Giant Boulder Crashes Into California Home's Garage

Large rock, loosened from hillside by a storm, landed in woman's garage.
1:29 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Giant Boulder Crashes Into California Home's Garage
And I opened it right store couldn't see -- all but I -- -- washing machine that dumped over and is a huge gaping hole in the garage. Genial gentleman was stunned by the devastation. Her once well organized garage was ravaged the culprit left standing smack dab in the middle of -- all but thankful that god that. I didn't happen going to -- -- -- it narrow lot. Get government called 911 it would firefighters got here they found a toxic mixture of garden chemicals which turned the situation into a Hazmat scene. -- it was determined safe gentlemen and her neighbors marveled that what might have been. I was worried you know it didn't -- -- it would have -- my house or the other neighbors and we're lucky -- garage. But the garage is trashed a gaping hole in the north and with the boulder came through and -- bumped out wall on the south end. Christmas ornaments supplies and tools all crossed. Insult was added to injury forget -- when her insurance adjuster -- upsetting observation. Pieces all I have to tell you this I don't want to upset -- I have to lay in now. That this may not be covered the insurance company -- this engineer up the hill to track the boulders half. It was way up there where there are several other boulders nestled in the hills side. Neighbors say there -- only a little nervous. -- part of nature and you hope it doesn't happen and that unfortunately it did today. It is a little scary now.

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{"id":17975124,"title":"Giant Boulder Crashes Into California Home's Garage","duration":"1:29","description":"Large rock, loosened from hillside by a storm, landed in woman's garage.","url":"/US/video/giant-boulder-crashes-california-homes-garage-17975124","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}