Fresh eruptions at Hawaii volcano fuel health concerns

Kilauea volcano presenting new challenges as volcanologists expect more eruptions
3:56 | 05/21/18

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Transcript for Fresh eruptions at Hawaii volcano fuel health concerns
Pretty incredible where I'm standing just V8 help after. Right here in geothermal plant here and you can see that boiling cauldron multiple lightning bolt right behind me now. It's dear to my right is pictured won. Putting up and mortgage volume of Obama probably from the ground and I just boo you so. Volcanologists right here. A hundred cubic meters per second that's about a horrible quarter of the output of the Delaware River that's a lot and so. Here is published in Oregon and actually have air cameraman vocational that soldiers over there isn't counting out. Bringing in the somewhere in there and they're easy sizable black beauty. And on the home can be an area and he's written each week obviously we're we are standing it's called big east race. Massive drainage system. Run away. Thirty miles. So we don't strike me. It's seen for miles around his big beyond big guys are a lot of work. It's pretty you know. Lying but. He's admitting a tremendous amount of silver ounce. Can cause irritation. Guys grow it's pretty poisonous and marine times you know what is going on deep enough now. Then just a few days ago. Campaigning here used. Yesterday and it's still flowing into the illusion miles away John right now. What John had flown lately has been largely because. Maybe. From. Yards away from. We also like machinery and it's mean everything here intersection. It was hard he earned this is. Coming up and one day. Martin. Right now. By the way. Although the Hawaii islands are. In Islamabad hearing means hundreds and hundreds of yard line became. Continues to rainy running even though officially stated his novel which looks black. But what are the major concerns here. Has been back in this city have been walking around living in this area. Nothing is under. That is erupting and every now warning here these booms and pops issues what's happening soon which trapped dance. If you're right now they just. Leaves the drought to open pops and out and then it's quiet down. Weather problems from that is not only is the lava flow creating small brush fire that is that news well. And that is intermingling between. He console for di ox died. And obviously believes that is happening where a lot like its deep ocean reading these small. It's like one. Articles in addition to speed and you know obviously making air around so much more toxic. Just let you know we are fortunate that you had respirators here. Completely from us so we don't. Com. Look at the other things just stating.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Kilauea volcano presenting new challenges as volcanologists expect more eruptions ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55328122","title":"Fresh eruptions at Hawaii volcano fuel health concerns","url":"/US/video/fresh-eruptions-hawaii-volcano-fuel-health-concerns-55328122"}