Shocking Day in Court for Georgia Father of Toddler Killed in Hot Car

Justin Ross Harris' Internet history reveals searches for how to survive prison and childless living.
5:02 | 07/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shocking Day in Court for Georgia Father of Toddler Killed in Hot Car
The defendant arrived holdover from the evidence that you have. What do you -- pulled over it was at Akers mill people directly into home shopping center. Bill shock concerned -- -- -- in the middle of roadway. -- exit his vehicle popped open the rear door to his vehicle. He entered into the rear door. Remove Cooper from the car seat. Here recoup from the -- -- and then placed him on the pavement home next of the vehicle. He got down next to Cooper. What -- -- confirmed from law enforcement and witnesses on scene. What was the condition super. When he was -- out that. -- -- to pay -- Cooper was deceased did it and try to describe to me. How could look people that are. Needed home. As hearsay and they're talking and there are others in their face to face and they were there left alone in -- room -- and it looks at earnings like he looked peaceful. Did -- describe the mountain pass this job he said Cooper's eyes were closed. It's small it's closed and he just looked peaceful way. And in describing Powell who reload to cue -- Did the defendant say anything to you. That rock concert and once again as as we're watching their -- their reunion. After he's talking about how Cooper looked peaceful his eyes were closed and -- just you know look like sleep -- He she goes in he -- I dreaded how he would look. Credit past as in past and specifically culminating an accident on storage. June the eighteenth 2014. And -- any computers phones things the last like that the defendants. Did you uncover anything and what he was doing during that day while -- car. His have been down. Up to six different conversations with different women and appeared from them. But the message from kick mostly which is -- -- and service and is that a computer related messaging service it is. And these conversations have these females were these what what nature. The most common term -- -- sexting. -- photos being sent back and forth between these women ended and it during this day child car yes there are photos. His exposed penis erect penis being sent there are also photos of women expressed -- sent back to him. Any thing liquidity separates two Beers he left -- two months before this job that. -- DOD topics pertinent to you. This case him -- he didn't mind he did. Tell the judge about what some credit he went to pertinent to that he went to separate -- -- child free. And child free passes a people who advocate -- child free. Kate not have anymore children and two bio -- I guess that the best way -- And we went to this -- -- he actually you -- art or did he access articles in that top seeded. You know over four point 44 think about prisoner like -- it is he -- also did a search how to survive prison. Did he discuss the issue of being afraid of children his job dining car yes what -- tell you about these there was a fear -- -- -- he explained further Casey did about -- -- that he hat yet he'd reserve to watch web site's home. On this appeared to come to -- particular. Here -- let me ask you did you watch anything on television involving an advocate yes tell the judge about what he said. If you watch TV show and having kids home who had lost his child. And he's. -- that just like me alone in -- child heat related death. And -- the -- advocating for turnaround program. He was very conscious of this because. Others advocate and to turn around program -- -- practice it often. And -- analysts are for turnaround programs actually turn around make sure there are no children in the car with -- He actually he learned about how to do that that's correct and he's playing -- -- get you on that date knowing correct. He told me that now we're talking of course you know about -- -- again. And he stated that it -- another video and his video. It was -- -- in the Internet and this is interning in at face value in this video of that. Home got on there and told about. Heat related deaths. Animals. In horse and -- he can't even if you roll down windows. Down your animals perished in the car. Detective. What days you this video last according to the animation and computer corn -- examination he needed on June 13. 20145. Days child --

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{"id":24422118,"title":"Shocking Day in Court for Georgia Father of Toddler Killed in Hot Car","duration":"5:02","description":"Justin Ross Harris' Internet history reveals searches for how to survive prison and childless living.","url":"/US/video/georgia-father-toddler-killed-hot-car-shocking-day-24422118","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}