How the Girl Scouts are responding to COVID-19

Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, discussed the changes the organization made to ensure the success of the digital movement and their initiatives to give back.
3:51 | 05/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How the Girl Scouts are responding to COVID-19
Our next guest is here to make everyone's quarantine much brighter. Names like thin minutes and tag longs. The girl scouts recently announced it's going to sell their cookies online. Joining us is the girl scouts of the usa CEO Sylvia Acevedo. Sylvia, thank you so much for being with us. The girl scouts have been around for 108 years. Tell us about your response to covid-19. Thank you, thank you very much for having us. I realized very quickly that we had to do something because of the disease and so what I wanted to make sure that we did with our girls is really started to make sure that we had girl safety first and foremost. So what we did is, we made sure that girls would have virtual sales online. And within nine days we created a great national online system, cookie count. Go to you can still get those great, delicious cookies. What's wonderful, they can be a treat for first responders or an indulgence for yourself as well. It's also been fantastic to see how the girls have created their virtual online stores or cookie booths, it's just been amazing to see. That's incredible. Because you did have to make some changes in order to ensure the success of this digital movement, correct, and of course, I love your initiative to give back through it all as well. You're absolutely right. So, you know, cookies, our wonderful cookie program, women and girls' organizations tend to get less than 9% of all philanthropic funding. That was true a hundred years ago and it's true today. The cookie program, all those proceeds stay local to fund those great community efforts in your local area. So we realized we needed to do something different which is why we created cookie count. Which has been so fantastic to see the innovative ways girls continue to give back to the first responders, to truckers in new Mexico, in Ohio, there they have stations where girl scout cookies are there. What's also wonderful for those first responders, it's a great way to say thank you to those people who are risking their lives, they get that cookie and you know, the girl scout cookie is an American icon. It says somebody cares about you, somebody's grateful for what you're doing. There are so many stories of girls who had delivered to hospitals and the workers were just so excited that somebody had remembered them at this very difficult time. That's great. I know the girls can't physically all be together, but the troops are meeting online? You're right. The other thing we realized is, girls still needed in this very uncertain time to feel connected and to be part of something that's bigger than themselves. Which is girl scouting. We also knew we didn't need more school. Our virtual programming that we did again in less than two weeks, put everything online, the girls could be skill building but engaged with one another, having fun. What I love in Memphis, Tennessee, the way the girls are showing what they're doing is they're creating yard signs, they can say, hey, I made a robot, or I created a friendship bracelet, or I learned about the stars or the great outdoors. We managed to be able to keep girl scouting alive, active and relevant for our girls. That's right. You got a little creative but you stayed connected and you're giving back. It's a win-win. Thank you for being with us, Sylvia. Thank you very much. If you want to purchase girl scout cookies online head to

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"Sylvia Acevedo, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, discussed the changes the organization made to ensure the success of the digital movement and their initiatives to give back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70493895","title":"How the Girl Scouts are responding to COVID-19","url":"/US/video/girl-scouts-responding-covid-19-70493895"}