Florida high school shooting leaves 'numerous fatalities,' authorities say

At least 14 victims are being taken to hospitals from the incident at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, the Broward Sheriff's Office said, though their conditions were not immediately clear.
4:34 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for Florida high school shooting leaves 'numerous fatalities,' authorities say
This is catastrophic. An unbelievably catastrophic day in Broward County history is devastating. I'm sick to my stomach. Com. We have multiple casualties. We've had. Approximately. Fourteen people transported to area hospitals. We varying degree. There all multiple casualties though they're there are all folks that have lost their lives I don't know of the number right now. It's a fluid scene right now we multiple swat teams clearing all the buildings. If anybody knows anything about this moment on this high schools one of the biggest schools in Broward County is huge huge campus. So we have multiple. Multiple swat teams cleaned every building to make sure that there are no other shootings. Bomber threw out for a shooter in custody. In the country I believe about an hour. After you left stone Douglass. After he committed committed this show uses homicidal detestable acts. The FBI. And our clients and people who beat this thing. This horrific scene. As soon as these buildings are clear right now the buildings are not safe to be clear. We're asking that he put out on the news ASAP. That any parent. Who's looking for their child. To please go immediately. Through the Marriott. Within the heron bay complex. Our deputies and other police officers but transporting these young students. Over the handling day. To be were not reunited with their parents so that's where we want parents ago. A want to thank. Maybe commissioner Sherif. And it's the wrong seat for being here to support the Broward Sheriff's Office had to be reviewed this. Terrible time. Last thing I want to say it's. This is a terrible day for pork lamb Broward County. State of Florida United States might very old triplets went to that school and graduated. From stone dog with thick play football and lacrosse. At that school so it's. This is catastrophic there really are no words. And we will keep you updated have spoken to governor Scott. He's out of state is on his way over here. I have spoken to president trump and he's all for the full power of the United States of America to help us get through this question. This travel campus I don't exactly know where I believe he was found in the city of false breaks. I hope you know each pulled from every police officer that's like him. Firm right out if so what should you eat green. Well from what I understand there wasn't time hall where. Attended school I don't know why he left I don't know when you. That is correct was not as roads. I wasn't there but I was told that there was no problem. It's taken into a without incident. I believe these approximately two years old. He's won it. Multiple wolves what it is. The children. Well I don't know we believe we believe at this point that all children that we know about. Are cleared in or outside the building however we don't know they're injured people we don't know if there are people hiding. We don't know so blow we will not being good. Took release information of the game to open up the crime scene until the swat components say the school was safe. And clear when I hear or clear will be in the next face this investigation. It. I have no later than it. Yeah. What we I don't know how many injuries there wolf what we know fourteen people were transported to area hospitals with varying degrees of the open wounds. All what we'll do a school will wait for the school to be cleared going to the next phase and no this is critically important release information to Broward County we will keep you up to date but. For right now there's no word for racial partisan.

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{"id":53092612,"title":"Florida high school shooting leaves 'numerous fatalities,' authorities say","duration":"4:34","description":"At least 14 victims are being taken to hospitals from the incident at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, the Broward Sheriff's Office said, though their conditions were not immediately clear.","url":"/US/video/florida-high-school-shooting-leaves-numerous-fatalities-authorities-53092612","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}