Funeral for Slain Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa

A funeral for slain Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarippa was held Saturday at the Wilkerson-Greines Athletic Complex in Fort Worth, Texas.
10:30 | 07/16/16

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Transcript for Funeral for Slain Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa
As we forgive those who practice path that can stop us. And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. At this time I would write when the body. Police chief of the department. Police were this idiot balance. He faded brown. Please come forward. Decency. I think that a family or do you mean as opportunities. Me. Capacities me. Well it's. A whole other thing. The law enforcement community. Near ball. For the coming to show their support. For the dozens of apartment. And this time really. And it may have been a surprise. And people who please park. Look there are extraordinary. Period he's now we'll work. Until we call you'll. We'll bring balance. All thought that the mayor. Here. CNN us AZ here. And city. Period. There's a scene into the mind. Oh. It is a risk here is happening while we're here today. It just brought. Usually. Well it is great hall. A protecting citizens. It's a scene where it is goals always Jesus and he's being instruction it and regarding. What is that he. What is it be great. And shows them how to do it is. About getting off their feet. Seen. Or he's really showing him how often be leaders. Have to be great. Bob Watson. Their feet. By sir. You would think that is that is that he radiator is. We'll it's people out there beauty. Had a lot of people around. I don't start. But the law it is very. On Brady's. We'll deserve. All visited. Visions are. US navy. It up beautiful. And what's his arsenal to the media's take away from war. What he's saying about what certain about it its current. Think about losses one's destiny stinky Pete. Residents per. He will act. Good do just moments of watch their feet. To show what Miller visual. Serving others. Is not this city. All live service. Well sir you. But I wanted to that he. And what's not personal. Venom being willing. To give your life. In your service. That's the example here. That the ultimate sacrifice and giving your life is our home. To senator. In a personal way. Can't wait where. You're not only did repeat here. It's a very good guy yes all the words within the body language that the battle. If you haven't I love. All right if you mayhem. Hello Cleveland brass. Insanity samples. It means nothing. If the New York service. You don't happen. But the police if not more important and it didn't he is not more important. The little song was not more important than. I personally. Know some of the other. Especially right. Handed. Delude reservists. In the wrong way. If they don't have love. Nobody does that happen. Dark blue star. If fans vs the world cup of coffee west of Baghdad the united Kyle that's still the drop. A LL have been. Left open it just amaze me. The number of those and it takes to be along with a recap everything that happened instead is that it is accurate. But it had not alone will delivering police. They literally counting what happened. Doesn't matter. It looked through countless use firearms. Academy in. Hilton in Baghdad. Appreciate it. But if you wish we need Iraq. The need. We we don't want to sacrifice our lives. In each won't come home fan. If you wouldn't even bread and make this. We missed its. We missed our. For the all right. But it looks like a pet it's. It's there. Are sacrificed if this show. He's ready. What do you mean. I love. To love what I love. Not what we do matters. If we can't be done. How the equinox day. Our relationship whip these out. Hey can we reconcile. The military sources here Leon Rosenberg with zawahiri recently had a room. And the songs without reconciling. To combat terrorism. A man. So god. Who has seen it. Say what are you. In the debate. Is will drop. Down service to our community. It. As I hope now. Is that sacrificing. But rest. Please. Took from me. Rebel room service me. Suburban community. Police officers had nothing left to mediate. In the service. Brother lives. It's never had to sacrifice. What happens after a bachelor's and I love. Real this time. Press really. Remember your roots. That's not the question here today. At first and again the community. Christmas including. The request it is. Really love. Do restless intact. For relief even win. That's. Anyhow I'm rooting him sir. You're okay. We're throwing it. We're lucky. Are affectionately know things. Would very familiar to. You don't see there. You know it's good news tonight's roll over I had nothing he. I'll reserve. We heard it was our. Services. For all. In the ground. It means nothing. All right thank each of you for being here. It is rarely lets up today. We're hurt we're grieving the Spanish hurt. His family history. We don't know. If you support us. And his family to know. That we support. God bless the visual. Could ripple. A gutsy. And we'll see you again.

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{"duration":"10:30","description":"A funeral for slain Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarippa was held Saturday at the Wilkerson-Greines Athletic Complex in Fort Worth, Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"40635550","title":"Funeral for Slain Dallas Police Officer Patrick Zamarripa","url":"/US/video/funeral-slain-dallas-police-officer-patrick-zamarripa-40635550"}