GoStream: Mike Huckabee visits the Iowa State Fair

Republican presidential candidate samples food with his wife Janet Huckabee and gives speech at the fair.
32:29 | 08/13/15

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Transcript for GoStream: Mike Huckabee visits the Iowa State Fair
There is Mike Huckabee on this wouldn't be to state fair without running into presidential candidate Romney Mike Huckabee slated to speak shortly and I want to. Bring you guys in right now when did you listen to what he sent a please. And let the voters and you don't like yeah. Yeah impartial court applause. A others. Obviously candidates and we expect me. Obligatory quote I've been in that thing. And they started to take everything so you can get. OK. Don't you. And to do it again. Get voted as my body I come across. Yeah. And they now with cutting rates. Yeah. Okay this is our candidacy and lower volume lower Johnson high. Not sure you guys heard that correctly but Mike Huckabee is. Going to get a workshop that's how he's starting his stay here before he talks on the soapbox so. We're gonna take you on that journey little bit of a media circus right now but come along for the ride. The study appears today when I'm at. I resume. Thanks yeah. Modernize has it. He's a he's a good husband. Thank you nice thing I'd do. And powers of Nelson's band get around here. Well seek universal. Pelosi is over the cubs fans everywhere as here's your money where everything. Things. Well I didn't think. Thanks to visit me. Little uneasy. That's okay they pay here. You plan on trying anything new besides the workshops here I don't know we'll see what I want let me get away with. Usually see as the enforcer. And she's trying to. On the straight arrow soul. We may have to get her occupied doing something stock slipped off. Ever born to augur. There's got to tackle the ultimate beacon explosion in global and a cluster pet sounds. That sounds illegal. And delicious and you get things ever dreamed about what you're gonna say on the soapbox this morning I had no earthly idea. We should see his what kind of ground shipment to hear what it via. Okay which way. A would you say this when your beer towards the campaign season. And it is just dinner fashion retail. About it. Five year. There can't. Quality I've ever had this made me. And good. Not Iowa in the he's the nominee. Remaining birthday. Iowa voters are very savvy. They actually do. Mississippi it's they have come right. We're gonna stay with Mike Huckabee here at the I was state care he's walking to get his favorite tree. Pork chop on a stick and as he's walking there's a little bit of a crowd. Behind him 01 interview Huckabee supporter. Man you're following. Americans governor. Get a pork chop on a stick. I'm actually following PM. He's the Greeks. Candidates when he stands car. What a lot of all night and take her to. Trustworthiness. And standing for the values. The eighth. Standing with him. This is not. Huckabee is first time at the I was state fair could be supportive in the past and of mussina here in the past I have reported that half and I have seen him. Any evidence change from ones. Nothing person yelling yeah. He is off to get his favorite tree workshop on a stick and decorate it stayed there six let. I guess I definitely plan on three primary you tell us your name my name is Harvey Miller. Marty Miller and where you regarding. I it was Iowa Clive Iowa so Barbie a ticket that you were supporting Mike Huckabee. Most definitely I mean I take it doesn't take much to. The party candidate that stands for me the values that this country stands for and my I believe that person. Got to thank you so much for talking to his part in our area. We well. Thanks for staying with us on ABC digital we are following Mike Huckabee and his wife along with a crowd of media and some fans Barbie who we just spoke to get workshop on its debt and we of course it looks like. Or entering this famous pork producers and they're waiting for Governor Huckabee who this is not efforts on running for president. It's not his first time the Iowa state fair of course won the straw poll feet but few years back. Also won the Iowa caucus so when he you in right now we're following Huckabee. He's gonna get a little bit of the smack you could say before. He addresses o'clock. Here Huckabee right there Mike Huckabee opposes. Think we can follow him right in there are so you give you guys listen to what's going on this. Governor Huckabee greets the pork producers here on the first day of the I was pretty. Well obviously yeah. I don't know how it is. That's I don't know if you don't get back. Good evening. Get out. No. It happened. They're nice. And we'll be hearing. The grandmother. Okay. Learn my. Probably left. I don't know if you guys just heard that but. First workshops that this tent is covering is cutting of the whole affair day one here of course these puppies are ready. And there's Mike Huckabee. Just a normal day here in Iowa Dave one of eleven state fair Mike Huckabee is Slade to talk with the soap box shortly so. Before you hit that soap box I I asked them what he's planning on things that don't have an idea. All really focused on right now is getting. Pork chop on us did. So that's what Hayworth a pork producers can't this is his snack during his morning. In a warm for you guys. I agree. Look I want you have a government job you there. Good or sixteen. Maybe one of my. New Jersey. Oh yeah. Gotta we always. As we work. A year do it allowing you to do my point seven. Global. The bird feeder that in ordered mediation between. Lot of important to you guys smelled I don't think you can begin definitely. We hear it. Sure they can through hell and. Mike Huckabee is wife telling me of course you can smell it. This is one of your favorite events to thank you. How do I won't work jobs compared Arkansas where jobs. Seven you know. That's right. He did little bit yeah. And one night on this yeah. And yeah. Come from a. His visit here. Tell viewers on ABC digital alive right now Honda placed bring us through this process. How does our government. Anger like. You've been waiting I've been like a personal. Colon. A move this up slightly zero. Builds in your mouth. I'd take him off my big can't prove on the. Results. Comedy eight. Everything. One might be right then up and down slightly. Now. That's trafficking. Corners they always come from down right now. You gotta do record try to throw general now. Yeah. Visual. Good luck. Are you getting home. Of the public's. Based person that. Okay from the don't have. Oh yeah. You're anyway don't want. Okay. And I. I. Okay. Okay. Bad. Yeah. A. Taking you guys in right now. Show you that fire that this could. Workshops and end up on a stick and gleefully presidential candidate Mike Huckabee I didn't. Pretty normal day one. Yeah it's normal provoke debate. Would you guys plan for the rest today but in more workshops so we'd be eleven days out of here. Grave we'll catch up with you soon object thank you very much. Josh Haskell ABC's goes stream your right now at the I would pork producers and I'm the I was state fair and this is one of the main draws for presidential candidates to come near mingle. Cook some poor put on that a brand it's a good photo op thing worse and the fair just began a few hours ago. Mike Huckabee already made a stop here had worked for breakfast he's right now greeting some voters he's gonna adopt the soapbox. For his speech at 10:30 AM central time which. Of course carry live on vigil for you guys back in to show little bit about what Kennedy candidate Huckabee is doing. Right now it looks like he's answering a few questions so we'll try listen. And these are. We're doing in the first time I want to know learn. I'm head. Maybe the pork chop me. I'm pretty sure I'm whenever I'm teams. Gary. Well I agree with what I've been saying all along that what this is this is arming of Iran to go after he's only nine states. They have done more sponsor terrorism across the world when Hamas and Hezbollah in any. And giving the money is just guys like giving whiskey at parties from a sixteen year old is a very dangerous company. Iran is at. I'm gonna get into an argument between two of them olive in the fight that out I'll look I'll make my comments Clinton's. I bet. Mike Huckabee just by a reporter you could you and he of them hundreds of competitions here at the state fair what would you do he said a porch. Picking contest of course so not a surprise that we run into. Mike Huckabee at the port shop. Yeah I will work producers. Gonna give you guys. We head back to the still want to fill. And then walked back. You can't smell it but no it smells good goes looking gonna might have to come back for one. And there is Mike Huckabee and he's greeting voters. This is retail politics. At its best. He won here of the eleven day I was being fair and convenient dressed in read the literature says Huckabee won. MacKinnon has deal. Yeah. You really thinks. Oh yeah hill like you needed it. I don't know. How are you. Or email. Let that happen and happen. And. I don't know if you're able to hear that but. Mike Huckabee cracking jokes with a high with state patrol officers asking them want to make sure you guys. Are looking for any emails that might be hiding away server of course a reference to Hillary Clinton releasing her email server to the FBI I want. And you movement about life. Huckabee is nothing. Every vote counts here in Iowa and does he concede he's talking. People that are eating pork chops sitting here. Playing games with they're kids of course the I was state patrol. It was a very close race in 2012. With Santorum just beating out Mitt Romney so. Mike Huckabee here trying to meet everyone. Frightening. What brought you ladies over. Review right now. Thought oh yeah let's go out on an up close of the commotion just a normal day at the I was deeply here is the court. Like yeah I'm going on in life and. Yeah against a few miniatures did talk you know Mike Huckabee will probably not. But euros human check out little fuss about Mercer the thirtieth day with a workshop is that the normal way don't go away. We had apples and apple is. At the start. Did you teller viewers live and ABC digital what and Apple's statements that apple apparently. Though little pastry at the Big Apple. If you're picking up. Washington is that. Soapbox right now so. Before we go over there just want to set the scene one more time Mike Huckabee and his wife Janet are right behind me they made a walk. Now the afternoon here at the state fair to the I will pork producers can. Court. We brought to you live Jay and it's certainly enjoyed it so did Mike Huckabee and as you can see now he is making his way. Back to the soap box because he is right after George Washington. So we're gonna continue with him on this walk. But we are also can it be carrying as you can see George Washington soapbox and Mike. Let's Davis the governor though and see if we can talk with him about what it was like this story your morning listen. Are you doing very. A home. We're eleven ABC digital Mike can you tell us how that poor child was what's it like heaven after breakfast that's our job was fantastic it would be paid for everything breakfast lunch. Better our snack. I highly recommended. I can tell she entered into it'd do. I overheard you crack an email saying are you getting an area. Over to correct any militant leaders speak the truth hurts and I'm I'm I think they've been very hot dog so got to have a little fun in life. What are your thoughts on I think she's in real trouble this is no longer a political issue it's a legal issue now and I think that. Hillary's got a lot of questions to answer and there's some serious things when you don't take care toxic material. And there's no way she can pretend she didn't no matter. Thank you for talking as though your very well thank you coming out. One woman shouting go by go and we're gonna follow Governor Huckabee just set the scene for you he's not too far from this soapbox now on. Grand avenue here is the Iowa state fair. And you see people just milling about their way summer on rides. Summary meeting and then there's Mike Huckabee. And summer heavy snow cone. Some are having hot dogs. And then there's Mike Huckabee. Just normal first day here at the state fair his every movement being tracked. You can see some people are just not as interest did because either Mike Huckabee isn't their candidate or. K. Just wanna have some fun and get away from the political madness this of course six months from the Iowa caucus. So those mobile calls will only get crazier those TV ads on the yet. Busier and take a more their time so I think people are coming here it is also trying to enjoy themselves into the simple lower courts. Stopping and here is actually. The gulf board Mike Huckabee golf cart. I could see your advertising a little walk with you a little bit. You do yes I can you tell our viewers live and ABC vigil what you like about Mike Huckabee. Here. So as I understand your right now going to his soap box you can hear him and tell you loot about politics. The American. Can you tell us your first and last name. Sally here you can. Live here at the state fair arbiter and when asked my friend Caroline how critical power and how do you have to nice gentleman to drive you around because it's not out here at level. This must be the Mike Huckabee will be. Everything. So are you tell me Caroline that you're not you I'm gonna see you here tomorrow with a sign for Jeb Bush. I came from grants and necessary to see my god. Is there any better place to see the presidential candidates in the I would state fair you know. Can. Good catching up with the Carolina moonwalk which you guys don't want to hold you up. Want to make sure that they get a good seat for the soap box and we of course will have a good seat as well a live stream to show you all the action here at the Iowa state fair. There goes the Huckabee mobile. George Washington is right now addressing the crowd and they're getting ready for their first presidential candidate of this cycle to. The dress the soap box Mike Huckabee I'm walking the grand avenue here at the Iowa state fair we just had some pork chops. People are of course. Checking out the different Booth stand. Competition. Yeah and drive. Some people I'm heading over the soapbox and others not his entry. Hosting the music is to vote. Or die hard for Huckabee and he can't hit big enough here tomorrow. Yeah bush. I'm looking out for himself of Cleveland Paul where viewers ABC digital an old isn't whether I bought them or get pushed them. As long as you can see how important he had so many might Sunday night. Clearly from former lining up only once apparently. I yeah. Why aren't aimed at I'm John Capps we'll remind you why don't you think it's great to meet you there. I'd look let's be viewed on an immigrant who speaks the company announced today. Every you guys in right now just to show you. So fox it's got in theory fearing crowded but did so I'm going to you that the room and why don't you seem. Heartbeat one that's you don't. He ended that war seventy millions of dollars in. Yet you can imagine at seven millions of dollars. I'm to take a quick break here in. You guys can continue on one while waiting George Washington color bars bring you also have a report from myself and games. Throughout our county medical Iowa state fair and coming up my of the unhappy with their personal he's Josh Haskell ABC's extremes.

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