Harlem Catholic School Welcomes Pope Francis

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the Our Lady of Angels School in Harlem, New York.
46:19 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for Harlem Catholic School Welcomes Pope Francis
They love. ABC's Josh Haskell here in Harlem we're bringing you live pictures. Outside our lady coming to dangerous school it's called France's working the crowd marching up and down. He was scheduled to spend about five minutes outside and gives some remarks but. He found a crowd of hundreds humans soldier him. As wherever there's hope those crowds follow me. Evening everyone from money in times where they spent the afternoon here waiting for him and he's not disappointing. Talking all the children now waving and he's actually walking back the war. Now trying to bring you had shot from the crowd and children screaming as he walked by its. Slowly looks like both France is making his way to the entrance of the school where he plans on having my two events. Now the first event and dealing with school children of our lady queen of angels and man he's gonna believe me a 150 refugees. Let's be good is part of a Catholic Charities and both blunt and it's. Been up against a back. They want and this process and it. I. And so Josh Haskell here live in east Harlem right now no right behind these guys seeing Pope Francis walked into our lady queen of angels school. I hope Francis will spend about an hour inside he just spent ten minutes. Meeting the different children from different areas schools who had been waiting out here all afternoon to get a glimpse of the Pope asking questions provided him with prayers. They'll first inside the school are wondering you guys in just a little closer. Looks like hope Francis actually has. Has not entered school yet it's about to be an hour event which includes talking to Arnold children and then also using 150. Refugees. Those refugees come from every continent except for an hour and others written he's still hope Francis gifts I'll tell this story. And then they'll also. It's. From your prayer and some brief remarks from Francis but the main portion of his remarks were delivered to those students he of course. He loves children and has a message for them. Today that is very appropriate where we are hearing this Arlen. But. It. Pau France is right at the doorway he's about to enter the school taking his time reading people outside. East Harlem here completely locked down and seeing NYPD snipers on the roof that's a number of Secret Service who shot down in the area there's some dump trucks blocking the street. This whole principles and about an hour and now we see him walking into. Our lady queen of angels school here in east oil. Josh Haskell live with you here in east Harlem was quite a moment about 1015 minutes ago when hope Francis drove up in his Antioch he got out greeted 300 children waiting for him they spent all afternoon eradicate like this of nuns announced playing on air guitar. Taking their. The whole day pretty much to entertain these kids. They were little restless at times but once the cocaine you definitely delivered going uphill all the children up and down the line. Walking talking with them taking pictures and now we just inside the school as we told you inside the he's gonna actually visit a classroom was the students went on to you can talk to the children and he's gonna go the with refugees in a number of its. Hear their stories quite. Intimate event here only a 150 refugees and it was chosen at. Benefit from Catholic Charities and never to be at long tables and we expect hope Francis. To go up to each table hear their stories and we'll of course bring you live here on ABC picture of one step. Out just for a quick moment and show you. A little closer what we're seeing is we're clapping now the Pope Francis has entered our lady queen of angels school because. The crowds have calmed down but. Still a very tight security perimeter here is still spend about an hour inside the school we expect. Moments people here said they've been waiting over a year. Go easy decision news Arnold reports did residents actually. The area waiting feeling. Some laps to go back inside because of the security by knowing. And Tom hands of the last. Season. People in New York or. Number of people would be spending the whole afternoon staring out at the action. Right from the building and then on the roof some of the security he could see him like he's walking down this section of these are. You will route work. Can't back out. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. We're. Yeah. Didn't okay. Is within. The incident. That it. And when when. And it any company that. Video that we. The city's. Beginning. He has any it will. My ex Clinton. If all the little. And yeah. Okay. We can. News from Reuters. Yeah. Yeah. I live. Yeah yeah. 38 o'clock. This when it. To be seen. You're seeing live coverage on ABC digital on Josh Haskell here in east Harlem I'm outside the school the Pope France in right now. You're seeing him talk to third and fourth graders. And we're gonna continue to bring you those pictures just wonder reset the scene on east Harlem our lady queen of angels school. In addition to the students to see him meet with the refugees of Catholic Charities and we'll have all the pictures and events that you live. So stay on ABC it. Okay. Those are hitting him. What we're. In the soft. Okay. There are things. Honey I'm happy. Yeah. Only a he made it. Yeah yeah. I like. We'll older. I'm. A. Maybe things. Okay. Okay. Okay. Oh. ABC's Josh Haskell here in east Harlem and hope Francis inside the school right now he's just spend some moments in the classroom. Trying out different technology was eventually able to get it to work and then meet with a number of refugees. With Catholic Charities but I want to set the scene for you what we're seeing on a 112 street in east Harlem. We're on 112 between second and third in much of the residents that live on the street they were actually asked to stay indoors but they. Couldn't help themselves they've been staring out the windows. Pointing clapping taking photos in. They're so mind you can see right now. Some people they've just been gather all afternoon I'm trying to check out the action there's no one directly on the street here except for police because of security concerns. As a whole road is. Lockdown is we'll show you there are some dump trucks. That are actually blocking any callers. From driving right now on third avenue. And on the street where our lady queen of angels schools located and it just shows you if you ninety of the security and there's also actually some NYPD officers on the roofs. Surrounding buildings here so no residents on the roof new residents outside but. People just can't help themselves on every day that the Pope comes your neighborhood spends over an hour hearings or. He arrived around 4 PM eastern in his Fiat which are seeing right now right from the school holds up he talked to a number of students who were gathered cheering. Some of them offered prayers. Hand. And he eventually went inside the school and right now you're seeing some soccer. You're seeing some interactions with the Pope so we'll continue to have updates from. For you here outside the event we want to bring you back inside to show you what hope France doing the students here at the school and minimal course showed me. Those meetings with immigrants. You know Deneuve. And approvals overdose when you both knees and I picked it up a house move to mystify these. It's almost that we most of everything you're saying that the momentum. Going with us from you yes. Got to put it crossed the model had pimples that a review. Obvious patterns. He and Norman little bit of needles. In Yonkers, New York game on that it almost in practice for credit losses. And it allocated. You know to Campbell's. Has some ominous vote must know I haven't as the conflict in last eleven regular. It calls the meeting was yes I've yet he act if I'm him. Even us can come with these problems when in the number of had an app. Calculus who lives in which easy money and asking us. Yet in hasn't. I'm surrounded them alone without it. That school moved through the computer connected. And these. It. And that is all. And and it is home wooten. It is hot but these rules will. And you. Morrow an intelligent paper. It is or when do you. And that in and pleaded no two ways on. I'll do pool. Days have kept you if you out of it. And you. F Kennedy. Now again. On clothes. That in. Paxton and me. In his last night. I just you know it is. We'll. People. Obama they cannot Joni moss went up we got nothing good from the Eddy KF significant someone says having handled this month it but I mean fat. If about it because they lost month Davis gets happy seventh. Only in this promotion from the president and a son and son in mice that's what happened. Look he hit given campaign. But that I am I met you I think if that step and that. Indian. At. Yeah yeah. But with some sort of NATO's. Couldn't. Kind of got a faculty can. He had. It appeared today you know he had a responsibility now. It's idiot and lifted him the in my book quoted the co premier he found the end. The odds get on that called deep need god he compiled field. Goal. It and nobody needs to with the city seal is doomed NBC owned the deals. Eagles not be. If that Bruce get a provision Tom's assistant seem them. You know Holbrook compliment thought it had a doubted Capote path into the long enough west of Salvador. Data proves it uses. We'll help. Acceptable. Coleman cannot see if it motor vehicle to effect. Com. You are less laws. Security clearances the kingdom here since the crease world. Four I was hungry and you gave me T. Point that they were bam thank you made these days that moment. I was thirsty and you gave me to drink. Point disallowed long no bomb went way. Four I was a stranger and you welcomed me. Boy cited stance united food you know. Close. Me. When pool of the end. I was sick and you cared for me. The muffin but it topical wound up not. I was in prison and you came to visit me. She found p.'s own. Is it brings them all. He is from my own thing in mind. When a. The gun day. Key. When news. Moon delay it media. Units have combined. Neil two planes proves to dilute. It's from United's. That's news. Motorists he needed me. Yeah appeal but of their own this can mean you know my room. Alas they will not mean those days they feel that that. And both don't think there's anything. Manhunt. Q and being affected EP. The fifth queen navy fifth hope. If that runoffs this sudden boom room. And wound dated. Me and good will who. The moon the by earth. Used to avoid. Home if they can now TM 55 feet. And then get there that's the U Oakland or none of that pass them. He's going mayoral race he knew. I mean you. Next fast food they like him that's. And please keep pupil is then Lukens those. Whichever faces. Up in new mentally yo ma. And at that they own only about them who that. Middle Kadima. When that most European camp and then. Now close those that that it would make way to you know done that cools. Lipman. Milloy you know it hit and the inning when them blameless. VA that Boeing booked. You know my votes on needle in Cologne. He when Democrats on an insanity and let that. You know points and who's that mood. Femi. Who opened feel them. You mention that most. He mobs and fountains. It's that I use. A stack keynote. Cool though who. You can't be you know by two. I think he moves he casts. I'm Kennedy's his name Matthew and students who would Adrienne cut by previous. Veto in the government can do enact you know as children. I think he knows he cuts. Jeanne note he put it then he's. They Quaid. You know. Homeowner I think wound that passed. You've done all photos he put them there if he opens who probably need. It company that. They way to. Do we do not sound from media. Nick whom. William movies and clothing money. Equal blame you. Opinion was. Who by repeating overly and I you know. And closings float. That I had any he pool. I hold that any he will he then put that. Yep fans hated. Bootcheck and that's the thank you mean. That whom can. When he would ensue if workers are hopeful who won't vote. It cited and it's. Can. The if bin. Gave it up. Do. No that's. Both. This Austin. And finding me if he you know this. Who knows. Vehicle. Here pieces. Music scene for me. Okay this home locker. Okay. Okay. When Pope creating is a little traffic jam I think. In New York either in the streets are cleared for and they didn't blame that those adoring crowds I think he's really soaking at all taking its time saying goodbye he'll say. Goodbye to those crowds here. And will make his way to Central Park where I think we have a shot of the crowd that a week. Ago. We're seeing now on the right path for your screen just enormous crowd of tens of thousands of people. We've been waiting certainly weeks for this event and hours out there today in line to go through security to wait in place. As we've been talking about how they really just for a glimpse. Of hope for its. Looking now at aerials of Central Park where. As image and before those tens of thousands of people are eagerly awaiting the pope's arrival. Later on the perception. Before he makes his way to Madison Square Garden where is going to be delivering mass. Tonight. So all security hours of preparation weeks of anticipation months of planning the Pope will actually only be traveling twelve blocks. Through the length of the park. But that does not seem to matter to the tens of thousands of people who are eagerly awaiting. His arrival. Just for a chance to catch a quick glance. And hopefully the pictures here. Looks like the motorcade is begun to now move through Central Park. They don't break. There are great. And it doesn't look like the Pope is seen. Many of the crowd yet but I'm sure. As soon as he comes in contact event Bradley we'll see this Pope come alive. As we have this entire trip anytime he's able to interact. With some of those eagerly awaiting his arrival. It's all smiles and waves and happily. And away. Include nearly tears start to build with people at their first glimpse of hope Franklin.

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{"duration":"46:19","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the Our Lady of Angels School in Harlem, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"34052958","title":"Harlem Catholic School Welcomes Pope Francis ","url":"/US/video/harlem-catholic-school-welcomes-pope-francis-34052958"}