Grand jury declines to charge 3 officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death

Two officers are shot in Louisville as protests turn violent.
4:43 | 09/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grand jury declines to charge 3 officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death
We begin with the unrest across the country overnight following that decision and the Rihanna Taylor case a grand jury declined to charge three officers in very honest killing. After she was fatally shot by police in her own home. One officer was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into a neighbor's apartment. Protesters came mountains several major cities most of them peaceful. But things didn't get violent and parts of Louisville where at least two officers were shot are Alex Perez is there with the latest. Overnight it demonstrators taking to the streets in removal clashing with police at setting multiple small fires and smashing a bus stop in the downtown area officers arresting almost a hundred people. At least two removal officers shot Taiwan undergoing surgery after being struck in his abdomen the other shot in the thigh. A Kentucky governor deploying the National Guard to the city after the mayor declared a state of emergency ordering a 72 hour overnight curfew on mask and everybody please. Go home the protest coming after a grand jury declined to charge three police officers for killing Rihanna Taylor during a botched raid at her home in March. According to Kentucky law. Use of force by Mattingly in Cosgrove was justified. To protect themselves former officer Brett Hank a sin was charged with three counts of first degree wanton endangerment. Now for firing the shots they killed Rihanna but instead for recklessly shooting into a neighboring apartment. Pincus and quickly booked and released on 151000 dollars bail this is superimposed from Rihanna sister sister I am so sorry. Protesters on the ground reacting to the grand jury's decision to not charge anyone for re on his death with anger and disappointment. The only north but the fact is John I understand why it's not enough. Many also raising serious questions about the investigation the attorney general saying his investigation found. That the rate was not executed as a new knock warrant as previously reported. These statements that word made by officers there the night are the morning of march 13. Show that they did it knock and announce. The important point here is that information was corroborated by another witness who was in close proximity. But there's contradicts officer met in Lee's own account of what happened that night. About the first the first problem Norton I'm accounts and I think after that we did this backed up by Kenneth walker Rihanna is boyfriend he was inside the apartment at the time of the raid in says. That's why he fired a shot in self defense. The attorney general also declined for now to release the grand jury reports or even reveal any. Fall far short of what constitutes justice. President trump and Joseph Biden are reacting to the announcement with very different responses. Brill. Observers. Really brilliant Kentucky attorney general Daniel. Cameron is doing a fantastic job and he's a star. My heart good after a mother. I understand there's protesters burned they should be peaceful. Do not solid remembers her mother's mind engage in any violent. Announced Phares joins me now from Louisville Alex I know with a long night there what's it like there this morning. Hay Dan I would say things are far from being back. To normal here much of the downtown area some 25 blocks looks like is this is still blocked off by police across time we've seen. National Guard vehicles are moving in and around town authorities here seem to remain in this high alert posture. And there still a curfew in place for overnight tonight Diane. An ounce we heard in your piece this decision by the grand jury has raised more questions about the investigation and that. No knock warrant what do we know about that and how significant. Smart are these new developments. But there and at what we do know it appears that there's some sort of discrepancy he attorney general says that a civil witnesses told them that they heard police identified themselves but we've heard from other witnesses at the met now. That was not the case we expect all of this. To be part of the ongoing federal investigation federal authorities are. Looking into how exactly doubt warrant was obtained and whether Rihanna Taylor says civil rights. We're violated. Diane Karen out present of a forest thanks Alex.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Two officers are shot in Louisville as protests turn violent. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73218151","title":"Grand jury declines to charge 3 officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death","url":"/US/video/grand-jury-declines-charge-officers-involved-breonna-taylors-73218151"}