Gator Expert Says Resort Attack Was a 'Perfect Storm'

Gatorland's Tim Williams described the dangers these reptiles pose when "you're in their home."
2:50 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for Gator Expert Says Resort Attack Was a 'Perfect Storm'
Tell us a little bit about the nature these animals I mean because here we are on a lake this is very similar to what you have there. In Disney. What's the nature of these is this little boy was right there. Yeah it alligators are still animals it was night time when they might want bigger splash in in the water. A small. Object and easy target and is kind of almost like a perfect storm very unfortunate. Do you think that Gator had any idea that it was human or it just doesn't. Not a I don't think alligators make any difference between human and rectum. Possible. They don't think that way they just think it's an easy opportunity programs could have been an adult that necessarily have these small child. But it's you're in their environment their home. And they know how to him so. They say that here in Florida and just recently for audio books. Indicate. As strippers fresher Breck east of probably albeit Gator. And a lot a lot of simple things can be done figure out there's gators there will pen like that that we have big flashlight to penalize. What's start getting dark shot an ally on the war if you seek to read Bob's this alligator in gators president. They've made obvious threat at this time a year they've gone through the mating season looking for nesting sites it's warm reptiles to get more active more movement. And so they're out funny looking forward their territory protecting their territory. Com and it's a dangerous animal. When you're looking at these gators that are just about everywhere the Disney World property. It's in many ways to preserve because they're so much wildlife there are some of what went there is so is there any way to really prevent them. Not really because they can time chain link fence as they dig holes getting culvert pipes and drainage ditches. They move wherever they get everywhere. This the is very diligent in trying to make their properties as safe as they can. All it that's what they do. If WC for a wildlife commission works very very strongly with all the parks and attractions. And helping them out they have trapping programs to remove animals that problem. All of these agencies work very hard trying to prevent. And an incident like this Mercury. And we are looking a place like Disney you just wouldn't expect an alligator to be especially now someone who's not from lord. No you wouldn't you think it probably. Shouldn't happen but it's a body of war it's an flawed. The odds are they could it could happen alligators range wholesome girl. South through all floor west Texas there's millions. And we just need to do you Wear.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Gatorland's Tim Williams described the dangers these reptiles pose when \"you're in their home.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39881881","title":"Gator Expert Says Resort Attack Was a 'Perfect Storm'","url":"/US/video/gator-expert-resort-attack-perfect-storm-39881881"}