Goat-Headed Satan Statue Unveiled in Detroit

The Satanic Temple was forced to change the venue for the controversial 9-foot bronze statue's unveiling after complaints.
1:42 | 07/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Goat-Headed Satan Statue Unveiled in Detroit
The lions ran along the graffiti walls at least. A hundred people eagerly waiting for what's been kept well under wraps it said just like an animal or where horns and tails some drove in from as far as upstate New York to see the satanic temple and Daylon ninth but told bronze statue of the goat headed state. It's a scenic it via historic event the guests came dressed to impress. Each paid at least 25 bucks for taking security inside was tight no cameras or media allow me no cellphones and photographs allowed the secretive nature of the event didn't prevent a few protesters from attending we figured. What they're and unveiled a statue and so statue well we're gonna show the statute that beat the statute. Behind the scenes in reality it's. He recounted in the saint John's apocalypse that saint Michael and his angels defeated Lucifer and his angels. Members of the C ten at temple who say they stand for the separation of church and state kept mum Saturday night focused instead on killing their guests at the time. Then came out of curiosity others just appreciate the art and they say don't knock it just because it's not your eight east. A sculpture or a piece of art or aid. Tribute to something that they don't understand is not necessarily going to impact there. Religion or their beliefs there was public buzz about the night Detroit police set up outside just to make sure the statement and the naysayers state civil. You know we support anyone's First Amendment right to practice whatever religion they won a court. To come on protest against you know their freedom of speech so you know where they're basically protect the rights of everyone involved. In the end the group made good on its promise to make this an exclusive event guests patient enough to make it through the lines were promptly sent out but that door where outsiders can only imagine. The real party awaits.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"The Satanic Temple was forced to change the venue for the controversial 9-foot bronze statue's unveiling after complaints.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"32710375","title":"Goat-Headed Satan Statue Unveiled in Detroit","url":"/US/video/goat-headed-satan-statue-unveiled-detroit-32710375"}