'The Great Experiment': Earth Day in the middle of a pandemic

A world without cars and planes gives humans a glimpse of what planet might look like if we take better care of it.
3:57 | 04/23/20

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Transcript for 'The Great Experiment': Earth Day in the middle of a pandemic
It is Earth Day after all today and like everything else that mean something. Slightly different during a pandemic climate colleges are calling the massive drop off in emissions in society slowed down. One big experiment a chance to see a world without us humans playing such a prominent part the question. What lessons can we learn our Clayton send L reports. The fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day lands in the middle of a global pandemic giving humans a glimpse of what the planet might look like if we took better care of it. Take air quality with fewer people on the roads skies over New Delhi this week turned from hazy brown to a Wear blue. In Paris where satellite picture show empty streets around the arc to triomphe air pollution is down 46%. 19% in Sydney 29%. In LA. In San Francisco where more people are walking and riding bikes this city is shutting down thirteen miles worth of streets giving more room to social distance. I can't can't panic can fragment like all the streets. Airlines are suffering from empty planes and airports but climate scientists say lower emissions thanks to a 70% drop in global flights. Might have an upside. One passenger one way from New York LA has the equivalent melting. Thirty Richie Garcia arts. Thanks to corona virus shutdowns that have devastated the economy environmental changes are now happening at an unprecedented rate we're all part of big experiment here I don't think we are seen sites in rock and simultaneous. I'll drop in our emissions these are crazy time. For the earth since. It's there may be breath freshener. For animals like this king to rule in Australia it's a time to re claim near empty city streets. There was that don't jam in the UK lions sunning themselves on a South Africa wrote. Big cats jumping walls in Chile bores in Israel and coyotes in San Francisco. Yosemite National Park had four million visitors last year today zero. What are the animals doing since the park is being close. For the most I think they're having apparently think I think bank this timid here is difficult for the animals here. They're can you literally walls of cars or people in the park. There are things scientists say the pandemic likely won't change like global warming. Level of carbon dioxide humans are pumping into the atmosphere may be slowing but overall it's still rising. You can Alter our hair out. Here in significant ways cents a Donnie industrial revolution things started going up nearly eighteen hundred's so. Six months change and emissions is not an had a huge effect. Environmental advocates say the shutdown hasn't slowed trump administration goal blacks and past few weeks delaying Obama Arab vehicle mileage standards and rolling back coal power plant emissions standards. As quarantines and an American shift out of park in the coming months plummeting gas prices may give them motivation to do rise even more before. In the long term we end up with more air pollution and in fact more fossil fuel emissions because there's this desire to see him get back to business as usual. So in the long term is this going to save lives or harmed lives. I think it remains to be teen. But what's happening now scientists say provides a glimpse into a sort of parallel universe where the possibilities of alternative energy lower emissions and lessen pollution can be seen right now they hold for a short time. To retire and take stock. How our daily impact. Our daily lives are actually do the impacting our lives we're always together. We all share the same nest and I think that's one thing his pandemic may be showing us is that our actions do affect one another. I like that we all share the same mess.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"A world without cars and planes gives humans a glimpse of what planet might look like if we take better care of it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70298977","title":"'The Great Experiment': Earth Day in the middle of a pandemic","url":"/US/video/great-experiment-earth-day-middle-pandemic-70298977"}