Who Won That Giant Powerball Jackpot?

Man claiming to be new multimillionaire surfaces in New Jersey.
1:56 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for Who Won That Giant Powerball Jackpot?
Who won that giant powerball jackpot a 44 year old man showed up at a store in Passaic, New Jersey where that ticket he claimed was the winner. While the -- validated the ticket and it appears he is the new lottery multimillionaire. Eyewitness News of what apparently no -- spoke to him and his family she's in the -- with our lead story what happy family tonight. I'll -- absolutely Sade this man benefits -- -- said that he would buy lottery ticket just about every single day hoping that day. Would be his lucky day -- in this case he lodges to take kids from this store beating the odds abruptly one. In 175. Million. Not -- Let me -- yeah. You don't have to speak Spanish should feel the excitement has been focused on that ran through his estate -- -- shouting. On the millionaire to bring you -- -- and until the 44 year old father of five from the Dominican Republic bought the winning powerball jackpot ticket here. Medical liquors on -- -- strict. He runs -- -- Bible they go with the -- told us he can't believe it either. -- -- The lump sum payout would be 211. Million dollars about 152. Million after state and federal taxes -- Get older and look at approval of the room. Malaria as a family grabbed important items from their humble home. I don't candidate in -- and -- -- -- Vienna and economic his -- -- Mr. without those white seen as a Mexican immigrants says they plan to help those who really needed. And in addition to that jackpot win of the store gets about 101000 dollars from the lottery which. The -- says he -- used for employee bonus is. And to go ahead and improve the store of course with a little advertising. Reporting -- New Jersey about -- lead channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18810881,"title":"Who Won That Giant Powerball Jackpot?","duration":"1:56","description":"Man claiming to be new multimillionaire surfaces in New Jersey.","url":"/US/video/giant-powerball-jackpot-winner-18810881","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}