Ghost of Theodore Roosevelt Haunts the White House in Ghost Tour

ABC News' Serena Marshall and Lana Zak take the White House Ghost Tour.
6:41 | 10/28/16

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Transcript for Ghost of Theodore Roosevelt Haunts the White House in Ghost Tour
Inside the white house on his back in are giving you a tour and well of the ghosts and you're in. Like me and ferry. And you also love Halloween. In the place to be because we are getting rare access into the White House. And we are learning so much about history. And the bedroom date church you know soft hands and Lincoln and he was hunted behind him. He was saying actually was his office yet and not his actual bedroom he's not he. Now we are. You only recognizes it's when it's one of the location where. The president made a huge announcement and it's also one of the most talented areas in the White House. Just out here and I think Anthony's court cases every year. Well hello act. It it is quite unique car. This role so well. Should fall more credit than she's given to do we need remodeling and revamping of the rooms here back in my view to. Other big construction project and I think you also deserves credit for all the children that she raced. This is wrong. Mine. Kind of different little bit and I built site Warfield back on. I did. Arrange for him to be due. To the bill all little roads about. I want I gobbled thoughts that she was more than enough probable mrs. Roosevelt did one can tell you I have still feeling that hunt. I can understand there is actually wonder. People still look that sort of spirit rent on a visit the roads will children moments apparently they they got a unique. It's too. I blame a lot of one mr. tools what brings you back here today well I'd been asked to just kind of step back and take a look at please see willow who moved. The way they are I certainly do a lovely. My administration will always be going home or in mountain. BP's such false and each. You probably saw all the bust of avoid them my boots subordinate. At the entrance right over that. Analysts. The other one probably Heyman yes I was. Responsible for bringing to Washington. Restore war room was always grateful. That I kind of given him a boost of the time he was fairly. But he is an exceptional school. And so I was glad to have via the beautiful piece of art. We're in and read it this way is bella is the actual resident who has really live yet. Analytic Harry family lives as well. If only we moved in and of course. If you and the whole tour starts you'll Democrats. Are Republicans who want to smoke cigars and drink their whiskey and not be Bob children. Well we want to point to have any of that this is a whole. Why don't we mrs. Roosevelt knew that. Our children to reason to take care of them by golly we weren't going to deny them please talk. But to make us house which is America's house a real home. She used to skill and it took son's funeral because all of a sudden you have to find a place to put six children and two maids. Along with the president. And mrs. rules well. With enough space to. To allow us to live as a fan. Can ask you about it goes controversy you can all right so I know you and and your former vice president Taft had a falling out. He became president yeah. Teach you know that he heard about reports of ghosts and covered it up. No I did not know. As far as schools in the White House. Are you there were times when I would be in my office. I'd like to think that I felt he. Ramblings. The presence of Abraham Lincoln. Especially thank you pardon what Levy saying TO well this Bothell march. What he would say it but that his presence was they to help. Take you to a major decisions in the design half though it was comforting rather than scare exactly watch old. You don't have in the spooky ghost stories and quite honestly I would be supplies dipped Taft did to you simply because. Mr. towns like the plague all opening like to sleep and I don't see how life which image. Ghost. Well I mean do you understand that that there are plenty of good stories here. And we appreciate you taking the time did to share this at least. It's not a ghost. Doorman reason of being. Supported by presidents come before. Well indeed. I've had a bully time here in the White House mind coming backs into the Roosevelt had more fun together in the presidential family probably about or ever will act. So we should be on the lookout for you is what you're saying well. If the time is likened the American people or film to roll it I'm going to roll into the read. I think the third party there's a line of encouragement and appetite. I think ghost party would be kind. Well and those moves perhaps yeah. The thinking though much we really appreciate you having us and killing edited light. And we really love having me can't go upstairs actually see the real ghost of Lincoln and his bedroom. But if you can come for a public tour of the White House and they're doing this. Today and tomorrow and then publicly very hopeful Jessica people sneak up there you know after this is over. I have a presidential score that is true laid out though. But things are joining us answering a Marshall and I'm on exactly appreciate you tuning in and we appreciate the White House for bringing us. Inside the hunted. Because these stories and story that it yes Lou it means that here. Two and then the wind and it's not just to see in the IRS ago is what I heading into it's like they're our it will buy as the F upstairs right president Yeltsin had job all or any regularly real tour to organ became very sneak up.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall and Lana Zak take the White House Ghost Tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"43147452","title":"Ghost of Theodore Roosevelt Haunts the White House in Ghost Tour","url":"/US/video/ghost-theodore-roosevelt-haunts-white-house-ghost-tour-43147452"}