'I heard 2 pops:' High school shooting witness says

"We were just running for our lives," Alexandra Robinson told ABC News.
4:18 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for 'I heard 2 pops:' High school shooting witness says
And we have seen on the phone now Alexander Robinson is joining us Alexander thank you for taking the time we are glad. You are OK tell us where you are now and what you saw and heard you. I left home right now but what has and he Chris spirit that I was in my heart of a car. Looking a little. Sunspot Palestine meticulous China and then only if finishes that you go back inside and out so it's going back as I hit the firearm. Without elegantly for Garrity had a skill of the morning but nonetheless I hate when it academic books and that it. So I was looked confused but then political principles cannot enter college says need to evacuate the buildings. Stuck trying to do if they have nothing but I was just yet because of biased. So I we're all walking irony. And then all of a sudden I hate to pop. And that was when I kind of you should be happening so I let you experience. I met with a friend the dog named Millie and running but I like and then at one point we battled. And security guard as well but next I think he if they keep running go. So that thing it is too late. You gave things. You know is about what time was that how undertaking to get out of the school. I have to run all the way to the Wal-Mart that you know high school. That's looking like a total of ten minutes to get there but actually getting out of school at six school Alec took me about five minutes running. Right and you say you heard personally you heard two pops. Yes and I don't know how close to have more than where it was able to date yet but actually what five. But I hate to pop and that's when I irony I've heard a lot of different stories to different people about home. Like what's happening like he's been through stuff I don't know. Whatever would have you been able if you'd. Glean from your friends and others who were in the school from text messages from phone calls about what else might have happened how many people might have been hurt anyone you know. I know Elena I spend the dollar book and thank okay Brian poor but a baby it we're with what what's going on. But oh my Hezbollah and its people we see it ended when he picked them. Why I'm not exactly sure there look the specifics but I hate days like videos everything you people on the floor lying dead. And and what is your friend telling you about what's happening in the school right now what do you have a find out. I heard that you any especially in building a bicycle. That my friend is pretty far from that. That's it'd be like. Tom you mean you've heard that the shooter is in the freshman building of the school. Yet that's what I think but I don't know fares. It can't he try try to give us a sense of how big this is what you say the freshman building how many buildings are in this article. Well we have. Pulled this buildings have different numbers to that the total ballots they like ten buildings it's it's it's like this side of the Emory University. It's a very large school several thousand. Students you believe he even told police that the shooter was in the freshman building have you had any information. About. Whether the shooter is still alive whether there are others see in the building with him right now any hostages anything like that. I don't know transacted any of those things but I'm assuming that he had talked it is especially regarding our little bit early you're so you come here. Holding people I heard that one of my own if he didn't think he'd been told I think she got hit record that she was. Helping it do any and they saw her walking out blood on her leg I heard another step group. What I know that her parents hadn't. It is there were there was played here home right now. As far as you know that one friend is the is the only friend here in contact with inside the school right now. Luther there's actually you won't let me know suspect Eric doesn't move but the one I'm texting right out that's the only when I'm fixing. Failure and school. Any of you have you heard from anyone inside that freshman building where this shooter said to be. I only know it had it but I was about it. 81 of my friends that you think has the question and they now we're supposed. Well Alexander thank you were glad you're okay what did you do that once you take your friend will try to stay in touch with the if you anymore information. We'll come back to you.

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{"id":53089593,"title":"'I heard 2 pops:' High school shooting witness says","duration":"4:18","description":"\"We were just running for our lives,\" Alexandra Robinson told ABC News.","url":"/US/video/heard-pops-high-school-shooting-witness-53089593","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}