Half a million vehicles possibly lost in Harvey flooding

ABC News' Clayton Sandell takes a look at one of many car graveyards in Houston.
6:55 | 08/30/17

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Transcript for Half a million vehicles possibly lost in Harvey flooding
A gang its place and now here at ABC news we are in Houston specifically in west. Houston. Odds are just gonna give you bit of a picture about what is happening here in terms of the flooding if you if you know Houston this is. I ten interstate ten right behind us here. And where it Eldridge parkway so that's the intersection or out right now and you can see that it is. A complete and total river I mean we're not just talking about standing water. You can see it is flowing. Rather quickly. Downstream. And it becomes most apparent when you see this car. This Lexus that last night. Got stuck what happened was we were actually driving around last night and came upon. A couple of police officers and some volunteer rescuers. Just up the way here and they told us that they saw this car come down the eldredge park way here turn. Right around corner. And this is as far as they got and they were stuck this is a family of war in this car. And so the police officers came running down they got the volunteers who happen happen raft boats set up. Com ready and waiting because they knew this is a potential danger area. And they came and they got these people out of this car. I'm scenes like this have played out all over Houston there are lots of areas like the streets that. Have essentially become car graveyards and it out you you're stuck it this is it. You know they've told us that about two feet of water can actually take a car and move it and so this is probably. At least that in this area in all of this water is coming from. Downstream from something called the addicts reservoir which you may have heard us talk about the last few days. Addicts reservoir and the Parker reservoir were built seventy years ago to protect downtown Houston from all of this flooding. And they have basically reached capacity and so the Army Corps of Engineers. Has been releasing as much water as they possibly can downstream. To relieve pressure. And two trying to minimize the flooding to the houses that back right up against the back of that reservoir so. It's a very tricky balance they're trying to release as much water to relieve pressure but they don't wanna flood that would reflect this new homes and neighborhoods downstream. As possible but this is this is the result I mean we've we've come out of the spillway is probably. As the crow flies maybe half a mile in that direction. And it's it could it's come flowing around all of these buildings and down this. Run its rowboat slash on ramp to interstate ten here so obviously this is all. Shut down this would normally be pretty busy with. With vehicles. And -- take you over here and show you this isn't the omni hotel and the reason I want to show it to you is. You may remember on Monday we talked to a woman named Jessica in the fleet wood neighborhood of Houston. She was -- house he was trying to decide whether or not she was gonna evacuate her entire neighborhood was completely flooded as far as the eye could see it was nothing but water. She eventually did evacuate her house on Monday night. She came here to the omni hotel. And many other many others did say and yesterday. Afternoon she sent me attacks with some pictures of the inside of the omni hotel. It is completely flooded that's all the hot water this now flooded the bottom of the omni hotel. So. Unfortunately people who speculated the omni hotel again had to evacuate some are out so it's empty right now. And you can see. And actually looks like they tried to get people out this is the omni hotel shuttle bus here. And it is completely stuck in the mud it's not going anywhere. For a while so they've they were clearly trying to get up on the grass and around this water but. All of this ground is so saturated and so soft that you just sink right into it. Want to show you made it one bit of good news here. Since we got here for Good Morning America very early in the morning in the middle of the night really. The water level you can see. Has actually dropped. A little bit now. It may increases they change the flow rate coming out of that reservoir addicts reservoir. But for now. To me this looks like good news is that has gone down several inches here and you can see it on some of the trees and some of the polls. Around here as well so the water here is actually receding a little bit. Fraud this outflow from the from the addicts Reza mark. But you can see AME here's another one red pickup truck over here that's completely. Submerged in water halfway at least and we learned that there's a group. Called Cox automotive that released the report. Yesterday that. Estimates that. Harvey at its all in itself follow all versions of army hurricane tropical storm. As Harvey moved through it may have. Destroyed. Up to 500000. Cars half a million cars. May have been lost in this Houston area overall so just devastating devastating property losses and of course you can add. A few more here sub. That's kind of the situation here I ten freeway you know we've heard stories overnight. Our affiliate gates barricade talked to a woman. Who told them that she. Farther east of here in Pasadena Texas area. On I ten. Had been stranded there with a bunch of other drivers she told the she'd actually been there for almost two days. Just water on both sides in the low lying parts of my tendon and they were stuck up on the high part. Jews are for two days is that she called friend and and that friend actually and a bringing a boat. To rescue or so those are the kinds of things that drivers. In the Houston area are having to deal with lots of lots of roads closed. Lots of them looked just like this. And while it may be receding a little bit you can tell and it's going to be days maybe weeks. Before it goes down far enough that these the roads are are usable again it's up thanks for checking analysts on FaceBook. Keep. Tuned to all ABC news platforms we've got a hold huge team on the ground here. In Houston including my team which is done amazing work in the middle of the night tirelessly here in Houston's. We will keep you up today. Second with us next time thanks for joining us guys.

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell takes a look at one of many car graveyards in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49512310","title":"Half a million vehicles possibly lost in Harvey flooding","url":"/US/video/half-million-vehicles-lost-harvey-flooding-49512310"}