Hear More of the Phone Conversation

Phone call with Trayvon Martin's girlfriend and Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump.
3:00 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for Hear More of the Phone Conversation
And you know we -- phone records show -- talk over. 300. 500 minutes update. That day and -- his mom and dad and thought that was when and how much out too well where -- worry I have -- them understand that. But we aren't doing as well. And the yachts started you -- it was -- I think phone records show was -- tonight. Eight and I got started talking that morning and -- throughout the day he calling you or you calling him. -- -- I don't care where there's it is here that. Do -- maybe you don't have new maps so close to -- wrong. And did just talk -- and we don't get this and one final thing and it's going to be okay. All right so you go talk about and tell us. We're babble on how the aisle and being. -- -- LeBron around six I tell you about go to the store and get some snags book. His little brother. Yeah. Yeah and if so you -- here and we -- showed up. Church. Got caught me well. -- -- And incumbent. About being. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got. A little bit like that permanent -- -- god and belly -- -- that balance. Curry. And that it got. Out of the -- -- another apparently -- down to actually. Every combat. -- can't. -- -- Any economic fallout from Baghdad and -- lot you know I am. -- -- -- but he can't. It delayed -- -- lot -- it. Can make an -- -- that I invite. -- and not. -- -- Lot of debt and it is. -- call it. Due out how to ride job bending. I bought out. And but what about. The upcoming. Update -- -- Let me -- the right. -- Might wish -- -- to. Talk about. It called on. It. Didn't belong to you got -- -- -- -- All of it being unaware that -- -- -- shut out. -- -- I'm up I'm hope for a second. I just won't have to part -- top. All do when you say you heard. A person the you know record told mr. treasure and disagree that there. Brady says -- right which you doing here and stuff and. And -- hungry again. -- Solid -- and -- Bad. Bright light. Actually stay about -- Woman's. I want copy and -- have you -- all of that over again just -- there and I want Q2. Tale about how you how -- -- it. Country of us there I thought I lulls them -- again. They don't want to start -- right now most of it is Chicago I want to do it loud and -- OK talking giving. It come about them using a trade value told Craig Monroe home and that is not what you say. -- into jail. -- -- -- -- let me do this here. Let me have you start over just and that they're okay and fair amount of smoke -- connect. Brokered a warrant to story. Laurie.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"duration":"3:00","description":"Phone call with Trayvon Martin's girlfriend and Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18622033","title":"Hear More of the Phone Conversation","url":"/US/video/hear-phone-conversation-18622033"}