Gay Plaintiffs Claim 'Great Day' at Supreme Court

High court upholds ruling that struck down California?s Prop 8 ballot initiative.
5:32 | 06/26/13

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Transcript for Gay Plaintiffs Claim 'Great Day' at Supreme Court
Today is a great day. For American children and families sandy and I want to say how happy we are not only. To be able to return to California. And finally get married. But to be able to -- the children in California no matter where you live no matter who you pick your parents are no matter what family -- and you are equal. You are as good as your friends' parents. And it's your friends we believe from the very beginning that the importance of this case was to send a message to the children of this country. That you are just as good. As everybody else no matter who you love no matter who your parents -- And today we can go back to California and -- our own children all floor of our boys. Your family is just as good as everybody else's family. We love you as much as anybody else's parents love their can't. Heads and we're gonna be -- -- now we will be married and we will be equal to every other family in California. Thank you. Also think thank you so I'll let you thank you are supporters thank you -- aren't -- -- The constitution and the thank you just got this that was today in this -- president -- -- thanked the justices are overturning don't that's so. Awesome -- families. And -- thanked the justices let us get Redding California but that's -- It's Scott nationwide we. That's not yet but it's about instant access and it's about kids everywhere lately Billy Watson. Take despite it take it all the way and get equality every -- in this entire country thank you all it's been a pleasure and an honor to represent you. Okay. Who live here and Jeff -- and -- -- I'm. -- of plaintiffs in the case. And I don't need these things. Our desire to do something. And get involved in this case to be plaintiffs was very important us. Perry changed the conversation. It altered the game they created a ground -- of momentum. And passion that brought us here to the Supreme Court today. Today the court said that I am more equal that we are more equal. Our love is just like our parents and our grandparents and that any chosen that we may have in the future -- be more secure. I look forward to growing old with the man I love. Our desire to marry has only deepens the last four years as has our loving commitments -- one another. We look forward to using the words married. And husband because those words do matter they are important. I said it in my testimony in court if they learn important we wouldn't be standing here today. I'd like to give special thanks to Ted and David. And the entire legal team but Ted and David specifically. Because their passion for equality is only trumped by the size of their heart. Elected -- -- -- for taking this ride with us to judge Griffin for is amazing strategic. Vision. Adam -- made during the entire team at the American foundation for equal rights. And for the support that we have received from countless people that we don't even know. But who will benefit just this profoundly from this ruling today thank you very much -- a great day to be an American. -- I'm not sure I can add anything after those three great statements -- including our amazing lawyer. You know today's a great day we. We -- this building -- we always see those words. Equal justice under the law. And today we're closer to that equality and were lucky. And we know that the fight continues across this country we cannot forget our LG BT Brothers and sisters that are states that still discriminate against them and we will not allow it. We will continue to fight until all of us are equal. In a prop eight did one thing and really helped us turn anger into action. It led to the foundation equals American foundation for equal rights it led to this case into today's victory is well. And we stand on the shoulders of so many people that came before us people that risked their lives to stand up and be who they are. They gave us the legs to stand up on today they gave us the momentum to -- -- then their voice to speak loudly and say. -- that we are -- We are American. And we will not be treated like second class citizens. So. Although we celebrate today. Hello we celebrate today we work to make sure that everyone like Jeff and I Christie -- -- we just want to get married because that's the natural next step in our relationship. We want to join the institution of marriage not to take anything away but to strengthen it. It's -- live up to its ideals. So today's a good day. Today finally get to look. At the -- -- but I love. And finally say what you please bury me.

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{"id":19494561,"title":"Gay Plaintiffs Claim 'Great Day' at Supreme Court","duration":"5:32","description":"High court upholds ruling that struck down California?s Prop 8 ballot initiative.","url":"/US/video/gay-plaintiffs-claim-great-day-at-supreme-court-19494561","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}