Fugitive Captured in Arkansas After 36 Years

Michael Morrow, 70, lived under an alias since his escape from a California prison in 1977.
1:38 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Fugitive Captured in Arkansas After 36 Years
It's like -- scene straight from a movie convict Michael Ray morrow escaped from a California prison 36 years ago. And goes on the -- his whereabouts a mystery. Meanwhile in the community Jesse -- Garland county a man they know is frank Wilson was living a double life. Contract and paint jobs raising a family even going to church every Sunday. We know -- franc -- but -- was a good driver. Me when we never -- in triple -- and he was just an appearance this thing we. But that life came to an end on Monday when the FBI finally arrested seventy year old -- This case is -- indeed special in that. Mr. Mario escape so many years ago from prison but it just highlights the work of law enforcement working together. California FBI worked with the California department of corrections to finally catch him. He was charged with armed robbery in 1973. And sentenced to five years to life with a ten year minimum. After more as a state in 1977. The trail went cold until 1984. When he was arrested in -- county giving the alias of frank Wilson. His fingerprints matched more -- it's unclear why he was let go the -- county sheriff's office doesn't keep arrest records from that long ago. But this year a lead. They determined -- it was mister Marrero -- agents with our office and the Garland county sheriff's department. Arrested. -- tomorrow without incident on Monday. Now he's in the Garland county jail awaiting transfer to California.

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{"id":20395996,"title":"Fugitive Captured in Arkansas After 36 Years","duration":"1:38","description":"Michael Morrow, 70, lived under an alias since his escape from a California prison in 1977.","url":"/US/video/fugitive-captured-arkansas-36-years-20395996","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}