Gay Couple Married in 9 States Reacts to DOMA Ruling

Pat Dwyer, Stephen Mosher plan to marry in California based on the high court's ruling.
4:27 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Gay Couple Married in 9 States Reacts to DOMA Ruling
We completely and totally excited about the decision -- pundits are definite group or equality and trust personally -- old -- okay. You know government being overturned because we we are recognized by the federal government but we live -- we live and inequality state. As of our marriage is now recognized by the equipment and it will be able to. Live at ordinary couple in the eyes of federal. As long as there are -- all states our journey is going to continue an elegy -- romantic certainly believe exactly. And you know we were recently married in Maryland and -- -- -- planning our next six wedding trips so. We're going to continue until it's all you know -- all fifty states in. -- We are currently legally married in eight states have now. Oh not yet some sort nine aka the Maryland -- And now because California will see your room. Same sex marriages -- -- -- -- they're real gopac's that leaves us six more. Straight to travel to it's going to be kind of like -- likable. Come on aged at all -- UN adjudicated by -- about Parker. I absolutely determined that direction but more -- according to I think it would what's going to happen it's -- tables and become incidental. We're just talking about. People here just talking about love here and -- -- you know gay or straight getting married is an incidental to life just like -- sexual. Identity is an insubstantial to your life. Actually. I -- -- king a little pessimistic. And so I was thinking it wouldn't happen but my cousin trapped actually called -- Perfectly -- of the two what's going to happen mark and indeed that's what happened and that's why he's the Smart one and I'm the pretty 10. How did I know. You know I just had an instinct that the court as it stands now was not going to -- the court to move us all the way towards equality that they would find. The -- as narrowly as they could. I I felt pretty certain that they would overturned. Section three of -- you know that they would kick. -- -- -- mistake and say you know boardwalk decisions -- Well the reaction to -- -- -- which is available on iTunes doesn't district a low compared to. Good really overwhelmingly positive. Towards us becomes ingrained -- used -- In terms of impact overall took more people she -- And the more people understand our advocacy. All on this issue and and the fact that. You know there there's still inequality going audio the difference between the equality and and inequality is equality is not confused. Well actually it's after 27 year together their -- -- -- Stanley well we. You got did you chants of we understood that it was my partner in life. And it wasn't until we started doing the wedding that my father stepped up -- said. I understand future partner extraction that your partner but I do not accept gays marrying she. And that was an obstacle in the wedding -- it was not in the movie. But she you know cost could come up and last week how to ask yourself am I willing to roll with a four. Yeah who am I going to be satisfied -- this person is no opera part of my life. And it's my father and I'm not quite satisfied she's not accede to like -- compromise. RI QQ this is a victory I think everyone should view this -- a victory sure that anything that moves this country can -- -- more evolved date. Equality -- a victory look at art history you know look at the suffrage movement look at the civil rights movement look at defendants and movement. Anything that makes all people in this country. -- -- -- -- -- But equal is a victory. Well. I want to go to war I'll take pictures but later tonight I think we've got -- friends come -- we're gonna make waffles and -- which is up. Yeah because that's just the thing a couple of gay got lot of people or New York gay pride right. Let up on carts and -- that order Jim. -- that would go to the gym to compute Mort and and I.

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{"id":19497236,"title":"Gay Couple Married in 9 States Reacts to DOMA Ruling","duration":"4:27","description":"Pat Dwyer, Stephen Mosher plan to marry in California based on the high court's ruling.","url":"/US/video/gay-couple-married-in-9-states-reacts-to-doma-ruling-19497236","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}