Furloughed Workers' Words for Washington

People across America are on furlough because of what's not being done in Washington.
1:11 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Furloughed Workers' Words for Washington
Remember they're protect people help here. -- -- year old woman who knew you were lonely and cooler heads will unveil new somewhere north of here -- So that they can address this issue because we have people. Who are living paycheck to paycheck and that Paychex dot com and I think experience -- -- -- -- -- for your family. I -- I'm fresh -- how do you get gas here vaccines so many hundreds and thousands of families. You realize you cannot can -- decision. And they could not get close. You are bombing here it's so now they're saying well it's. Right -- Harry Reid. It was fun loving her dead on arrival and you -- -- -- them all sides -- -- our -- a lot of people upset. We're absolutely. American now. So you don't reward program and don't give playing games knowing your game -- -- assistance plan without Iraq. We can't spend any money would now -- in anyway. Any compromise -- and not something that you know they send out word -- through around an academy --

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{"id":20447259,"title":"Furloughed Workers' Words for Washington","duration":"1:11","description":"People across America are on furlough because of what's not being done in Washington.","url":"/US/video/furloughed-workers-words-washington-20447259","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}