George Zimmerman Murder Trial

Judge says jury may consider manslaughter charge.
8:43 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Murder Trial
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm tiger -- is in New York with an ABC news digital special report on the George -- trial were closing arguments are under way. Leak prosecutor Bernie Hillary on that is on an aggressive attack against George Zimmermann. He lashed out calling George Zimmermann a liar a wanna be cop who racially profile -- unmarked -- and then took a lot into his own hands. Closing argument came after some fireworks in the courtroom over the prosecution pushing for lesser charges. He's -- Gonzales has been watching it all happened at the courthouse in Sanford Florida she joins us now. More -- the prosecution just finished his arguments where do we stand now. That's right High Court is now in recess for the night the prosecution spent more than two hours wrapping up their case for the jury. A teenager. Is dead. Closing arguments now underway in the George -- murder trial the state making a final effort to convince the jury that Zimmerman shot and killed rave on -- because he wanted to know -- -- people are. More tool. -- one. Prosecutor Bernie Hillary on to trying to -- heart strings of the six win who will decide governments say this is one of the last -- news. That will ever be taken. Treat them more because of the actions of one individual. George sliver. The defense maintained that. Government acted in self defense and we'll try to get the jury to acquit and -- this courtroom believing Zimmerman killed Martin because he was being attacked was badly hurt. And had to issue -- government has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder but the jury will now have another option to convict him of manslaughter the hearing over whether or not to allow the jury to consider lesser charges. Heated this morning -- the prosecution requested the addition of a third degree murder charge. Basing it on the -- that they're earning committing child abuse by killing a seventeen year old the judge denying the motion after the defense. Fiercely fought back. Just one. I thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre. The state is seeking third degree murder based child abuse. As the case winds down police are on standby prepared for any potential problems once the verdict is read. And the defense will present their closing arguments in the morning the jury is expected. Two big -- deliberations. Tomorrow afternoon. -- all right Martin is that an indication of how long we expect the defense closing -- last. What the judge gave each -- three hours for closing arguments so the defense could go up to 3 hours in the morning the state. Would then have up to -- -- -- were rebuttal. Then the jury will hear their instructions and then at that point they will be able to begin deliberations. -- all right -- Gonzales live in Sanford Florida thank you for that report and our team coverage will continue now ABC's Aaron -- he also outside the courthouse. Aaron you've been watching the prosecution's closing arguments he has been described as passionate -- -- day. Well I think he's heard prosecutor Bernie Hillary on his voice rise and fall his KV shifting at times. Entirely animated skipping around the room and straddling a -- man again using PowerPoint presentations. Showing autopsy photos of -- bond market one point one juror had to look away but then. Very soft and very matter of factly saying that George Zimmermann made assumptions and those assumptions resulted in the death of a teenager. All right as we talk -- we also want to show our viewers some clips very strong moment. The -- -- -- talked about George -- taking the law. I'm sure he's yeah. People want it. And my -- is considered him and he's a little more than. -- -- police are taking too long to respond he's. -- handle it. So the prosecution portraying Zimmerman as a dangerous vigilante and -- was appointee made over and over again was that's. -- did that's an effective to the jury. Well -- the crux of the prosecution's case that George Zimmerman was a wannabe cop somebody who profiled for -- -- As somebody who was about to commit a crime. By the judge's instruction are not allowed to -- racial profiling but that was part of the subtext today even a modified Martin Luther King Jr. quote. When talking about the testimony of -- on tell the friend of -- -- -- with whom he was speaking. Just before he was shot dead. And this is the part of the case that may be -- toughest sell. To the jury because you have a second degree murder charge which requires the prosecutors to show -- -- -- mind ill will hatred and spite. Just because he made some assumptions even Bernie Hillary on the senator's closing. -- -- necessarily a crime but it's how he did it and what he was thinking about in his head that makes this second degree murder according to the state. And Aaron mention that witness Rachel John tell -- have a clip about prosecutors -- back. Her name was Rachel -- Well. This young lady. I would submit to -- is not a very sophisticated person she's not the most educated. But she's a human being she spoke especially good you know she happens to be what. Haitian or Haitian descent. And made a big deal not -- every person -- she can't unfortunately these what a team that. Did what she tell -- especially. And made her English wasn't -- Maybe her speech. -- language was a little colorful. I think she referred to -- that all attitude and referred to other phrases to describe other people. What did she speak the truth. Was Aaron is the prosecution trying to revive their key witness that did the defense do such a good job discrediting her that the prosecution really needed to get that into the jury before they going to celebrate. Maybe decide that a message being don't discredit her just because she may have been difficult to understand or use. Us form of slang that perhaps you didn't quite get. That message was did she tell the truth because. She was the star witness and described as such since she was the last person other than George -- to hear -- on Martin alive and -- testimony. That was meant to show that save on Martin actually feared. Jordan Zimmermann and why was that prosecutor Bernie Hillary on to -- because George Zimmerman in the State's view. Followed him was the one who stepped out of a car and started this entire confrontation. Might following -- on Martin. Through that neighborhood here in Sanford. And that is where the State's case really does rise and fall they're trying to forget about the fight. Which George Zimmermann says resulted in him feeling like his life was in danger. And that he tried to take the jury back to the beginning. And say it had Jordan -- even identified himself as a concerned citizen perhaps none of this would have happened. All right Aaron while the prosecution has wrapped their closing what we have on that. So the defense will -- get time tomorrow and -- the defense is expected to take as much as three hours. The prosecutors will be allowed some time for a quick rebuttal. And then the jury instructions sent here is where the case ultimately may be decided in the and how that the jury understands. The law that's before them and whether the state proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The judge is going to tell them that. About second degree murder certainly the judge is also going to tell them about manslaughter. They have options if they don't find George -- guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of second degree murder. They can consider whether he's guilty of manslaughter and that. Still carry significant prison time up to thirty years and that may be why defense attorney Mark O'Meara has been telling us. The George Zimmermann is still Laurie. Confident in his defense we're told but still worried that he could be spending a significant portion of his life in prison. -- you live now from Florida so much for joining us with that report. And -- our thanks to Marcy and solace this has been an ABC news digital special report on the George -- murder trial I anti Hernandez. This has been a special report from the.

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