it had been developed by June lead. And had been given an emergency use authorization by the FDA. We. Were scheduled to get some more later in the month. But there was a need to be an expedited that's why work with the vice president. And I work with us secretary he's our to get that expedited he's so that there would be a gap in treatment. So it was of those will be arriving today and and that will be. A lot of bottles and hopefully will be able to be able to serve. Occasions needs you know when we started to see more cases. Yes we started we've been testing more the last three weeks by far we have before. What you see you seemed. That 6614. To 620s. And of the deposit activity then goes up to nine point 6%. And then the next week in June 12%. And then we were fourteen point 8%. For the last last clergy beginning in July. This week so far just sit down a little bit last few days that the defendant about twelve point 5%. You look around the state there are definitely areas. Were you think you were with the we may be seeing. Doesn't declining productivity. And there are other areas that have been pretty consistently 20% range like I Miami Dade. Here in vanity. They've been about 10% the last two days. And majority of their new cases have been under the age of 45. Sarasota is reporting today five point 2% of the test positive yesterday was nine point 5%. And I think. Some of the folks here will rule attest that. We knew we may be seeing some decline in this part of the Tampa Bay Area. Some of the other areas particularly nor things like ask you may be seeing more objectivity but. But this is something that we're looking at very seriously so we're gonna get it to the test result that is complete the week. We're going to be over 400000. Passed easily. Four for the weeks that's a huge huge amount of test. And a lot of it is this positive that he raped. You know there's obviously going to be some prevalence. By advocates into the single digits yeah that's something that's that's much more manageable so. We. Increased from. The end of June into July but then it kind it's been class code it. The last two weeks which is there's a design would rather be plateaued at 4%. But we didn't want to see continuing wages go up and out. So we tested 2.4 million people. That is one for every nine people in the state of Florida so I'd be exchange see what other things have been tested at this level you know and our country and in modern times but this is something that. As a whole country's down a lot of tests obviously Florida you know we're doing all particularly in last. Cover up government and we are going to demand is really high.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"In a press conference on Saturday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state had more tests in one day than the country as a whole did in March.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71735374","title":"Florida governor says his state leads COVID-19 testing","url":"/US/video/florida-governor-state-leads-covid-19-testing-71735374"}