Web Users Laugh, GOP Groans Over Obama Funny or Die Video

Press secretary Jay Carney says the "Between Two Ferns" interview with Zach Galifianakis increased 'Obamacare' exposure to young people.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for Web Users Laugh, GOP Groans Over Obama Funny or Die Video
This is a special group. America fair -- when I heard bit like people actually watch this show -- I was actually produce brush. Hi welcome to another edition of between two ferns you know Zach Galifianakis. And -- -- is. -- -- President Barack Obama could be what you. President Obama they are taking a seat between two -- and actor comedian host Zach Galifianakis. Mr. Obama taking his lumps and sending a few back at the interviewer all of that in the service of promoting obamacare to funny -- -- younger audience. A -- when I'm Michelle Franzen a new York at this ABC news digital special report. Taking his message viral the president -- -- obamacare today as the deadline nears to get the uninsured especially young people signed up. For more on this viral video of the president and -- health care push I want to bring an ABC's Jim -- the White House Jim. Thanks for joining announced -- at the briefing today US Jay -- about this why did this medium and what the White House hope this video would accomplish here's some of his response. The president's interview. With. Zach Galifianakis on between two -- was designed to reach. Americans. Where they live and you know they watch the show in huge numbers I think the average video -- something like six million views. No so far how successful push to the health care site was. Well -- White House release some sort of a -- numbers they're saying that. Men as many as three million visitors. To the health -- dot gov website can be tied. To the into this -- -- comedy interview. There were some questions. -- -- to Jay -- as you heard. About whether or not in fact I asked him whether united jeopardize the dignity of the office to have the president in this interview like no other. For those who haven't seen it it's it's a video that. There's not really an interview it's more scripted reality claim there was a lot of -- living going on. But there were some. Some jokes about the president there were some jokes about the office. The president himself. Really was focused on delivering this health -- dot -- message but it was entertaining. And what the White House is saying is. That -- -- they can no longer depend just upon the news at 630 just upon the newspapers is about the morning programs that there's a segment of the audience that they're trying to reach. In fact the segment a segment of the population of the United States. Mostly young people who don't watch those things. Who do watch. YouTube and watch comedy shows and watch. Funny or Die and that's where they're trying to do. To reach and that it was worth the risk of but somehow jeopardize in the dignity of the White House. And yes entertaining also getting some controversy to let's watch another exchange between the president and the comedian both giving as good as they got. I have to know what is it like to be the last black president. Seriously. What's it like. For this to be the last time we ever talked to a pretty much kind of stink though that you can't run you know three times you know actually I think it's good idea. It fired rather them be sort of like doing -- third angle. Didn't really work out very well. Now I have to say that I've seen this show before -- Some of the episodes of -- little bit better in this bill for example the one we're Bradley Cooper that was a great Ireland. He's got to carry that we've been. Which was -- confusion. Those those hangover -- He basically carried them and prevent those Bradley good for had a good looking. Via -- that Hollywood that's easy. Paul has meant to be short fat and smell like -- and try to make Hollywood. And -- we want to play that clip of your question asking. -- and asking -- perhaps -- this did -- the dignity of the office here was his response. We're. Constantly looking it. Different ways to. Reach. Americans. Who don't necessarily get information about health care not from evening news broadcasts are from the newspapers. But. Who might. Either. -- watch. The town hall we did last week with. Spanish language. Networks or -- Funny or Die or watch. Some of the other things we've done -- and -- and the interview that we're doing. And can get the information they need or at least get motivated to. Find information they need to decide whether or not they're going to enroll this purposeful was presidency anyway presence. Damaged. It's. Obvious we obviously. Assess opportunities that we have. And and you know look at whether or not they're going to be successful and and wise I think we. Made the right call here. Did the president know. The questions that we're going to be asked. He was comedy team that was that's what was this an actual interview published no problems. I think we knew that. There would be an opportunity talk about health care act as the president says and that's why he was doing and and you know sort of loosely. What the interview might look like but there's a lot of that living in -- there it. I'd like I don't get into you know you can ask Funny or Die people I can tell you there's a lot of that -- And of course you know why there wasn't much concern it seems in the moment of doing that -- -- -- but what about. Afterwards and what they're hearing or is there just a more serious issue about getting to the bottom line and getting that young people signed up for health care. Well Jay Carney has said that they're pleased in fact if they're ecstatic about what's going on at this -- that this video is actually gone viral into the very people. That they need you know. The White House is a very concerned about millennial young people signing up for health care for the obamacare. Through health -- dot gov. And they haven't in large numbers until now traditionally. According to what the White House has been saying is that young people come to the table late. And of course the deadline is march 31 it's getting to be late and what they're putting a big push right now and young people to sign up for health care dot. And they believe that this was a huge success in reaching the exact people that they wanted to reach and that any kind of balancing was done. But they balance the risk of a damaging the president's in any way -- -- making light of the presidency verses effectiveness and they believe that effectiveness. -- -- and it seems that even via the web site Funny or Die also had a direct link to the health -- dot gov on the page but that video. Is there any sense of do we know if there's been more activity as a result of people signing up -- we just don't have those figures yet. While the White House says as eminently that as of this morning there were three million links. From a funny Funny or Die too. -- health care dot gov site and that's what they're touting and that's what they think is. It is very effective about this that the numbers about comical actually signed up because of it. Who are different and won't be known until after march 31. There will be some new numbers coming out today about obamacare. Around 4 o'clock in the afternoon Wednesday. With -- press. Call. We -- With the folks who running the actual obamacare site. They will tell us the numbers from February but not yet of course from march so we'll get an update on -- but at the bottom line is the White House believes. That despite the risk and despite some criticism mostly from the right the people who don't like President Obama anyway who called the who are calling this all over the all over the Internet they're calling this inappropriate. This interview. That all over the Internet they're saying that but the White House is saying you know what that that's just noise -- counts is results and they believe this is -- -- ABC's Jim Ottawa at the White House thank you for joining us we'll look forward to those figures later on today you can keep up with the story all the reaction in real time by downloading the ABC news out. And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York this is an ABC news digital special report. I'm gonna presents I don't accept these. Thanks for of the interview and thanks for letting me shoot my national hear all these years. You've been shooting these these show us here in the diplomatic -- Who gave permission to do that. Seriously who gave him clearance.

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{"id":22864825,"title":"Web Users Laugh, GOP Groans Over Obama Funny or Die Video","duration":"3:00","description":"Press secretary Jay Carney says the \"Between Two Ferns\" interview with Zach Galifianakis increased 'Obamacare' exposure to young people.","url":"/US/video/funny-die-president-obama-appears-ferns-push-obamacare-22864825","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}