Fierce Weather Pounds the West

Heavy rain turns roadways into rivers of mud throughout California.
3:00 | 03/01/14

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Transcript for Fierce Weather Pounds the West
next. We will be back at 11:00. Reporter: Good evening, David. Technically California is still in its worst drought in more than a century, but over the past 48 hours we have had more rain that in the past year. It's hard to fathom that when this week began, California was bone dry. These torrential rains bringing unusual sights. A funnel cloud near Sacramento and in Santa cruise this blow hole in a driveway. The ocean right next to the house. Strong surf and high tied creating a mini geyser here in the foot hills where fires burnt out the brush, mud slides. This is the plan. I don't want it coming this way. I want it going that way. Reporter: Yesterday ed and Amanda were trying to barricade their home. Mud is coming down. We have got to go. Reporter: Today they were back long enough to survey the damage and rescue the cat. My wife and I came by. I have got the cat. I'm glad to tell you. Reporter: The silver lining, all that water is filling up the reservoirs. A month ago we showed you the reservoir. Normally this one would be right up to the brim. As you can see the water level is way down. A vice ors warned against it. Could one pill put a child in danger? Good evening and we do begin with fast moving developments. The volatile situation in Ukraine tonight. Will president Putin move in with military might despite those warnings from the white house. We have learned of a phone call between president Putin add Obama. You can see right there, that call coming hours after president Obama warned there could be a cost, in fact, would be one if Russia makes any military movement we have two reports tonight. First ABC's Alex Marquardt in Ukraine where many are asking about the men in uniform gathering already. Reporter: Good evening. The Russian military has been seen moving around here as mysterious unidentified pro Russia militia groups continuing seizing government buildings and airports. Tonight the unrest is spreading. In one city today, pro-russia democrat administrators beat supporters of the new Ukrainian government forcing then to kneel. Children, too. Their faces bloodied. Across this part of eastern Ukraine. Flags on government buildings attorney down and replaced with

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{"id":22734651,"title":"Fierce Weather Pounds the West","duration":"3:00","description":"Heavy rain turns roadways into rivers of mud throughout California.","url":"/WNT/video/heavy-rain-roadways-california-turn-rivers-mud-fierce-22734651","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}