George Zimmerman's Wife Apologizes for Perjury

Shellie Zimmerman's guilty plea to perjury charges will allow her to pursue a nursing career.
3:08 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman's Wife Apologizes for Perjury
Are you Shelly -- Zimmerman fits your power in this tournament when he -- -- -- school. A few years name was maybe two months away from graduating out of my registered nurse and -- Do you read write and understand English language cholesterol and -- US citizen of the United States. -- -- You're seeing if you are not a citizen entering a plea to this charge could result in you being deported from the United States what's -- anyhow. Opportunity to fully discuss your case including any possible defenses -- mayhem to the charge. With your lawyer mr. sands cholesterol very satisfied with the advice and counsel his given -- what's -- Afghanistan the maximum penalty the court can emphasize -- A lesser included if offensive misdemeanor perjury is one year in the county jail a fine of 1000 dollars about. We'll tell you understand that in addition to any -- this -- -- in the PG could be subject civil commitment including confinement. I knew what was formerly known as the Jimmy rice act of strong. Other than what's just been discussed here in open court on the record has anybody promised you anything in order to get chicken or the play. -- has -- pressure do or threatened -- coerced you enjoy digits again. Had any drugs or alcohol including any type of prescription medicine within the past 24 hours Mariano. -- -- hope for many physical or mental condition that could affect your ability to think clearly were to exercise good -- Do you feel they have a good understanding of the charge against Jim what's going on here in court this morning -- -- I've been here written plea form heavy red -- Cleveland completely. Do you understand everything -- Forbes says yes is that -- signature on Cleveland's. Yes yeah he's great -- everything in the -- form is true and correct yes. Didn't stand by entering this -- you're giving up your right to a jury trial. Yeah giving up their right to see in -- cross examine state witnesses can't stop giving up their right to call witnesses -- around and present any defenses you might have to the -- yes. -- getting at here right to appeal anything except for an illegal Laura lawful sentence. Yes she'll be giving up all of the other except -- in the written plea former U willing to give up all of those -- -- -- a factual basis for crank. With the -- For -- 2000 Torricelli. -- Which you not to be true while on the road not an official proceeding in regards to the interior matter. -- -- -- -- Specifically here. Zimmerman -- to the world. -- when she's not knowing about -- there are available to -- -- Defense stipulated called -- they said the state could establish the proper factual basis by competent evidence for purposes of this -- has now. Do you agree with the facts as stated by the cross came -- some.

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{"id":20098098,"title":"George Zimmerman's Wife Apologizes for Perjury","duration":"3:08","description":"Shellie Zimmerman's guilty plea to perjury charges will allow her to pursue a nursing career.","url":"/US/video/george-zimmermans-wife-apologizes-perjury-20098098","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}