George H. W. Bush Celebrates His Birthday by Skydiving

The 90-year-old former president made good on a promise he made two years ago amid recent health concerns.
9:14 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for George H. W. Bush Celebrates His Birthday by Skydiving
And we decide lives there former president George H. W. Bush celebrating his ninetieth birthday. In high style that right there -- parachute jump in the skies over the bush -- -- in Kennebunkport Maine. Making good on the promise that he may two years ago when he's that he's gonna celebrate his ninetieth birthday by skydiving and he did that just in flare. As he did on seventy fit his eightieth and his 85 birthdays as well. This perhaps though his last adventure in the skies over president counting this as his eighth parachute jump the first. Back in September 2 1944 when the Japanese -- on his fighter plane over the Pacific. Everyone I'm -- -- -- in New York with this developing story on this Thursday in -- very happy to you mr. happy birthday to you Mr. President that wanna bring -- -- -- from our ABC affiliate W -- W where. In the year at the site in Maine where the president just jumped. That's -- -- and I wouldn't rule out another jump from this man he's done so many in the past. There was a huge crowd gathered here along the coast here in Kennebunkport and -- literally jumped out right above our heads you could see him step out. Onto the railing and then take the jump and he cut it to the long. Scenic route all the way down to the landing spot which is just behind me he had several hundred. Family friends gathered there are some townspeople as well. In a private event to welcome him back onto the ground but it is exciting there -- a couple of other veterans who also jumped. A little bit before him and we could really tell which one was the president until that parachute opened out and it was a big red white and blue. Perry issued every one here on the ground is cheering they all had a very special connection with the bush family and so. Everybody here in Kennebunkport is celebrating a little bit today on his ninetieth birthday Dan. And what's amazing about this is that this was kept under wraps was it not. It was we found out actually on -- way into work at about 8 o'clock this morning. That he was going to be doing this job and so. As word kind of spread around town and on social media and that's what had caused some of the people -- Come out here and gathered and he is ninety years old and so a lot of people where were a little surprised -- is going to be doing this. But in in true bush senior fashion and he did it. And I hear he had a little bit of abruptly -- but he made it out okay. And I I wouldn't be surprised once again if he actually did this again and the just a couple of hours from now and have ninety birthday cakes to celebrate along with him. Ads were watching the video player you can see almost dead on I'm hitting the mark there -- very impressive and and it certainly knows his way around a parachute. Back in 2009 that was his 85 birthday celebration. And he tweeted this out though this morning essentially because it -- to -- to get kind of everyone just a brief window -- heads up because apparently there could over the possibility. If weather didn't cooperate that they were -- the caught up at the last minute. Right will the weather out here has been a little bit cold it's been a little bit rainy this morning and it wasn't very windy. But that didn't stop them he was doing this with former members said that US army golden knights they knew what they were doing they did a couple of practice jumps. A little bit earlier before he took on his jump as well and so. They are out well rehearsed well trained and it went off without a hitch and I could see our camera was at a a perfect distance to be able to see. Former First Lady Barbara Bush very exciting clapping and cheering as he landed in so there are a lot of smiles all -- -- That the former First Lady just celebrated her own -- they -- June 8 as well. The the president of the former president is suffering from parkinson's. Confined to a wheelchair we saw in that video as he was hitting his mark there that we that your being. Rolled up to as everyone was rushing in there to greet -- and in which from a big congratulations. But they are both big icons in the community there. Absolutely in fact I was talking to Stanley just the other the other day -- was positively impacted by that. Barbara Bush Children's Hospital that is here in Maine they do a lot of work. And a lot of it isn't when the cameras are just around they -- meet with families they do different things in the community and sell. Politics aside every one here he embraces the bush family and that's why there were some local businesses that were shut down. I just for this jump when they heard the -- that he is going to be doing this that they could all come out. And witness this event because it is a little piece of history it's not every -- the president at ninety years old decides to you. Jump out of a plane are out of the helicopter rather right here in your own backyard and so on this community is very connected to the bush family and will be for many years to come. W emptied -- -- -- -- in Kennebunkport Maine with big celebration at Lindsey thanks so much appreciated I wanna go to Washington DC now where ABC's David -- as saying by -- it really is amazing thing about this the president. -- a buddy you're a half ago and yet there is jumping out of a helicopter at ninety. Seriously ill. And was in the hospital for quite some time and many people were worried about his health but he is recovered a bit to and you know you promised a couple of years ago before he. Had that illness stand that he was had another jump in in that ninety's and now he's accomplished -- its. Really -- remarkable feat. That day he was able to carry this out one more time he's it says something about his spirit. It is also an honor obviously for those that were able to jump make that tandem jump along side right I mean. Some some pretty good game for the president's tandem jumping -- it right. Well as the reporter on the scene suggested these are is really veteran. Parachutists suited for a -- in the army and are retired now and yes a great honor for them. -- we sought five years ago when he did the tandem jump as well using some of the former golden knights. And -- strapped in together and then. What what's -- -- if you watch the renovated so I'm sure the guy who's at the controls asked the president the very end please. Raise your legs he couldn't raise -- quite as much now because this parkinson's has taken that controlled his legs away so. And that make a kind of a special landing this time -- look at five years ago a -- the president -- legs as they came in for the landing it's a little bit. Harder to see in this shot today but stated we're able to get -- the ground get him back in the wheelchair and up to the compound where it 200. Family and friends are there to celebrate the president's ninetieth birthday tonight with a big party. Is interest it is fascinating tool to watch the video to see. It is not once not twice but three times now four times that he is celebrating his birthday in this very dramatic fashion. You know an end and that Lindsay had eluded to this -- Kennebunkport that in fact you never know what the future may hold that mean he certainly at nine he has the spirit to go on him believe in fact -- you know what. Maybe anything is possible. -- city had one more at -- -- he's taking care of that will see. Be introduced here folks. Ask him tonight at the party whether he's got another -- -- -- or not but I think he was happy to do what he said he was gonna do which was to jump on his ninetieth and it's quite a -- for all of us to rejoice and revel in and see a former president still able to do something that he loved so much that was about four minutes of just. Coming down from that helicopter and floating down back to. Kennebunkport that David the big question is was he -- some crazy while colorful socks on that job that's the big thing right. Yeah he is that he he is pretty remarkable the Sox and we consider the winds to -- reaction prone area here and I'm guessing -- -- on he loves. He loves to Wear those wacky Sox absolutely. Rice played a bright spirit of rights celebration -- an event bunk bunk bunk port Maine David -- Washington DC David thanks so much appreciated and happy for that to the president exactly and certainly it is and a reminder that you can keep up with the president's ninetieth birthday celebration in real time by downloading ABC news -- -- -- -- for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm -- that's -- New York.

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{"duration":"9:14","description":"The 90-year-old former president made good on a promise he made two years ago amid recent health concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"24107595","title":"George H. W. Bush Celebrates His Birthday by Skydiving","url":"/US/video/george-bush-president-celebrates-birthday-skydiving-24107595"}