Furloughed Coast Guard worker speaks out on challenges of not getting paid

Candice Nesbitt discusses the realities of the government shutdown, and the effect it's had on her special needs grandson.
4:49 | 01/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Furloughed Coast Guard worker speaks out on challenges of not getting paid
The government here are still partially shut down or. 270000. Federal workers today. Not getting their first paycheck and of course the big one. The US Coast Guard today for the first time ever. Becomes the only military service branch not to be paid. During the federal government shut down 53000. Coast Guard workers that's a big one a lot of them deployed around the world about wanna bring bring in one of those workers now Candace Nesbitt joins us you're in a briefing room live from Virginia Beach, Virginia Candace. Thank you so much a navy veteran and now a civilian administrative assistant at the at the Coast Guard think so much for being here. Do you give us your reaction today to to this milestone of the Coast Guard workers not getting paid what. When you've been hearing from your colleagues that the due at the department. Well they've been chicken in every day on sin and those emails soon. Let us know that we are still thought about us. And X you know there hasn't been any changes. One. It's pretty devastating and down are wary about summer the the military. Low ranking military you know try to get through during this time. An a Candice what. What's the financial impact been for you so far. Obviously your last paycheck I think is that the end of last month. But tell us how you've been going coping and how difficult it's been financially. Well it's pretty difficult. A year ago I just took this position contrary. I had been unemployed for four months and I got the position. To the 20000 dollar pay cut com just sold it acted. You'll get into the federal don't mean it has something a little bit what's secure. So this has really com. Dug in deep. Just aren't close and are credited yesterday. Suit charted. You know. Some get some assistance. And done. Luckily I had my theme here that girls or mean. If there's anything I need. Trains packed called me suits you know ask if there's anything that they did to inform me so com. It sent it it's difficult don't say. Except it because. I'm cheering for my special needs grandson in the an arm. It's is is going to be just grow here next couple weeks. Is gone a long won't yeah. He had it does seem like this is going to be very unfair for our good day Candace tell us. Tell us your your view of what you think policymakers should do you know there are at odds over funding. Forbid for the president's demand for border wall. We we've been talking to a lot of people affected by the shut down do you think that that there needs to be a compromise here do you do you have a position on the wall yourself. Though I didn't have my own position on the wall not only. And political views. And I disbelief saying you know he should be agents come together and. I hash this out make some decisions angled forward com. I'm not a thing. The amount of money needed to construct a war period. I am in favor of the opening opening me and then have. Eagles those conversations. In knots you know affecting these people to its own is gonna practice for a long time. And that really just ask you the president says that people like yourself whether you feel supportive of the wall on the amount they are not. I do agree with him that the situation at the border is a crisis do you is that a fair statement does that apply do you do you see a crisis of the border right now. No this does that doesn't apply to me it's a crisis. Is that prices. You look at them on the G-8. Sit. Accidentally gotten out because. Some mortgages that they. You still teens have it's Norman table. The cat is looking real slow and ends I just don't think. He's facing reality isn't. It's okay candidates knows that thanks for sharing your view good luck to you and to the rest of the Coast Guard. Now working today. Without pay for the first time than any shutdown 53000 Coast Guard workers are on duty Candace has been thank you.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Candice Nesbitt discusses the realities of the government shutdown, and the effect it's had on her special needs grandson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60402902","title":"Furloughed Coast Guard worker speaks out on challenges of not getting paid","url":"/US/video/furloughed-coast-guard-worker-speaks-challenges-paid-60402902"}