'It's just a heartbreaking tragedy,' Florida school superintendent says

Superintendent Robert Runcie said every single law enforcement entity in Broward County is on the scene.
4:23 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for 'It's just a heartbreaking tragedy,' Florida school superintendent says
Superintendent. I know this has to be just a horrible day a nightmare for everybody. It's how many. What you know at this point. Well wolf first I can't tell you that I we can't. Do anything other than. But our prayers out for the families. The students in this school and this community. Is just so heartbreaking tragedy. What we do know at this point is that every single law enforcement entity in Broward County is on the scene including the FBI. There are fatalities that are involved we can't confirm the number at this point. I am a communication woods I'm sheriff Scott Israel and going to meet with and now. Have been anchor and communication with the governor. Everyone is providing. The full support that they can. It unconfirmed. Reports out what we believe that shooter has been apprehended. And so where we're trying to do is work through all the details at this point. Can you tell me these scenario we're hearing at this former student entered that freshman melding is that your understanding. I don't know the details of where this dude and there but we do know that it occurred to warrant dismissal time. And yes it is is potentially is some former student don't have a name yet I can't release any information to you. But. That individual who we believe is in custody at the moment we hear a high number castle these are you getting any indication from the sheriff just how many people may die. Can't confirm the number at this point but there are fatalities. I can't. I don't know the number that's been transported at this point. But again there there are numerous fatalities. It's a horrific. Situation. It's just because it's a horrible day for us and would. And I'm sorry what's that do with what she no at this point we have no evidence that there's been more than one shooter. The individual. Again we believe this is aptly has been apprehended. I would leave it to the sheriff to provide you additional details around that it. I'm like I believe there's an administrator. A teacher that that is involved there may be more. I can't confirm that that's been one of the fatalities the moment. And an epiphany that day I'm sure every superintendent fears it and happened here in and Broward. On the it's a day that you parade. Every day I get up that we will never have to see. It is in front of us and I asks that community for. Your prayers. Your support. Four of these children and their families. It's we're gonna do whatever we can to come together as a community to pull through this and we will. And again where we're doing everything we possibly can. The students are being. Evacuated and released at the moment. So we're working through that process right now where it. He. We've received no warning no indication but. Again there's going to be a thorough investigation. Typically use the in these situations that they are potentially could have been signs out there. I would be speculating at this point that there were but we don't have we didn't have any warnings there weren't any phone calls for threats that we know. We're me superintendent there's so many parents that are afraid afraid to send their kids. School what would you tell men out there. What I was face it we cannot live in a world is bill die out here. We have to do we can. To make sure that we provide. The greatest safety measures we can for our kids. But what I'll tell you is that. Excuse. Superintendent Robert run see right there that school district got in South Florida apartment Florida.

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{"id":53090965,"title":"'It's just a heartbreaking tragedy,' Florida school superintendent says","duration":"4:23","description":"Superintendent Robert Runcie said every single law enforcement entity in Broward County is on the scene.","url":"/US/video/heartbreaking-tragedy-florida-school-superintendent-53090965","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}