Good Samaritan describes saving girls from dance studio fire

Tony Nehmi climbed on the roof of a burning building and broke a window to save two girls.
3:08 | 04/10/18

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Transcript for Good Samaritan describes saving girls from dance studio fire
We come out of the building you can actually see the smoke across the street yes. I was all have small. There's no fire just smoke but that's what it's. And I don't know it's going to be a fire or no. And I thought my money and classic on his goal before the split suitable so where was that you come on you can see you right over their registered a hit. And decided to jump in the car and go out also yet to see it again and when I got there I saw a couple of people aren't screaming I think everybody in. And crazy stipulation and then I keep asking like anybody drop side you know if there's anybody still dare I just wanna know if there's anybody in the building. It's the role. I guess it'll probably somebody. And that I look at the state of war. And I saw the little grossed almost can see them from the window. Trying to break the window you can what is onto vehicles inside inside the burning building exactly and the was there. They don't. Did rent to break the window I know this screaming and go crazy to go they want to get out. Stuck squarely Rick went over the window. And Duff and they couldn't. Then anything got to form that battered on now with what on wolf on the front office who also went up the rules. Apple does better. And then use it to bring them that would. That's how we get a mob. So you went up on the roof of the burning building yes yes that get the girls out absolutely would you worry about your own say I didn't think about title to them. Medical there's doldrums this slide dropped. Fighting for their life you'll do more everybody would duel in the more that you will have a thing that you said he didn't think why not I even know. When you've gone up on the roof in your looking through the glass. What with the rules saying to you through this really hitting the window listed trying to break the windows small things which I'm short of its full postal. You can see them all in aiming for Al optional. And when the Wendell when we'll break what do you can hear them screaming that one. We got to they've got Dixie cup with a couple. On the scale of the bare floor it will NASA's upper. Odds and passes. And then at that moment when you get them out of the window you get him on the roof and and then what happens how do you get everybody down. Hold them I say they west's source scared of them I hold a little bit at or about Deloitte Agassi don't know about it all men in the part of what we'll went on from that will bring them. As a father of daughters seeing little girls trapped inside his burning building that must have been an incredible feeling in his article incredible. Incredible. It's an event describe it to be honest what do I cannot describe it it's. It's horrible feelings he used to ghost fighting for their life. And you have a second to doing your job otherwise that's not gonna hug like all may be I should do decide to do you gotta go right away. Otherwise the smoke is they can see behind them coming. And always so. And he's probably the door there was not giving to the door was put the fire when your Gergen go to the rule and the stolen against you know and I don't I know I have to do something needed there's no no room for an industry.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Tony Nehmi climbed on the roof of a burning building and broke a window to save two girls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54372287","title":"Good Samaritan describes saving girls from dance studio fire","url":"/US/video/good-samaritan-describes-saving-girls-dance-studio-fire-54372287"}