See the Hawaii Lava Flow Up Close

ABC News’ Rob Marciano returns to the lava field, which has steadily grown since his last visit.
2:28 | 10/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for See the Hawaii Lava Flow Up Close
Back at the Prudhoe lava flow about three miles upstream Obama leading edge sports now we're entering residential neighborhoods of all things you can see here. That's. This spot about you can handle it wasn't nearly as wide theory capable walk out. On what was sort of cool part law and now what's hot again as underneath you could see. A lot of ages expanding planning any sort of I'm here for you here is unbelievable it's just. Any closer than this in my hands would start the board and look over there at the bottom of that tree. A tree at any minute certainly today is gonna come down as a lot of continues diverted from the bottom up. We go to the closures as mr. looking downstream is out expands out listeners are true. There are as important had been helping her when it won't take anything that's half anywhere you see fire. That is where the lot is because this is very wet climate thankfully otherwise we have a serious force fire situation. Going on here is a matter not a fire crews are stationed down in residential areas. Solely for. A grass fire locally there are more appointees are explosions that made her. As advocates in the some of those residential neighborhoods from residential. Gas tanks and also natural gas exposed to all it seems all this natural. On a bulletin. Goes underground and it built up these methane pockets so. From time to time you'll hear pops explosions that those little methane. Pocket and irritable. Continue to be a dynamic situation here. And coming back your second day. Tells us. Even though it's slowed down as it's got a little bit further downhill towards the town of all up here it continues to grow so no matter how much we aren't. The people that live there will hunt this voters what. You know is slowing down it doesn't look like it's stopping. It may take a dip. We gotta go. Total now mr. Rowland. Especially that retired about what's. I got these he would leave even more so it's gonna doubted that. Especially in a matter of minutes I'd sun coming up here. Big island of Hawaii and we continue to report for all the ABC news 514 time. Four I'm rob Marciano the big out of white.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"ABC News’ Rob Marciano returns to the lava field, which has steadily grown since his last visit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26578936","title":"See the Hawaii Lava Flow Up Close","url":"/US/video/hawaii-lava-flow-close-lava-field-steadily-grows-26578936"}