Hawaii couple recounts terrifying shark attack

"The shark hit the kayak, tipped it over and chomped into my leg," Kimberly Bishop told ABC News affiliate KITV.
2:25 | 04/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hawaii couple recounts terrifying shark attack
A nine hole mall of bay is an important place for Kimberly bishop and her husband cam we got. There. Since 1984 they've been coming to the islands and are now part time hole you residents who like to spend their time kayaking impala morning. Especially looking at the marine life at a bank. We seen the all Ben and I. Oh well there out kayaking but we've never seen shark spare. That suddenly changed when a shark attacked Kimberly sky act Tuesday morning. That chart. Kayak. Over and then immediately. I'm. She started yelling shark shark net I turn. Stuart just. Site of the water like our. Keep the ball into the water and it's turn and right. Sort of rattled him. We're body. The kayak and I could see that then the anger and they were angry right behind your canoe Sadler. Helped Kimberly get quickly back to shore. I thought she was then airlifted to the North Pole what you community hospital with a big bite. Inner lane. The curb and bite mark is part of it is below let me part of the botany and it's. Don't get measured it with a paper basically. As well there mention diameter across. The department led a natural resources which tracks shark bites is still investigating to determine the type of shark involved and its size but the bishops believe. It was much bigger than the five foot reef shark initially reported. A very big shark it was not a it was lead our. Especially it would not bite the. Kimberly said she's recovering nicely following surgery or doctors stitched and stapled or leg back together. I can walk on my leg. Feeling in my leg. It didn't hit any artery. In our. I think I was very real. As far as Kimberly is concerned. She says she will head back out on a kayak after she heals. But we'll start with the lake or river first before eventually working her way back to the open ocean. Pollsters K I TV for island news.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"\"The shark hit the kayak, tipped it over and chomped into my leg,\" Kimberly Bishop told ABC News affiliate KITV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62632767","title":"Hawaii couple recounts terrifying shark attack","url":"/US/video/hawaii-couple-recounts-terrifying-shark-attack-62632767"}