The future of policing in America

Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce, and member of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance, Marq Claxton, discuss policing in America after the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.
6:16 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for The future of policing in America
May this national discussion on the future policing a group of bipartisan lawmakers. Are also not trying to craft a compromise on the capital to get the George Floyd justice and policing act passed the senate. Former NYPD chief of detectives Bob boys mark Claxton retired NYPD detective now with the black law enforcement alliance are here for more on this topic thank you both. For being here I want to start by just first getting your thoughts on the conversation. That we just heard mark what stood out to you from some of those suggestions made. What stood out to me is that it get a group of professionals Lou really discussing. How to go about re imagining police. Reallocate resource is enhanced. Community relationships. Developing programs outside of traditional. Police in response is for non. Traditional. The incidents he utilization of mental health professionals. They spoke about Boys and Girls Club so what's the just thing is that you have that in the practitioners to professional practitioners. Telling you that a re imagination does Marilyn possible. But necessary. And and mark I'm curious this is a discussion had it with higher ups in these departments and and they know they're on television having this conversation. What happens behind closed doors when officers are talking about everything that's going on how did those conversations sound. But the conversation sounds just like the conversation is just sort of explain the difference is that too often what happens is new you can toxicity. Within the policing culture. Tries desperately to quell those conversations seem suited to really push back. Against the idea. Of reform changing. Of the involvement. That's wind we have the opposition is not necessarily from the practitioners of professionals. I think it is from the unions and those people would interest in maintaining the status quo which is has proven to be so effective. And Bob I'd love your take on that and also I wonder with so much attention on Derek showman is guilty verdict. Could this be an opportunity to improve things hacking police take advantage of that. Are they got a guy is going to be able to value I think we see now is that what happens elsewhere around the country affects us here here in new York and also everywhere. So what happens at Minneapolis. What's happens in Aurora Colorado is sex us is how people deem how they look at risk. I long held that we need actual standards across the across the nation so these things we see something they make sense and Ali. 22. To Austin policing but also civilians as well this he was topic. All leases it is are terrible. But the fact of matter is there's a lot more work police do a good job of these things. So look at expanding concept to deliberate jobless you can lose a portion of talking about a total transparency and accountability to these things are important. I dig these two bills towards him a crucial cross to go forward. And I think the one of the house George Floyd just spilled. Policing and also the justice a ten Scott the senate. I. So Austin Scott has put forward right don't see the did some great things in the George Floyd blew bill nobody should be don't show calls anywhere in this country makes no sense to me at all. And Bob Hope racial profiling get everybody. Bodies body cam so it's sort of increases transparency these things make sense. President has called for May 25 44 coming together of all bull or support should be to compost this legislation it needs to get done. And mark of course these problems don't apply specifically to people of color exclusively to people of color but we do talk a lot. About systemic racism not just in policing. But in everyday lives so if this is something that's so ingrained in our culture how do you change that among police. You changed your virus. Appreciate the dynamic in the paradigm in which these professionals operating and you. You do that of course legislation is a minor part of back. But more or less addressing and dealing with the and acknowledging the culture that exists and and I have to go back to that it because it's important for people to realize. We have submit to get his substance of legislation on the books. We have been each department. Some friends and if it rules and regulations. For example choke holds. Advantage locals excerpt but NC gives it a point where. You kind of mediate or resolve the conflict between toxic culture and legislation or rules or regulations. You find yourself in this constant babble. And these states is far past aren't that we begin soon really had always open arms discussions about the role that raised please. In policing in the criminal justice system and then take steps to move forward. And the last point is. Justice and policing act maybe of us are very supporter didn't stop and assertive aggressive present these to be. But I think. Portables are people who strongly believe that this should be local negotiation from that position because it's not a farm going. So go liberal progressive minded Billiton is. At any negotiation just weakens it. A Bobbie most police officers are honest hard working people so what can be done to make it easier. For adventure report people breaking the rules without being targeted themselves. Well isn't only CB doing bad for us all reorganization should have a mechanism. In place to track and monitor problematic courses and then terminate Deb Richard can't get creature and our Barack. Few and they should be held accountable towards. Another big issue is what our job. We were taught to stop or order from four losing used to blow hard who weren't there's going to be. That's underway now which should have been part of a long while I'm it hasn't been. So we see now we want people will cause they will be held accountable if they don't. So most sings we go a long way to to change the culture is as marks and he's been charged. He speed you need to be Cowell towards these actions. I'm Bob boys mark Claxton it's always great to have you both thank you for being here.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce, and member of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance, Marq Claxton, discuss policing in America after the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77464728","title":"The future of policing in America","url":"/US/video/future-policing-america-77464728"}